Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hits and Misses..

So many things throughout the day will either please me or make me say bleh.. ... ..
here's a few of each ------------------ >


HIT: LOVE the makeup forever water blend foundation 
I keep saying it.. but its so unusual from any other foundations I've used and as someone who likes a non full coverage I can't get enough.

HIT: I saw Bad Moms last night and it was HILARIOUS.
some moments where you really LOL.
MISS: I saw Ghost Busters and there were some moments where I little lol'd but then there was a big boring chunk where I wanted to fall asleep or leave.
Definitely a 50/50. I would wait and watch it at home, don't waste the movie theatre popcorn on that one.

I thought this girl was absolutely hilarious though ^
and a Hemsworth bro.. yeah. can't go wrong ^

HIT: Sea Glass spray paint!
Obsessed love!
Can't say enough good!

HIT: MR. EL has my knees and he knows it lol

HIT: He chases Mar around and stands by her to get hit with the tail then he laughs and laughs..

See there were a LOT of hits!
See the video for more :)

Monday, 25 July 2016

Catch up and empties..

Life has been crazy busy over here, so I'm link dropping what has been on the go!

July empties! I had a variety of beauty products, a lot of skin and hair care types but can someone please tell me the secret to false lashes??! Ardell lashes are bomb . com yet I can't make them look good on me.. (Kate's Cakes yours are flawless, how do you do it??)

We had a little bloggers day out!
left = me
middle = Jodi from
right = Zoe from
We did the tourist walk, played board games and went from sushi!
such a fun day, that better be repeated!

All I've been wearing is the Katy Kat Matte lippies!
I'm wearing it in the above photos and it holds up so well and although is "matte" I don't find them drying or flakey at all! puuuuurrrrrrfect lippie

I'm going to another blogger event tonight with some lovely ladies, we're going to supper and have early passes to see Bad Moms so stay tuned for the review!
I am super excited for this, I hope it will live up to the movie hype in my head hahah

My little drummer!


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Party pics, T-shirts and drug store hauls..

just pic dropping since I have a billion on my phone

I made Elli's tshirts
I picked up the $9.99 tshirt making pack at Walmart and I found the plain T's on sale at Joe Fresh for $2.94-3.94 score!

On the day of his Bday party I drove by a yard sale, which I couldn't resist and I found this little trike for $5! It just needs some cleaning up and it will be perfect!

I blew up balloons for dayssssssss.
I made all the triangle banners with scrap book paper, ribbon and hot glue.

same goes for the pin wheels, scrap book paper and hot glue.

I picked up and lugged the popcorn and cotton candy machine home by myself but it was all worth it,
they were amazing at the party! I would definitely get them again for another function!

The cake was a masterpiece!!
you HAVE to check out Kate's Cakes on facebook or Instagram, she is amazing!


Two Legit 2 Quit is him to a T!

He was spoiled beyond and is loving everything so I'll just leave these photos here and say at the end of this post I also did a drug store haul so keep scrollin'!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Coral colour obsession and a carnival skirt..

I found the holy grail spray paint..

And I bought all of them in Sackville so you'll have to head out of town if you want to get grail status yourself. 

It is SO pretty!! 
I'm 99% sure it's rustoleum brand but I'm sitting at the library as we speak so I can't confirm 100%. (Will update you) (update it is Rustoleum!)
I had gone to Kent thinking they had a large spray paint selection but turns out Home Hardware has an even better selection. The lady working at Kent was the one to help me out and called Home Hardware to check before I made the trek. Thank you sweet lady!! 

I found this lamp at the bible thrift and I knew it had to be coral (so happy I stopped to ask the Kent lady and didn't settle for a watermelon shade) 

$3.95 lamp 

It's going to be SO cute! 

I decided to go ahead and do my bench as well.. 

Before ^ 


It's adorable! I'm obsessed! 
I had wanted coral fabric originally but couldn't find any that worked, I like this even better! 

Other than that can we talk about my carnival outfit?! 
Because I really really love this skirt! 
It's from Suzy Shier, and I filmed a Suzy haul if you want to check it out :) 

This is us ATM ^ 

Chat sooooon!