Friday 14 August 2020

Halifax Wedding Makeup

Halifax wedding makeup

Our wedding anniversary was last week, I found myself looking back at our wedding photos and 7 years later I can say I'm still very happy with our small backyard + rec centre reception, wedding. 

The only thing I would change would be to hire a videographer! 

We didn't think about that, it was 7 years ago..
Way back in the olden days, when we thought photos would be enough. LOL

Things have come such a long way since then, every speck of our lives are now caught on video from the palm of our hand iPhone, so to have no video of our special day seems strange. 

My sister's 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up so I thought it would be fun to look at some makeup photos from my wedding 2013, to her wedding 2018. 

*Factor in the quality of these photos because all I could find was FB photos from our wedding day. 

Halifax wedding makeup

2013 - At my parent's house we had our makeup done by Allison Kirby (Click here) 

It was the classic smoky grey, purple that wedding makeup is known for!
Flattering on everyone and every wedding. 

Halifax wedding makeup

Halifax wedding makeup

I picked out a new lipstick for the day, Mac's Lustre Lipstick in Sweetie. (click here)

2013 ^ the zip
2018 > the zip
Halifax wedding makeup

In 2018 my sister was married and we had our makeup done by Amaya Baxter (click here)

Again we let her have creative freedom, with the exception of a bold lip for me!

Halifax wedding makeup

And it turned out so fabulous. 

Halifax wedding makeup

halifax wedding makeup

I wish I had some better close-ups side by side because I loved how she explored different eye makeup for both me and the bride!

It's difficult to see from this distance but my lids were more plumful and hers were more brown tones which really flattered my green eyes and her brown.

Halifax wedding makeup

Looking through all these photos makes me so envious of the ease of those years and I really hope we will be looking forward to large celebrations in the not so distant future and maybe I can book a makeup appointment for something special?? 

I love playing with makeup on myself but there's nothing as glam feeling as having someone else do it <3