Thursday, 30 June 2016

A blogger breakfast..

Yesterday I was SUPER excited to attend the Kiehl's Halifax blogger breakfast
(bloggers and youtubers tho)

I was less excited because I worked until 3am and the breakfast was at 9am but I digress..
I was super excited because I knew a lot about Kiehl's yet I never owned any of their product..
If any Essie Button fan knows anything, they know that Essie and her BF love the Kiehl's midnight recovery. and I wanted to get my hands on it!

so lets peek at the blog breakfast photos!

^ the breakfast was delish looking! DELISH! I am gluten free so I couldn't eat but I stole a croissant for Elliott and stashed it in my swag bag. I did get caught by someone trying to give me a plate and I was like casually "oh no, no I'm cool.. I just need a napkin.." 

That globe! so cute!
my sister painted a globe, I'm pretty sure I posted about it.. or had intentions to.
but it turned out similar with pink inspirational quotes on it.

all of the jars and touches were so cool and so Kiehl's!

Ashley (blush) was our host and she was super knowledgeable and sweet

that big yellow tub is filled with a whipped body cream that is TO. DIE. FOR.
it smells like heaven, I couldn't stop sniffing it. its like a soy coco thing and omg.
also SO creamy
and its a massive tub. massive.

the baby selection is just so cute!

and even cuter the dog selection!
also to the right, that's a doggy dry shampoo hahaha
it says it on the back!
dry shampoo!

Mr. Bones is the mascot
Kiehl's is all about beauty from the inside out so he is a classic fit

I can't believe I didn't get any photos of the walls but they're a gorgeous floral, there is exposed brick and there is a gift wrap station that makes my inner scrapbooking/gift wrap nerd self squeal.

I ended the morning with a latte and a PR release recapping Kiehl's mottos and Halifax grand opening info.

They officially open Saturday July 2nd 10am and there will be many gifts prizes to be had! especially for the first attendees so get there early!

one of my favorite things that I heard throughout the morning was that Kiehl's is major for not pushing product onto you, they really sit down and customize what will work and what you as an individual need.

no "ooooh this is new product, you need, here buy it!"
its more "what are you looking for? what are your thoughts and concerns? what do you want from your skin?"

I did sit down for a skin care consult and I will honestly tell you I feel like everything she recommended was EXACTLY what I would've picked for myself.
I walked away with the:

Ultra Facial cleanser which sounds very similar to a different brand that I am currently using. I LOVE cleansers like this, they're kind of a gel like and don't overly foam but are just cleaning my skin enough without stripping or being too harsh.

Ultra facial toner I always drop the toner from my routine whenever I get lazy, its the first to go. so I really want to stick this one out and see the combo with the cleanser. keep you posted

Creamy eye treatment with avocado! one of my main concerns was my under eyes.
they're so puffy and swollen all. the. time. I've been using the glam glow mud eye treatment and have been finding it helpful. I'm super eager to see how this Kiehl's one compares. fingers crossed!

anddddd dun dun da daaaaaahh
I got both!
Day and Night serum

I got the Essie Button fav! ^
So very excited to see how that plays out, especially since my skin doesn't love oil type products. but so many people swear by it, it must have some special abilities!

so that was my morning!
we were there from about 9am - until I left at 11:45
it was honestly such a cool, laid back, friendly environment.
I cant wait to go back and get one of those tubs of body buttah!
saving dollars now... no more tims! hahahh


Monday, 27 June 2016

Kitchen update and maxi dresses..

at the thrift store last week they had a huge display of silver platters and I snatched them up ASAP!

the price range was $2-6 dollars, I needed just a few more to fill out my platter wall so I picked up 3 and wow am I ever glad I did!

See below!

^ I didn't realize how puny the above looked!
it seemed really full at the time but man those 3 extra realllllly filled it out

^ BAM!
I wasn't worried about shape or sizes I just grabbed whatever was available and it worked out that I put the two smaller ones to the right to balance and the biggest one to the left; perfection!

I'm even more obsessed with my wall now, which is hard to imagine because I literally will stop and stare at it mid day, mid night, whenever. .
I should be in fashion or design or something I know.. I'm super enthralled by colours, fabrics, shiny things..

^ like always I put my trays up using the 3M command strips
if they would just like to sponsor me already that would be so lovely because I use these puppies for EVERYTHING.
there is not a wall in my house that doesn't have a command strip on it, I am not lying.
they're SO handy and no nail holes!

Other than that I have been LIVING in maxi dresses..

^ 2015 gap maxi dress
my favoritesssss
love gap maxi's
I went looking for a similar version this year but I couldn't seem to find..

^ I've sold a bunch of my lulu lemon and I've got dollar bills to go to value village this afternoon

^ 2014 gap maxi!
I wish I could find more of these!
I may try the factory store, keep you posted

^ this one is similar though not as great.. but still lovable!
its old navy and they do seem to have similar styles this season

Andddddd I ketchup'd my white T last night so if anyone has advice about laundry send that my way!! I want to keep this one top white! I can never do it and is there anything nicer than a plain white T?! Help!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Double dutch braid and the whitest of white nail polish..

Are you ever like,
"hmmmm how should I style my hair today??"

I think that for about 4.7 seconds per day then go with the pony or the down and brushed through look.. its not for lack of wanting!
but with my hair extensions up do's take too much time and effort, I have to spend all my time covering up the tape ins and its a nuisance.

So I stick to simple.
what's anymore simple than a braid or two though eh?
natta that's what.
especially dutch braids!
once I learned to dutch braid I swear my life changed!
its SO easy but I feel like its the grown up lady braid. (sexy women braid vs cutesy baby braids haha)

see dutch braid basics Here! from my girl Kate
(it may seem intimidating but trust me its SO simple. just French braid but reversed, its really truly easy)

I did a double dutch braid half updo, see below for photos!
(awkward photos to follow, I find it very hard to act natural whilst telling myself to act natural..)

TBH I've done this look many times but I was reminded of it via my other girl (though not as tight..)
Fleur DeForce, if you watch the video below you can see her braid duo at 3:05
 I braided one dutch braid on either side, pulled the hairs from the braid to be a bit looser and completed the half updo securing it with bobby pins.

I'm not hugely fancy with my looks as I like them lived in, but depending on your preference you can make it very loose and beachy with texture spray or take the time to make it sleek and polished (as long as you have enough grit for your bobby pins to hold)
Bam, done, new day, new look.
So then I also wanted to show off my new nail polish find which I had been in search of for YEARS.
a solid SOLID SOLID white nail polish!
seriously its been tough, I hated to waste money on another sheer polish but I took a risk and it was worth it.

Blanc by Essie!
finally a opaque white!

I topped it with my favorite Essie top coat "good to go"
I love how fast this dries and how long lasting it makes my polish
Happy day!! XOX
^ I have so many pics that look like this....
that nail polish tho!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Navy blue paint update!

Soooo, have I mentioned that the doctor recently concluded I have ADHD.
this does not surprise me and probably wouldn't surprise my close friends.

I can never complete a project, I get super hyped up, I make no sense probably 75% of the time because I can't get a complete thought out without thinking that whoever I am talking to has all the details that are in my head.. (but I haven't told them those details so I sound or am cray)

Does any of that even make sense??

Neither here nor there..
the main point, I don't finish anything.

So I am still working on the navy blog room!
good news, I finished one wall!!
bad news there's 3 to go.

the navy took 3 coats
I knew it would, I'm a stickler for making sure it will be 100% covered and streakless
(as streak free as possible any way)
I really, really love the navy!
I would love it more had I paid someone to do it so I could be enjoying it right now, but I digress..

I also really, really want a desk so I could prop up a little blog area (dare I say even a youtube filming area.. potentially some day it will happen again)
but we cant afford a desk atm so I got a grand idea..

I have this makeup vanity that was my grandmothers..

^ It is gorgeous and I LOVE it.
I don't normally mess with a good thing but in this case the 3 piece mirror that belongs to the top of the vanity was broke in transit so the vanity has been sitting like this.
again we can't afford to replace the mirrors right now so I got this idea that the vanity could be my temporary desk!
I had dreams of laying a large piece of glass on top of the vanity and mixing that modern sleek/antique chic vibe but again.. the money!
so while I was at the bible thrift store yesterday I came across this..

^ basically a table top?? desk top? chunk of garb?? I don't know
but I saw the potential and it was $3.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking love that bible thrift shop!
I don't want to spread the word because then all the good stuff will be snatched, but really truly its not "good" until you make it over and I'm hoping everyone reading this is too lazy to do that..
I'm too lazy!
I only do it for the blog content! hahahah
I kid

I also snatched this to be adorable little bench..
its in the making stay tuned.

Other than that I've been working on lots of pops of white to put with the navy.
I made an error with this one and had to re-do..

I thought this mixed metal spray would look cute over the black frame..

turns out NO.
it looked green-ish to me so I had to re-spray
what a waste of spray paint ugh!

^ once I did the white I was pleased
 you can't tell that the frame was black, then green, now white.
I also had the "make things happen" print from winners, I picked it up months ago in a pack of prints, super cheap.. I want to say $4 for two prints?
^ I'm typing while Elli has breakfast and Mar desperately waits for a crumb or two
OOOH I also picked up some more silver trays for my wall at the thrift store!
I cant wait to put them up!

make it a good day! XOXO

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Gold dipped DIY chair..

I am obsessed with DIY-ing it..
even though its not always the most cost effective.
I mean, I would have spent more, probably way more to purchase a chair like this but
don't you always feel like a DIY should cost you like "$7.98 and two hours! really that's it!"

This DIY wasn't too pricey but I did end up having to go back for a second can of spray paint so it hurt me more than I intended hah!

I was at the bible mission thrift store and saw this little chair..
it was just so cute!
it must've been from a bar or pub type thing because its slightly smaller than your average kitchen chair.
It was $14.99 and half off day so I scored it for $7.50 and right away I knew what I was going to do!
(it took me 6 months of letting it sit in the garage. but hey it was winter!)

I am THE laziest DIY-er.
I will not prep work anything!
I just do and hope for the best.
I could've sanded it down, I'm sure that would've cut down on the amount of spray paint needed..

^ I freaking LOVE the chalky finish spray paint from Krylon!
I have sprayed at least 4 major furniture pieces and they have all turned out gorgeous!
It holds up really well, sprays over any finish and comes in a bazillion colours now, which I am dying over! when I first found it, it was only available in a handful but when I went back last week they had more than a dozen colour choices.
All I did was spray the chair!
that's right
wash it down, allow to dry and lightly spray coat, allow dry time and keep repeating.

^ again the liquid leaf gold paint from michaels - amazing!
I've used this on so many projects!
^ you should wear gloves
I am so sloppy with painting so I should have known.

^ I didn't tape the legs off although you absolutely could (maybe should!)
 I really truly love the look of homemade imperfection.
so I eyeballed.
used a little paint brush and did the 4 leg bottoms in a gold dip style
I was actually planning on dipping the legs but they wouldn't fit in the tiny gold leaf container

I'm obsessed!
I think it turned out so beautifully!
the chalk spray paint is $12.99 a can, I needed 2.
gold leaf paint $11.99 (I already had so its a good project investment to have on hand)
chair $7.50
TOTAL: $50 approx.
so it hurt me a little more than anticipated but because I bought everything spread over months I don't feel like I invested that much into it! plus the joy of accomplishing a DIY!
that's worth a hundred dollars twice removed, am I right!?

I haven't decided where its going to go yet.
my plan was in Ell's room but I think its almost too nice to hide up there!
I am really pleased with the final look :)

and when your done there El, if you could do the dishes that'd be great...
do you think Swiffer would sponsor us?? ;)
I have a really cute video of him running around doing the floors

I just HAD to show off my new (but old, very old antique) pitcher and bowl
It is SO gorgeous I cannot stop looking at it.
sometimes I do worry that things make me too happy hahahh
It was gifted to me from a work friend who was de cluttering and I cannot say thank you enough!
They (a couple, we all work together) have a very cool eye and are always on the hunt for special pieces.

Its so pretty, I'm in love!

happy DIY-ing!