Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lets talk about Kate Spade-tionery.....

Like what I did there with the clever title name..
I LOVE stationery.
Legitimately I think 96.5% of the human population would say they love stationery.
Who didn't live for back to school shopping??
 Picking out new binders, notebooks, highlighters, pens..
I still go into staples and buy a ton of office crap every September.
 When I see those sharpies and post its on sale..
I gotta have em.
So any excuse for a stationery haul,
is a good enough excuse for me.
One of the major reasons I became a Girl Guide leader (besides you know it being a rewarding volunteer experience..) was because I couldn't wait to
start a little collection of file folders, notes, photocopies.
I have my Girl Guide program book full of post its, to-do notes, highlighted paragraphs..
Its like I'm living out that childhood dream of being a teacher.
Without actually being a teacher and dealing with annoying kids all day.
Any who..
I decided I needed a new notebook for blog notes obviously..
And all the notebooks I already own just would not suffice because they had like 2-3 pages used up with random notes wrote on them and this had to be a strictly BLOG notebook.
So where do you go when you're on the hunt for stationery.
Normally they have a excellent selection of beautiful notebooks and calendars at extremely reasonable prices.
Unfortunately they can also be unpredictable, and I totally struck out at this Winners location (Cough MIC MAC MALL WINNERS)
So in a time crunch and not able to drive across the city for another Winners,
I went to the next best stationery provider.
Oh the beautiful beautiful things you can find in Chapters, seriously they have nice stuff (on the pricey side but sooo nice).
Of course my eye IMMEDIATELY went to the Kate Spade collection.
There is just something about Kate Spade..
Its shiny and glamorous but simplistic..
Its ridiculously overpriced but you just want it..
You want to place it on your desk and feel like you're somebody powerful..

The problem is you cant stop at just the Calendar planner,
you need the notebook..
and the pens..
well now you need the pencil case..
Ooh look at those gorgeous glasses!..
and appetiser plates..
Then you have to take a step back.
Those glitter coasters are $35..
$35 for a piece of cardboard with some glitter stuck to it..
and these pencils are.. $20!???????!
Awe hell naw Kate.
I love you girl but I draw the line at $20 for something that will turn into shavings (well at least until Christmas is over, I'm suppose to be shopping for others) ...
So Alas I made myself put back a basket full of Kate Spade fabulousness.
And what does one do when their Kate spade dreams have been crushed..
Why go to Target of course.
I went to Target and picked up this little notebook for 3.99..
$3.99! And it has 3 divided sections within.
Which I eagerly titled Beauty, Baby and Lifestyle.
I also love the coil binding so I can flip the pages straight around to the back,
which makes for easy writing (especially when my work desk is the arm of the couch).
Its slightly smaller than your standard notebook but not too small,
it slips perfectly into my birthday purse for on the go noting.
If you're in the market for new stationery..
Kate spade has got my heart but Target has my wallet.
Target also has Alex from Target..
Target for the win!

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