Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Thrifty Porch Updates For Fall

It has been a minute since I've decorated our front porch and I feel awful about it.

I LOVE adding some spice out there, I've had a small handful of people stop and tell me how much they enjoy my themes/decor/holiday spirit/chalk board notes.

It brings me pure happiness to decorate.
Its so easy, sometimes as simple as googling a fun chalkboard saying.
Its the one area of the house you don't have to see all the time so you don't get tired of the "holiday" theme (etc) as fast as I get sick of it indoors.

So now that I'm feeling a bit up to it, I'm about to go ham.
Fall is my very favourite time of year, I would buy 3000 pumpkins if Nick would allow it lol.

I love our yellow rocking chair but after 3 years its seen better days (rocker from Kent)
I will eventually spray paint it glossy black but once I go there its going to be black for forever (unless I prime and spray it another colour but I lack that ambition so I'm assuming it will be black forever!)

The sun has faded the yellow pretty severely but I'm not up to spraying it this year so I got the idea from my hair stylist (Hi, Rachel!) to check out the throw section at Value Village.

I would have never thought to browse there until she mentioned it!
I figured it was all old sheets and 80's curtain sets so why bother..
BUT you guys it is a hit or miss gold mine.

Now I always creep around the old sheet section!
I had the idea of covering up our rocker with a nice throw this year to carry through.

I was invited to check out the new Value Village that opened in Bedford Commons this week and I picked up this beautiful knit number.

All of our outdoor pillows are TRASH.
They have lived their life and may they RIP.
But as you can see I've left them outside for now as place holders because I've order some new pillow covers and I'm hoping my vision comes to life!

I ordered....
Black and white check/plaid!
Is it still called buffalo plaid if its black and white or is only red and black called buffalo plaid?
I am too lazy to google but you get the image!

Here are some options on Amazon
affiliate links!*

That's it, dang it, I knew that.
Amazon helping a girl out and not even knowing it. lol

I went with Gingham because it will transition into thanksgiving, then Halloween and even Christmas if I feel like it!

Buyer beware I didn't worry too much about what fabric these pillow covers are.

Our porch is covered so any old fashion indoor pillow will hold up in our conditions but if you have a space totally open to the elements you may want to invest in something a little heavier or weather resistant.

I can't wait for the pillow covers to arrive, I'm going to pop them over our faded old outdoor cushions and call it a day!

Large impact, small amount of work and $$!

I picked up this mean girls mat at winners/homesense and its the best!
They have tons of outdoor mat options right now, I can't guarantee this exact one but they had other funny sayings!

This blog isn't sponsored by VV in any way but they did gift me a gift card at the sneak peek opening so I thought I would share a little of what I learned!

We brought a bag of donations for Halifax Big Brothers/Big Sisters Tuesday night because the donations you bring to Value Village for the non profit actually gets bought from BB/BS and puts cash in their hand and the goods on the shelves of VV.

I am not near good enough at it but I enjoy doing what I can and will hopefully get better and better.

I got this wrap and I promise you, you will spend double the money for the same thing at winners.
And I LOVE winners!
But it just makes sense to check out VV first because they had lots of options and its legit the same stock as new item retailers.

I forgot to show you my new skirts on instastories!
The blue is a brand I don't know but the tags are still on it so I googled and it seems like its sold on QVC? lol and the price was upwards and downwards of $50 for something similar.

I paid $12.49

The stripped skirt is Old Navy and I think it could be styled so. many. ways.
with tights, without tights, with booties, with tall boots, worn just under my boob, worn on the hip.

Cost $6.99!

We also found some goods for Nick, stay tuned to see what he wears to our family photo shoot!

Value Village Bedford opens Thursday!
See photo above!