Sunday, 21 December 2014

Let's talk about Ipsy Ipsy Bo Bipsy..

Decembers Ipsy bag arrived!! 
Whoop whoop 
I was pretty happy about it! 
Let's review 

^ Love that this months bag had some rare and more highend-ish products
aka Tartes lights camera lashes mascara I've been wanting to try this forever!
Also I was happy the make up bag was a slightly different shape this month,
longer and not as tall more of a pencil case shape.
I don't know what I'm going to do with all these small makeup bags come the end of the year but
we're going down south in the Spring so I was thinking I could fill some of them up and leave them for the resort employees
 (just a thought if you have surplus make up bags hanging around.)

^ Yayayy Tarte!
I love Tarte products, their Amazonian clay blush is THE BEST
and I ordered the new eye shadow palette that was just released.
I am soooo excited for it, I was hoping it would arrive before Christmas but
it hasn't so now looks like I will have to wait till the New Year to try it boo.
So I tried this once so far, the photo evidence is posted at the end of this blog and
I was excited for it. I mean it didn't WOW thrill me, but really I think we can all
agree a mascara is a mascara is a mascara no?
So high end or drug store I cant find much of a difference
but I am going to keep this on my go to list.

^ Yayy NYX
This lip butter glides on smooth and feels moisturizing
my only slight complaint is the colour is a bit too cherry red for me
since the balm is so buttery if you don't look in a mirror while applying the
red will easily be all over your face.
A nice light pink would've been less maintenance-y
but it is thumbs up. 

^ Pixi pixi pixi
I enjoy this colour, I enjoy this product,
what I don't enjoy is the applicator.
The WORST eye shadow applicator of life.
You screw off that green wand and there is a little Q-tip
style nub on the end that's suppose to pick up product and you smear on eye.
Except it barely picks up products and it falls all off the nub by the time you reach you face.
What a mess.
I just smeared some on my hand and used a eye shadow brush to sweep across my lids,
 I feel like that wastes product.
There has got to be a better way Pixi, tisk tisk.

Never heard of it??
Also am I the only one terrified to try new face washes?
My skin is looking A-OK right now and I'm about to head home for Christmas
so I wasn't about to do a test run and risk breaking out in hives or bumps.
Stay tuned for a review.
I was probably most excited for this.
I LOVE having spare eye lash curlers, if I could only do one beauty related thing for the rest of my life I would choose to curl my eye lashes everyday.
I was thrilled, it had a very wide opening, all my eye lashes fit in perfectly!
I squeezed, released then looked in the mirror and almost passed out.
Take a look at the photo below.
^ Check out the inner corner lashes to almost mid eye.
They're half the length of the rest of my lashes.
I kept looking in the mirror shell shocked,
I honestly was having a panic attack, unable to move.
Then I had to get a grip and get over it because there is no putting em back on!
I was just going to have to go with the short lash flow
 (and maybe pick up some fibre mascara when I get to Sephora!)
I don't know if I was pumping the curler too hard?
I may be just as responsible as the curler but
all I know is I've been too terrified to try it again
since I want to hang onto what lashes I have left for the holidays.
Its such a shame because first impression I was THRILLED
purple colour, nice wide rim that fit all my lashes end to end of eye.
I think I will give this curler a whirl again after the holidays
I will just make sure to start with a light pump and not a
full on squeeze.
*** Beware have you not tried yours yet!
^ The complete look
Tarte Mascara, Pixi eye shadow, NYX lip butter
and half trimmed eye lashes!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lets talk about being Santa..

This post has no real direction other than to point out what we all know.. 

We recently wrapped up Nicks work Christmas party, Elliott got his pictures done with Santa and Monday was my Girl Guide Christmas party so as the events wind down now the last minute details are kicked into high gear and I'm stressin!! 
I don't know how I'm going to cope once Elliott is a few years older and
relying on me to pull it all off.
For the next couple of years 'Santa' can slip up all he wants and no one is any the wiser.
***Oops Santa forgot to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.. 
at 5 months old
 ES OK..

Slap those suckers under the tree on Boxing Day for all he cares! 
At 5 years old.. 

yeah Santa better get his butt in check
or moms going to be paying a mighty therapy bill in the new year.  
So luckily we still have a few years to adjust. 

I managed to take no photos at Nicks Christmas party except this
pre party back of hair shot
and then this after party 1 am selfie.

I was browsing the small things blog You tube channel for some hair inspiration,
since I was deadly sick with a cold/flu bug thing that the entire town seems to have I wanted to keep my hair up and out of the way so it wasn't bugging me all night.
I watched a few videos
 (I've already watched Kate's entire collection of videos as they've been released..)
but decided to "loosely" base my updo off of this one above ^
Kates hair is above shoulder length so like I
said it was loosely based but it was a excellent starting point!
And got me excited to try new things to my hair,
I use to always attempt updos and such
but haven't had the time as of late.
 This re-sparked my love of hair dos!

Anddd Lellys photo with Santa could've been worse but could've been better! lol

But the Girl guide party was a big hit! 

Mini stockings all around! 
I picked up a box of 12 mini stockings after Christmas last year for about $2.00.
Kids LOVE mini things so I knew they would come in handy this year!
We had a boat load of food and played a few games.
PSA: Please if you have not heard of this Paper plate Christmas game
check it out for your holiday party because it is so so fun for young and old! 

^^ said link to game

I made these little Christmas poems to send to another girl guide troop
 but since we ran out of time to mail before Christmas I put a copy in each stocking
for our girls to take home. 
Aren't they the cutest!  

And we finally got our fun tree decorated in the basement.
Normally we get a real tree for the basement and use our artificial upstairs but this year
 we just didn't have time to be dealing with the real tree maintenance.
So I had picked up this white tree for Elliott's bedroom.
Yeah he's only 5 months old but I'm already thinking about how cute
it will be when he's like 6 and wants his own tree in his bedroom. 
A white tree for all his little homemade ornaments, dinkies tied to string, etc. - gonna be adorable!! 

So for this year we made it a catch all tree in the basement.
Since Elliott and I are going to be leaving Nick all alone at Christmas
 (sad face :(, I know)
we are going to have a early family Christmas coming up in the next few days! 
Can't wait to dig into all those prezzies!!! 
The blog may be a little light on the blog posts for the next couple of weeks
 since you know tis the season for family or whatever.
I know my family will all be sitting cozy round the fireplace
basking in the glow of the Christmas tree lights... and our cell phone screens.
You know its bad when even your mom has a IPhone
and she's probably reading this right now since she's finally
mastered the art of Facebook creeping...
Any who..
Happy pre holidays to you all!! 
& a very sparkly new year!
- Gossip Girl
HAhahaha I think I'm so funny for that last part.
I'm only on season 4 and haven't had time to watch since Elliott's been born
it is my new years resolution to finish the series!
 I HAVE to know who gossip girl is and I refuse to google it!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Lets talk about the 2nd day hair dilemma...

2nd day hair..
Oh why art thou so flat??
There is nothing worse than flat 2nd day hair, it makes me cray.
^ see
She's upset about her flat hair..
Well Swifty I've devised a pretty simple concoction to combat the 2nd day drag down..
1. A teasing comb
2. KMS Hair Play makeover Spray
3. (optional) Oscar Blandi Texture Spray
1. Omg these combs,
lord G these combs.
Just take my advice and pick up a pack at Sallys just do it.
 I paid $5.99 for a 2 pack and they have so many purposes.
AND I use it when I have one flyaway hair tickling my face and I cant seem to grab it..
slide the comb under your bang area and flip the hairs back.
 You might not be able to see that hair but trust me the comb will find it.
2. KMS Hair Play makeover spray
I've tried many a dry shampoo and texture powder but this one is my favorite..
A. Its a spray
(I find the powders messy)
B. It doesn't make my hair feel too dirty
(It adds grit but not to the point that you feel like Ke$ha in her P.Diddy days)
 ^ I almost feel bad posting this picture because I love Ke$ha, (so don't hate)
she was the one that went there!
C. It doesn't have a obnoxiously overpowering scent..
Which leads me to my next product
3. The Oscar Blandi texture spray
This is some serious spray, not for the faint of heart.
I believe it would legitimately make you look like Cindy Lou Who if that's that look you desired.
It really is a powerful texturiser so I believe in what it says on the side of the can
 "used by celebrities" 
 it would give you texture all through a awards show for sure!
The annoying part about it, the smell.
It has such a strong scent, like coconuts and Moroccan oil and beach.
You would think that those things would smell good but they don't.
It makes you smell like you've just done one too many tans at the Tanning salon
 and it NEVER goes away.
It sticks to your hair and clothes so
 I use it sparingly (and I don't get bothered by scents, ever!).
None the less the positives obviously outweigh the negitives or I wouldn't use it in my 2nd hair day routine, sometimes I skip it hence being "optional"
How do I apply all these products? you might ask..
Well I put together a quaint little photo collage for demonstration purposes.
Top left: 
2nd day hair... I've already touched up any unruly ends with a curling iron.
Top right:
 part hair using the end of your comb, spray make over spray onto root area.
Repeat this step over and over until your satisfied.
I normally part and spray 4 sections in my front
and then two in the back.
Flip head upside down and massage in makeover spray.
Bottom left:
Using comb part hair again (doesn't have to be the same spot as earlier)
Use comb to tease.
Flip head up side down again and use fingers to relax teased portion.
Bottom right:
Add Oscar Blandi little spritz to lower hair section and scrunch a bit.
 So much fuller then before!
This may seem like a lot of work but it really really isn't,
 honestly its probably a ten minute job tops.
2nd day hair is always going to be 2nd day hair so you have to embrace the look.
This ritual also makes for a nice full pony and then a curvaceous top knot
 if you happen to be decorating the Christmas tree and just need
that hair out of the way asap
because if it gets stuck to a branch one more time...
So if you're still reading (bless your heart)...
You can find KMS make over spray at your local salon,
you may have to ask around because they didn't carry it at my salon in town
 and I had to get it ordered in.
 I don't remember why I picked up the makeover spray the first time I tried it,
 I have always liked KMS as a brand.
(I just looked in my bathroom and I have 5 cans of this stuff on standby..)
And the Oscar Blandi I picked up at Winners of all places.
It was 8.99 and I purchased 2 cans,
I've yet to need more so I'm not sure where else to get it!
*Signing off!
Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lets talk about the latest fashion & hair trend..

So I started a new trend and I really think it's going to take off! 
I mean it's a constant in my house.. 
Wait for it... 
Mind blown no?? 

Seriously this ^^ 
You can't tell I'm wearing Panama pants can you??
 (I can hear my sister groaning a whole province away..) 
For years I have been wearing pajama sets like this.. 

Cozy, comfy, love them.
 However now the day has come where I may not get out of my pjs let's say until well after 4pm... So I decided to simplify my pj life. Has it made my life easier, better and all around glorious, why yes it has. 

- Someone knocks on the door, delivery guy, paper girl, neighbour for tea. Come on in lady!! 
- Last minute panic because you didn't realize you're down to one drop of milk and desperately need that coffee that's already been brewed and smells like the heavenly scent of angels.
Throw on your cape coat, load the baby in the car and run out to the store!
 (Or if you're like me you would run to the Tim Hortons drive through and purchase a small carton of milk to get you through until husband gets home because loading and unloading a baby car seat from the back of a Honda Civic is the bane of your existence) 
Any who no one is any the wiser! 

Let's be real are black pajama pants really that much of a step down from black leggings which are my go to outfit of choice 6.5/7days a week?
 (No they're not so Jessica stop judging me) 

I mean we are talking the on occasion outside the house wear. It's not like I'm waking up in the morning and changing from one black pj pant to a fresh pair (except for yesterday, I did that yesterday but seriously on occasion!)

My FAVORITE black pj pants are from Target, by Gilligan and O'Malley.. 

^^^ Genie and legging style are my jam! 

So next things next you're running out of the house in your pjs you definitely didn't have time to glam your hair and makeup. 
My fake it until you make it go to hair is a braided bun.
 Hop out of the shower brush, braid and bun it.
You look like you could attend a job interview your hair is so on point. I honestly wore my hair like this for probably the first 4 weeks after Elliott was born...  

^^^ Braid bun and done!
Plus your second day hair will be beautiful cascading braid waves (people will think you're oh so glamorous). 

^ yesterday's pj errand - today braid bun aftermath 

Those are today's baby life hacks.
With or without baby whatever makes my life easier I'm down - enjoy! 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lets talk about 4 months...

I have been thinking about how to word this post for over a month now.
Its a very delicate discussion, babies.
You don't want people to take things the wrong way
but I want to be honest
 (and slightly very sarcastic).

Elliott is just about 5 months old but I want to talk about 4 months
because 4 months is kind of when it all goes down.
And I don't want this to sound like one of those:
"I have never been happier, now that I'm a mom my whole life is complete!"
"I haven't slept in weeks, showered, or eaten but I'm the happiest I've ever been.
Being a mom is amazing!!!".............

Facebook posts, because the people posting that crap are lying.

Being a mom is HARD. REAL HARD.
Especially the first 4 months.
All you do is run around trying to please a tiny human who makes absolutely no sense and does nothing reasonable.
- He likes naps one day / next day stays awake for 72 hours straight
- Aw my belly is so full / screaming bloody murder because you haven't feed me in what feels like a lifetime (in reality its been 1.5 hours)
- Full belly, fresh diaper, burped, bathed = perfect time for poop/puke/cry for hours for no reason

And then there is the facebook posts that are like:
"omg I just gave birth 11 minutes ago and I have such a amazing magical glittering bond with this baby, omg its unbelievable, you couldn't possibly understand unless you've had a baby"
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. all lies.
Nothing magical happens, you're tired and fatter than your non mother friends end of story.
The days slowly creep by (at the same time weeks pass and you don't know how?)
and you grieve.
You grieve the days where you could sleep in, shower, do your hair and makeup.
When you could leave the house any time you wanted, go shopping, take a trip to another country... why not!, nothing tying you down!
The days when your DVR wasn't 95% full and you remembered to take something out for supper.
You grieve and you wonder if you made a mistake..
*I've made a terrible terrible mistake!
But then!
All of a sudden you hit 4 months..
and somehow the days seem more manageable,
you've actually showered, you get to eat (most) meals
and you realize you love that tiny little human so so so much.
Not because you birthed him but because every day he changes and learns and grows. He's only been in the outside world for 120 days but somehow he has this gigantic personality.
He knows what he likes and doesn't, he has thoughts and emotions.
He gets upset when I yell at the pets (how does he know how to feel compassion???).
He likes to sleep in complete darkness, and if its not pitch black he pulls a blankie over his face to block the light (his dad does the same thing).
When he wakes up in the morning he chats to himself and when I lean over the crib he breaks out in a humongous smile.
How do babies know to smile when they're happy???
How do they know how to laugh when they think things are funny??
How do they know how to love??
Elliott loves when Nick and I are together, he sits on our lap and looks from my face to Nick and back again, smiling and shaking with excitement.
If he can't see me but he can hear my voice his little head will swivel back and fourth and he will turn his whole body around trying to spot me.
It is so bizarre to me that they learn all of these things so quickly.
I would not change my old life for anything, I feel so bad for people who say their life wasn't complete until they had a child because my life was DA BOMB
I had so so so much fun and my life was completely full and perfect.
Its not a better life now, its just different.
I miss Elliott when I'm not with him and
 when he finally goes to sleep
30 minutes later I'm wishing I could wake him up just so I can see his adorable face again.
When Nicks home I say I'm going to leave Elliott with him and get tasks accomplished but I hear them playing and I end up so jealous I blow off my to do list to go hang out with them.
It took 4 months to get to this place and it was a long 4 months.
So basically this post has no point but isn't that the case with most blog posts. 
(I did have fun with the GIFs!)
If you don't have kids -  keep doing you!!
and if you have a baby 3/4/5 months and struggling - it will get better!!
* I'm also going to take this opportunity to post some of Elliott's Christmas pictures because seriously..

*Disclaimer: Then shortly after 4 months your baby will start teething and it will be a whole other grieving process..
because omg those teeth!
just pop through already!


Lets talk cookies for Santa..

Tis the season and the big man expects some cookies and milk,
here is what he's getting at our house!
(we had a practice cookie run had to perfect the recipe, only the best for Santa!)
3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 tsp. vanilla
2 cup flour
2 tsp. cornstarch
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup bitter sweet chocolate chips
(or half bitter/half milk if you live in my house)
Preheat oven to 350
In a bowl or stand mixer cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy
add egg and vanilla blend together
mix in flour, cornstarch, baking soda, salt
stir in chocolate chips
Use cookie scoop and drop dough onto baking sheet
Bake 8-10 mins until barely golden brown around the edges
(the tops will not brown, do not bake beyond 10 minutes!)
Let cool then eat all of them in one sitting.
makes approx. 3 dozen

^^^^What chu got over there Santa..
 share a cookie or two with us??!
I picked up the Cookies for Santa plate, mug and letter writing materials at Winners
$12.99 for all of it!
Don't forget to leave a carrot for Ruddy!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lets talk the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me..

I'm confused about the twelve days of Christmas song..
it only has twelve days so is the first day of Christmas December 1st?
or like December 14th?
Anywho sometimes I fantasise about what it would be like to have a super creative husband who actually planned things in advance and would surprise me with elaborate presents..
Don't get me wrong my husbands great
 but you know, he's not the most on the ball gift giver.
(I don't think he's alone in that trait,
aka every spouse who is at the mall on Christmas eve trying to beat the clock)
^ Fa la la la laaa
So I was fantasising about how amazing it might be to wake up to a adult advent calendar, and what types of things would be in it.
(Yes I could've been the nice wife and made one of these for Nick but am I alone in finding it hard to shop for grown men?? He just wouldn't appreciate getting little knick knacks like I would)
So here are a few recent purchases that would be ideal Advent gifts..

1. Marc Jacobs Collectors Edition Nail Lacquer
this nail polish.
I was walking around Sephora and saw this, I kept walking by it again and again and again.
I really did not need to spend (gulp) $30 on a nail polish but O.M.G.
It was so beautiful and once in a lifetime!
I'm fairly certain the sales lady thought I was shop lifting because I so awkwardly walked passed this nail polish 30 or so times with shifty eyes but I just wanted it so bad.
I caved, bought it.
^ Just read the box, you know you want this.

Ok I am about to do something some of you may not like so beware if you are not a foot person stop scrolling right now.
I have to do this for Nail Lacquers sake.
I cannot stop staring at my toes.
So shiny, gorgeous colour, just buy this before its too late!
*Never again! - Marc Jacobs.
Moving on..
2. This may be a lame one but Floss Picks
and not any floss pick, the minty ones!!
These have changed my flossing life.
I have always used GUM because they're the only ones that don't break
but these are Mint flavoured.
They're awesome, perfect stocking stuffer.
Who doesn't love EOS?
Its awesome lip balm and they've been coming out with
new flavors that have striped packaging - yes yes yes!
4. Confessions of a Shopaholic:
Shopaholic to the Stars
I saw this new release while browsing Target and I almost peed my pants.
I LOVE the shopaholic series, I've read all 6 books leading up to this book and I feel like Becky Bloomwood is my spirit animal.
Her and I were separated at birth.
I LOLOLOL while reading these books.
My one regret in life is that Hollywood didn't do a fantastic job on the Shopaholic movie (staring Isla Fisher, who is PERFECT for the role) so I will never get to see the remaining books made into movies.
It truly breaks my heart.
5. The East Coast Lifestyle RCMP T-shirt
100% of the proceeds from this T shirt are going to the families of the fallen RCMP members in Moncton NB.
We ordered a few, they're great quality and for a great cause.
(Although it makes me so sad to look at, beautiful but haunting)
That's it for now,
signing off!