Monday 17 December 2018

2018's Must Have Toys

Have you finished Christmas shopping yet?
Or should I ask if you've started???

Look no further if you're just starting! It may feel like your shopping days are numbered but I've got THE HOTTEST gift guide to share and it's a one-stop shop – for all entertaining essentials, holiday decor and this year’s must-have toys so you still have loads of extra time to browse the aisles and treat yourself, too. 
This holiday season I've partnered with Canada’s Christmas Store, Canadian Tire, to bring you what every child will be looking for on December 25th.

First off, let me start by saying my kids are such snoopers! Every single thing that comes into this house Elliott can sniff out – so let me share some of my favourite snoop proof tips provided by my friends at Canadian Tire to help you keep the magic of Christmas under wraps. 
I usually end up labelling the gifts with someone else's name temporarily so I can get them wrapped and keep them under the tree without provoking the snooper! If a present is labelled "Nanny", he will automatically assume it’s a sweater or such and leave it be.
I also keep things "in plain sight", I've had a few gifts hiding under towels in my laundry basket for the last few weeks, so I can take my time and finish my wrapping, My snoopers don't seem to think to look in such an obvious spot!
What's your best trick for avoiding the sneaky peekers??


Our Generation Violet Anna Doll, a ballerina in an adorable tutu who stands 18 inches tall.
Noelle is such a doll-loving little dancer, so this toy combines two of her favourite things.

Have you seen these Pomsies?!
They're the cutest little multi-purpose pet, and can bend around all sorts of things.
My kids love to carry backpacks, so I know they will be wrapped around their straps. Even better yet, their eyes change colour based on mood and they can play games, like freeze dance!

Now this, this little guy stole my heart.
A Scruff-a-Luv is the rescue pet that needs your love and attention to bloom into a little fluff ball. Groom them, bathe them and love them into something soft and fuzzy!

Aww, just look at this before shot!

PAW PATROL Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with an extendable 2-foot tall ladder, and flashing lights and sirens.
Both the kids LOVE Paw Patrol, so this was a no-brainer for us, since they will be able to play together and eventually collect all the pups to help SAVE THE DAY.

Have you seen these L.O.L. Surprise Eye Spy Under Wraps Dolls?
I knew Elliott would be obsessed, so much so that I couldn't wait to give him one!

First, you unwrap the package and use the magnifying glass to read the hidden messages!

After unwrapping a couple of layers, you'll find a capsule that needs to be unlocked using the secret codes. Once you get the codes in place you'll be able to uncover your L.O.L. doll and accessories – it’s so cool and the kids loved working their way through the mysteries. 

 The kids had so much fun with the gifts we opened, now I'm even more excited for Christmas morning to arrive and to see their reactions! 
What's the must-have for you and yours this year?
Are you adding anything from my list to yours?!
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 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Canadian Tire. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.