Thursday 30 April 2015

Lets talk about shopping MIC MAC MALL and THE purse...

Oh a short (I am embarrassed to actually say..) while ago, the lovely Mic Mac Mall located at
21 Mic Mac Boulevard
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Yup I know the exact address, I use to be your mail lady MMM :)
It was a good 4 years ago now but a mail lady never forgets a Mall address. (what just me??!)

Mic Mac Mall saw me drooling over their purses on Instagram and they generously offered me a giftcard to help get the purse shopping underway. I was so, so excited.
My sister (a permanent resident of Halifax, therefore my personal shopper) had been sending me photos for weeks! I had my heart set on a royal blue Kate Spade at Winners, it was a cross body, zip top beauty.

It was also sold by the time she went back to purchase.....
(now just a beautiful memory.)

Never one to leave a store empty handed my personal shopper (sister) found me a gem.
I had been wanting a black and white stripe bag forever! (at least as long as my sister owned her black and white striped bag, she had got at Target a few weeks prior)

She found me the holy grail..
She even said she likes mine more than hers!!
AH ha no trade-sies!

  ^ do these stripes clash with my stripes????
Are we alone in being stripe OBSESSED this season???
People must think I am always wearing the same outfit: B&W stripe top/black leggings..
because I own about 6 B&W striped tops! (leggings are probably the same ones daily)

^ This bag is going to go with everything!
Its the perfect size, large because I carry everything but the kitchen sink.
Its a zip up top so all the baby sookies, lipsticks and money scratch that I spent all my money on lipsticks..
Nothing will fall out while I'm bending over picking up Elliott.
It was the perfect price point for a purse I know will stand the test of fashion time, black and white is HOT HOT HOT!

In fact if you're familiar with your Kate Spades, my bag bears a striking resemblance to..

^ While I may be mad she missed out on my dream Kate Spade bag, my sister got back in my good graces by finding these STEALS. Glam glow eye masks marked down to $22! I cannot wait to test these puppies out! And a luxe navy tommy throw for $18 regular $69.99!
My sister tried to weasel her way into keeping the throw but I convinced her she owed me.

I apologize Mic Mac Mall for this post taking so dang long to get published.
I asked for purse photos a dozen times over, I couldn't wait to share this beauty with the world!

^ My sister is an excellent personal shopper, but she is no blogger!!
She is tardy to the blogging party so the photo shoot happened while I was home last week,
notice Nova Scotia's snow... ugh come on Spring!

^  Some finds my sisters found since, all at Winners!!

Winners has such a great variety of Kate Spades coming in all the time I have no doubt that I will soon own a KS beauty.

How often do you switch up your purse game?
A new purse for all seasons?
Do you go big price tag and keep it for years or go cheaper and switch it out often?

I'm a little bit of all the above.
I love my purses like I love my shoes..
pretty and plentiful :)
(since baby I've had to add practical to those categories too lol)

Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Lets talk about blog hopping, balm dropping and kryptonite..

Is there anything better than picking up your mail after a vacation???
For me it felt like Christmas morning!
We arrived home from our vacay on a Saturday and since we own a PO box I had to wait until Monday morning to get all these goodies...
Its like a Beauty/bloggers dream!!
Packages, parcels and letters, Oh My!

^ Even Superman loves a Ipsy glam bag!!!

^ Anyone else get the same bag??? I knew the Balm shadow was coming and I was sooo excited!
I've been dying to get my hands on some balm and the colour did not disappoint!
The hey honey face serum just makes me want to use it because of its name alone
And that blush colour! Looks promising Hikari!

^ I think I found Supermans Kryptonite, his weakness is Ipsy!!
That's a baby hand smudge in photo 1, those pudgy fingers were getting a swatch of blush!
Any new makeup finds recently that I should know about???
Any Ipsy bag highs or lows??
Fill a lady in!
I feel like I've been out of the game forever!!

Also I'm Co-hosting another hop with these lovely ladies today!!

So take a peek around and blog hop to your hearts content!!

Happy Tuesday!!!
We are super happy on how our blog hop is growing and how many bloggers linked up last week. We are so thankful for you guys being part of it.


This week we have two new cohost.
Paula from Punkymoms
If you're interested in cohosting with us please fill this form out here.

Rules of the Blog Hop

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Classy, Sassy & a Bit Smartassy
Monday 27 April 2015

Lets talk about Mothers day, Mothering, the day of moms and the Ewwwwww....

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!
Aren't you just so proud of me your first born, favorite, most beautiful daughter??!
Its ok, you don't have to say it out loud I know its true (sorry sisters, you're a close second and third)

^ Mom and me circa 1988??
My friend Fran from The Hungry Homemaker Blog put together a little collab of momma moments from myself and a few blogger friends and they're so, so, so, funny and true! You have to read it to believe it.. You will hear your own voice saying all these things, trust me. :)
Happy mothers day to all the 'moms' out there!! Whether it be human babies, fur babies, babies you didn't birth but are second mom, auntie mom, friend mom, "cool mom" to, enjoy the momma love!
^ Mom, sister, me, sister, dad
Oops forgot Tillie, she's the youngest/hairiest sister
Check out Fran's blog and tell me how you'll be spending your mothers day!!
Or tell me a funny story and make me feel like I'm not alone in owning the grossest kid ever!!

Thursday 23 April 2015

Lets talk about #coffeemyway, Wayfair and early mornings..

When Wayfair contacted me and asked if I was interested in sharing my morning routine with them my intitial reaction was...
A) Wayfair knows me!!! 
B) yes yes and yes!!!

The blog has been needing a spring pick me up post and mornings are hilariously hectic in our house so I am happy to share.. 
First things first..  

Puppies need to pee!!
(You might be saying to yourself.. "Holly that is a mighty cute pup but not as cute as your pup Marley! Where's Marley?!) 

We are still on vacation visiting my parents so this is our family dog Tillie! 
Tillie say good morning.. 
(She's not much of a morning person, it runs in the family...) 

Alright puppies been out, baby's been picked up, next stop baba and coffee station! 

I am such a coffee maker addict. Whether you use Keurig or Tassimo.. I own both! They make a mean mug of Joe and I need it ASAP in the morning. 
(I feel like it needs to be noted coffee in the morning, tea in the evening is how I roll. Anyone with me?) 

Babas been made, coffee in hand this is where we get a couple of snuggle minutes in every morning. Until... 

He realizes "hey that coffee looks and smells wayyyyy more delicious than this baba mom!! Gimme!" 

This is when baby hits the floor, happily baba contented with a tiny peek of morning cartoons and I snuggle in with my mug and cozy pillows allowing that sweet caffeine (with a little sugar and milk) to work its magic. 

Mugs in this house are a big deal.. 
You may say we have a slight collection obsession but there's something about a nice hefty mug full of warm something that I look forward to everyday. (Especially when mugs have cute sayings! But keep 'em short and sweet mugs, this is early morning my brain can't handle an essay!) 

Wayfair was so great to communicate with, they asked for nothing but my morning routine but of course I have to share a few of my favs from their website because not only is their website beautiful but it's full of beautiful things that I now want!! #beautybloggerprobs 

Anywho how do you all take your coffee? 
Tassimo or Keurig?
Coffee or tea?
Are your mornings hectic or peaceful and relaxing? 
Are you a mug hoarder? 
Tell me more!! 
Happy morning to you all! 

PS: Real life morning photos.. My pj wardrobe has changed from fun colourful pjs to all black everythang just in case I don't get dressed until noon.. or never that day.. 
I blogged about it here - PJ life 

East coast blogger girl 

Monday 20 April 2015

Lets talk about Twiggy, Fergie and no replys..

Ugghhh why can't there be a day of the week starting with the letter L so I can be like
I guess we will just go with lipstick of the day!!
Todays #LOTD is Twig by Mac, picked this up while going through my Kylie Jenner Nude lip phase..

I'm trying to get my last little bit of wear out of it before spring truly blooms here in Newfoundland (which may be never FYI, I think we will probably just head right back into Autumn at this point...) 
because once that sun starts shining and flowers bloomin I'm going to want to hit up the fuchsias and pinks of the lipstick world.
Twig is a really pretty brownish/nude that I think would be flattering on so many skin tones!
Like most Mac lippys you can bold it up or 'water' it down with a little gloss over top, I'm a gloss girl myself so I can't help but be glossy glossy.

 ^ Oh the flossy flossy

I also just wanted to quickly mention to my bloggy friends, do you all know if you are a No Reply blogger??
I didn't!
I was a No Reply and didn't even know it!
Which means I was leaving comments on my friends blogs and they couldn't comment back to me, how much does that suck!
Thankfully some more advanced of my blog friends noticed and sent me this great website to easily become a Reply blogger, really its very easy, if I can fix this so can you!

Now my blogger profile looks like this so I know it worked and I'm so excited!
if you need to switch!
East Coast Blogger girl

Ps: Dominican vacation SUCCESS!! so nice to get away and on the beach no less. That being said I missed the bloggy life and friends so much can't wait to get back to regular schedule:)

Thursday 16 April 2015

Lets talk about tarting it up...

I feel like you may just want to call my blog Hollys Lipstick Life from now on because I can't get enough posts about lipstick!! I can't stop wearing it, swatching it, blogging it!

I'm embarrassed (and excited hehe, lipstick hoarder) to say my collection has grown so large that I forget what I have and end up wearing the same lippys day after day because they're the ones on the top of the pile.

I need a new lipstick organization solution... Anyone have any suggestions??
I'll show you my collection in another post but right now they're all piled in a basket...
and over flowing a little dish..
and in one of those individual lipstick holders..
 and falling out of my purse...
 and on top of my microwave... ok I LOVE LIPSTICK!

^ Picture this but with lipsticks

So I stumbled upon my Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick and was like "OH YEAH!!"

Gave it a little testy run for a few days and remembered how much I LOVE Tarte lipstick! (Well Tarte anything) The lipstick is soft, creamy and as the name suggests buttery. Its a beautiful everyday wear kind of lipstick - stays in place, swipe and walk away.

I have the shade Tulip but looking at the website there is about 7 other shades I now want to get my paws on! And the packaging, its a paper/cardboard packaging which I normally don't love but this is just so cute and makes me think earth friendly.

Have you tried Tarte at all??
What about the butter lippys??
Love it or leave it??
Comment below

Also do I have any Pretty Little Liars fans in the house????
This may be a bit delayed but seriously that finale???
WHAT?? Just what???

My sister sent me this buzzfeed about it and its so funny don't be intimidated by the 143, its a quick read (but saucy, NSFW unless your work is super laid back PLL fan headquarters.. or A's lair..)

East Coast Pretty Little Blogger 

Sunday 12 April 2015

Lets talk for the love of a good dog..

I know there's been a lack of beauty around here lately but we've had a lot on the go and been very distracted.
On top of everything we noticed our 6 year old golden retriever Marley had lost her appetite.. then she started vomiting.. 
We were hesitant to jump to conclusions because just back in September we had a very very hefty vet bill - xrays etc. which just turned out to be extreme gas from eating some doggy birthday cake.
We waited it out a couple more days but Marleys eye whites turned yellowish.
That was it, we were at the vet asap.
Blood tests, fluids, meds, they sent her home. Wait a week, hope for improvement.
She had her follow up appointment today, not improving.
Now they are keeping her at the vet for two days to get some more fluids in her and see if they can flush out her liver (that's what they think is the culprit).
Now I'm scared.
This is our Marley.
Our baby, our trouble maker, destroyer of everything for the first few years of life, our 6 year old who constantly gets mistaken for a puppy because she is so, so full of life and love and over exuberance to the point of extreme embarrassment (seriously its so embarrassing. I can't keep her excitement under control and she pulls me across the room to a crowd of people... embarrassing Mar, not everyone loves a 80 pound ball of fur licking their face!)
^ You know you're a pet lover when you take your dog for Glamour shots..
Marley 4 months old

^ She was so so tiny, that lasted oh about 3 days..

^ She is the needest animal on the planet!
Her best friend is our rescue Kitty Annie, they bonded immediately.

^ Birthdays, holidays, you got it babe! Marleys a part of it all.
^ She was so so so bad for the first year of her life, I was almost ready to call it quits.
No shoe was safe, even if it was put away in the closet!
No newspaper, nor mitten, nor carpet would survive!
She even ate a pen (see bottom left), and don't get me started about the time she ate my husbands wallet...
Do you know how much work it is replacing all your cards??? Thankfully we are poor, he only had a $5 bill in there - which was shredded.

But then there's this ^
She's suppose to be here for many more years to teach Elliott and grow with him.
To walk him to school on his first day and cuddle with him every night in his big boy bed.
The love that she brings to our family is indescribable.
She is the most patient, kind and gentle soul.
I know every dog owner says this but she is the best dog in the world.
So tonight go hug your pet a little harder, give them that extra treat and that extra kiss goodnight.
Do it for Marley, the worlds best worst dog.
^ If you've seen the movie/book Marley and me
then you know we could not have picked a better name for our Mar
She's a Marley through and through
^ When Marley met Elli
^ You mean its staying??!

Will keep you all updated on Mars condition
Keep thinking about her
East Coast Blogger Girl

PS - so happy to say this post was written a few days ago and it went from bad to worse but now its good, so good! So don't fret, go give those extra hugs and kisses! I will post an update on Mar soon.

Friday 10 April 2015

Lets talk about Beck and Boosh...

Happy Fashion Friday my friends!
Last week I posted a photo of our family wearing our Beck and Boosh Home t-shirts and I was surprised at how many of my Facebook friends hadn't heard of the Home T!

I had been eyeing up these T's for quite sometime.. 
I first stumbled upon them before Christmas 2014. I saw photos circulating on fb of them being sold at a mall kiosk, I specifically remember this because I asked Santa for a family set.
I can't hold it against Santa for not bringing us the T's, my list for Santa was pretty hefty and I guess he had to narrow it down...
BUT after Christmas I was eager to order our own Nova Scotia HOME shirts, so I did!

The first thing Nick said about his was "I LOVE the feel of these tshirts!"
Honestly he said that.. I can't make this stuff up!
(well I could but I wouldn't, would I have told you about my head rash if I was in the business of fake stories hehe)

The T's are very soft, non clingy and my favorite no 'extra bulk'
The fit is true to size, for the men/unisex version Nicks wearing a Large (that's his norm).
If you go with the ladies slim fit version make sure you up it a size, I went with the XL to be safe and its perfection.

Since I love Beck and Boosh (I follow them on FB, Insta and frequent their website.. not creepily, I'm a beauty blogger its part of the job!) I reached out to them to see if I could blog about my T and asked if they had any additional info. They were quick to reply and lovely to chat with, they let me know that:

  • Each Shirt is 100% designed and printed in Nova Scotia (YAY East Coast)
  • They will be launching new "amazing!" tanks in the upcoming weeks available in CB, NS, NB, PEI, & NL versions
  • The T's are available at all Pseudio locations across Canada and at Masstown Market
They also are hoping to expand locations and attached this poster

Did I mention they also do jewelry??!

Oooooh the jewelry my bread and buttah!! Everyone who knows me knows I am an accessory fanatic! I haven't placed my jewelry order yet but rest assured I've been eyeing up a few gems - take a peek here, here, here , here,  here, here, oh and here just to name a few ;)

We were super pleased with our T's NS is always close to our hearts and now its literally close to our hearts thanks to Beck and Boosh! So check them out it makes a great gift for our loved ones near or far!

^ We are amateurs with the Pix stick... Can you tell??? 

^ Elliott: "Home? what is this home you speak of??" NS Lelly! Rep it!

^ Tried to get this boy to model, but it was like wrangling a herd of cats!
I got a few cute snaps out of him anyway :)

* this is not a sponsored post, I really do love what Beck and Boosh are up to and you know promoting Canada, East coast, Nova scotia especially is near and dear to my heart. Their T's really do rock.

East Coast Blogger girl 

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Lets talk about licking the dog..

Mamas Tell All

Alright readers...
You read that correctly..
Licking the dog, so if you are not an animal lover I advise you to click away from this page now!
Final warning....

Its that time again already!
Time to link up with The Southern Mama and peeps for the mamas tell all.
This weeks topic-
April 8: To Spank or Not to Spank – a discussion on discipline: when to start, how to implement, and how does it change as kids get older 

Now I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the blog not to type in this tiny newspaper column like shape when I link up with Mamas tell all, so just ignore it :)

Elliott is only 9 months old, so discipline hasn't been  much of an issue as of yet...
 I will tell you I am a 'NO' mom, I say NO to my child...
 I KNOW (haha) parenting books etc. recommend we use other words but its not the only word he hears. Its in moderation and we try to elaborate on why we are saying 'no'. And at 9 months he gets it, he knows when Mom says "No Lelly, don't touch" he spins around fast on his bum and stops what he was doing, so to me that's a parenting win! 
Maybe I'm messing him up terribly and will pay for saying NO down the road but that's the approach I'm going with... hahaha

Now more than anything I wanted to talk about the kind of parent I am, or thought I was. I feel like I'm pretty loosey goosey when it comes to parenting I let A LOT of little things slide (as you will see in videos, scroll down) 
My attitude is what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (thank you Kelly Clarkson!) and god made dirt, dirt don't hurt.
I try to pick my battles and if Elliott gets a bump on the head I don't rush to his aid because most of the time if he sees that I noticed he crys like he just lost a limb but if he looks at me and I'm not paying attention he shrugs it off and continues playing.

BUT HOLY MOLY I was at play group last week and I was watching the itty bittys running around that large tile floor room and I just wanted to run after them and cover them with bubble wrap! They were no bigger than Elliott and were running and falling and screaming and the moms were not phased at all, they were happily chatting away with one another not even noticing that their 1 year old was standing on a yoga ball, about to climb out the window lolol

So I guess I'm not as easy going of a mom as I thought, more middle of the road but I think that's a good place to be :)  

Now for the goodies!
Elliott and our Dog Marley have a special bond, its hilarious and adorable. I let things go further than probably a lot of moms would but like I said "I'm a cool mom"

Check out their bondings below:

Don't worry those are very clean paws!! I'm honestly more concerned with him licking the dirty couch! lol
Private language chat ^
What a pair!!
What kind of mom are you?
Are you the mom you thought you would be pre-kiddies??
Is your kid as gross as mine or is he an anomaly????