Monday 20 March 2023




A part of me feels like its too soon to make this announcement and another part of me feels like its been in the works for my entire life.

To sum it up - I have always kept a diary. I have my Barbie diary from 31 years ago when I was 5/6 years old writing about what I did that day. I can remember going to the book fairs at school and yearning to buy the notebooks and journals - I did buy a few I have them in my closet now and I still feel the same heart beating excitement I felt back then when I see the beautiful cover designs and the pages filled with memories. 

Teenage hood, young adult, engagement, pets, wedding, babies, trips, PTO, book club, birthdays, TO-DO lists. You name it, I have a journal for it!

Many years ago on a trip to Gros Morne Newfoundland (2015?) I purchased a sort of travel notebook. It was very thin, did not have the cutest cover and it didn't have much room for notes but it became our vacation journal and we filled it with memories, costs and stories.

I remember saying to Nick way back then how this could be a great journal if they only made some improvements! And why didn't anyone make journals the way I envisioned them in my head?
It couldn't be that hard to make a cute notebook that met all my needs! 😂

Anywhoo, years passed and I kept my notes, letters, editing blank notepads to fit my needs and even customizing them with vinyl letters to turn them into my dream journal.

Then in 2020 I finally got the gall to act on my fantasy. 

If the Journals weren't being made, I would make them myself!!!

I took a course from my brilliant friend Rebecca at Lucky Sprout Studio 

I chatted with my other brilliant friend Ms. Suzi Fevens!

Among many other brilliant friends and I began my journaling Journey!!

Honestly thinking of it all, it really isn't that big of a reach since I had been journaling for a lifetime and even self published a Cook Book back in 2012.

Titled Recipes and Memories this project began in my heart just for me, then expanded to be a Christmas gift for my sisters and it eventually turned into a book I had printed for many extended family members. 

I made this version on Blurb and its still one of my most treasured books. (Don't worry there's a R&M in the works for you!!) 

Like so many of my dreams, the Journal business fell through the cracks with babies needing care, covid shut downs and whatever else has been going on these last few years!

So in 2023 what got me back on track?

To be truthful I think I owe it to my Book Club babes for re lighting my journal fire!

While reading our monthly book, I found myself reaching for scrap papers, odd notebooks, post it notes or whatever was nearby to jot down pages and paragraphs that I wanted to remember. 

Well that simply wouldn't do long term so I am very proud to introduce you to the first @HollysHousewifeLife Journal.....


It is a beautiful matte cover, creamy lavender, 12 month Book Club Journal (with a couple extra book slots and loads of room for note taking!)

Reading is a great way to relax, unwind, practice self love and care. With this journal, you’ll be able to keep track of your annual reading, make note of special moments from your favourite novels. When you are a busy bee like I am, it’s important to take time to journal, even jot notes or page numbers, in order to help you make the most of out of your reading memories!

This book journal includes:

- Monthly Titles, Authors: so you'll remember your favourites and can look up more by their names.- Notes: Lots of space for thoughts and feelings.
With My Favorite Book Club Journal, you’ll meet your reading goals in no time! This journal is perfect for anyone who wants to hit their reading target and hold close to those special paragraphs to read again and again.

It also makes a wonderful gift for family & friends.

It is available to purchase from Amazon, at only $9.51 I feel its a steal of a deal! 😂💜

Click the link below to see the Journal on Book Club Journal

Another exciting announcement is that: THIS IS NOT MY ONLY JOURNAL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!!!

Oh, no, no, no!
I set myself a goal that I would like to have 6-12 journals available for purchase by the end of 2023 but as it turns out.. once I got started I enjoyed making them so much I already have 6 (ish! could be more by the time this goes live 😂) ready to roll!

I have no lack of imagination for Journals so this will be an ongoing project, truthfully I am just trying to keep up with my own personal Journaling needs right now!

I wanted to get the Book Club Journal out since its set up to be a 12 month notebook but I do have another version for Book lovers who don't want the monthly prompts. 

I also have a passion to encourage children to fall in love with writing, drawing and journalling. 
You know I set my kids up with Journals every summer and I encourage them to keep diaries. 

For our own dream vacation I have been working away on some Travel Journals for kids.

You can view those here:

You can find all the Journals I've been working on under Holly G Clarke on Amazon (Just search Holly G Clarke and they should pop up). 

I am still familiarizing myself with selling through Amazon but so far so good and prime shipping - YaY!

I will be sharing more in depth info and demos very soon but for now I wanted to share what's been keeping me busy and excited these last few months!

If you have any Journal requests please sound off in the comments or on my social media because nothing would make me happier then to create a beautiful book for you to share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and adventures with!! 💗

- XOXO Journal Girl