Friday, 7 November 2014

Lets talk vacation...

Things have been awfully quiet around here the past few days..
Well that's because Elliott and I are on a mini vacay!
Or as I like to call it a Craycation...
Seriously when you live away from home and then return home on your "vacation" it isn't really a vacation at all! Its a exhausting, manic panic, runaround trying to see everyone, do everything, shop shop shop till you drop (y'all don't shop like lunatics on vacay?? oh no, OK that's just me...) hot mess of a week. Then you return back to your home where you live full time completely wiped and needing a actually vacay!
So that's that, I've been super cray and not able to look at the blog at all. However I've got some major shopping hauls to talk about when I'm back!! Stay tuned!
Here are some pics of Lelly to tide y'all over and keep you coming back for more :)

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