Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lets talk about Pretty and Practical Decor...

We have a fairly small house..
Well maybe small is the wrong term, its more about the layout not being ideal.
Upstairs we have the bedrooms, bath, kitchen and living room,
downstairs there is a family room, laundry, bath and storage.
We spend 95% of our time on the main level i.e: its close to the kitchen
so it can get pretty crowded up here and I am constantly looking for ways to
maximise space and storage.
(I honestly have more baskets in my house than I have items to fill them at this point)
So I thought I would do a Part one: Things in my house blog
to showcase how I organize my junk.
Let us begin.
I may be a hoarder but I know the EXACT location of any given item in my house at all times.
I'm more of a collector, I like keeping my things organized.
This is why Nick and I DO NOT share a closet.
Sometime I will post a photo of his closet (in Elliott's room) VS my closet, its scary.
(we also don't share a closet because I have too many clothes and they take up all the room in the bigger closet. #addiction)
The inspiration for this post was actually a item in my hallway but we're going to start in the bathroom because..
just because.
We are not going to be living in this house forever (maybe another 2 years max) so we're not going to drop money on any major renos but something that has always always bothered me about this house is that the previous owner reno'd almost the entire thing but left the bathroom as is.
Everyone knows baths and kitchens are the #1 reno rooms! UGh
So here is a before shot of our bathroom:
 ^ Previous owners stuff
^ here is it now
We painted over the tile board walls, we didn't have any problems with the paint sticking, its been 3.5 years and we have no issues with peeling (just make sure you get a good quality paint, I like ones that are paint + primer)
Other than that its all about the accessories,
we have this huge vanity just waiting to be junked up.
This is the main storage space in the bathroom and
its a blank canvas but can get cluttered very easily so I've got everything working double duty.
See photos!

I think its ok to have some of your clutter exposed!
The trick is to only expose what you use pretty much everyday.
Everything on display is easily assessable and I use on the daily so it just makes sense to have within hands reach.
I picked up the large white tray and the little canisters at the dollar store!
It keeps all my stuff organised and looks good!
What do you do with all the bulk merch you purchase at Costco..
Put it in glassware!

^ Extra cotton balls anyone?

Everything easily usable yet looks tidy - BOOM!
On the opposite side of the bathroom there is a pedestal sink..
I despise the pedestal sink.
Unless you are putting it in a teeny tiny powder room there is absolutely no excuse to use a
pedestal sink.
^^^^ Something like this
 takes up the exact same amount of space and at least gives you a tiny spot for storage. Even if its just enough space for my toothbrush I will take it!
So speaking of the other side of my bathroom..
I thought I would show off my lovely fake window.
^ Don't ask me why its there,
don't ask me what it does.
Maybe its the portal to Narnia or something..
^ this is what we did about it..
^ Ta Da! fake window meet fake curtain!
If I had to look at those gold digger tiles everyday they would drive me nutty
but with the curtain there we forget that its not a real window!
And it took zero talent to slap a curtain rod up there, so if you ever need to conceal some weird wall
defect - Fake window all the way!
One last thing since were on the topic of my house.
Last week I took a minute and organized our storage room, actually I was suppose to be cleaning the rec room but I took one thing into the storage area and that lead me to overhaul the entire room whilst the rec room in still in shambles.
^ After
I feel sooo much better knowing that's one room down!
And seriously that rolling clothing rack $14.99 at Target,
I have 2 already and I'm going to pick up a 3rd.
You can never have too many of those!
I use them at yard sales, for swapping out our summer/winter clothes.
I even brought it to girl guides, put a pair of curtains on it and a red carpet in front of it.
The girls strutted through the curtains and down the red carpet for a fashion show,
it was awesome!
And these things! ^^ that closet organizer if I ever see them on a cheap sale I pick them up!
You can use those suckers anywhere, I have them all over my storage room, this ones housing all my scarves. I picked it up at target last week for $2.... $2 people! It said $4.99 on the package down from $9.99 and when he rang in it is was on for $2.00 so always double check prices at target, it can go in your favour or in theirs, you really have to have a hawk eye on the cash register haha. (the drawers were extra, on sale for $3 each, so $8.00 for that total storage system).
Ok Signing off!
Part one Holly's House Junk - check!

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