Sunday 26 July 2020

Girls room Makeover: Paint and decals


This has been such a long time coming and it's still not done but I cant wait to share.
I am taking my time to complete it and really consider what will work well and make the transition from baby/toddler to young children for my girlies.

I LOVE a navy room but it just wasn't working for us anymore and honestly, it was looking worn and chipped.

Noelle's favorite color is PINK!
So I knew it would be some form of pink but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go pale blush, I feel like I have so much blush in the house, I wanted something a little different.

Primer, primer, primer!

It was going to take a few coats of primer!
We did 2 but we could have done 3.

I gave Nick some colour inspo and asked him to send me the closest thing he could find, he sent this colour trio from Kent Building Supplies Sico line and I love it!

2 walls in Cherry Bubble Gum
2 walls in Cherry Parfait

2 coats of primer and 3-4 coats of paint, it looks amazing!
Even better in person in my opinion :)

I had wall decals in mind from the start, I have often used Urban Wall decals and they have been amazing quality and low to zero damage when removing from the wall.

We have used these Triangles in Elliotts room (click here) $29 USD

This PLAY in the playroom (click here) $59 USD

We have this cutie, HELLO on our exterior garage door (click here) $10 USD

I initially thought I would like the gold hearts, I've seen them used in many homes and they're so cute but the more I browsed the better choice seemed to be the pastel dots.

I went with the full-size pastel dots (click here) $45 USD

They pull colours from the rug and pillows, they're 'something' for that wall but not too, too busy of a backdrop.

Plus the girls can grow into them for many years while changing the colouring of accessories if they get tired of all the pink!

Although I doubt Noelle will hahaha.

The dots are also great because you can freehand apply them, I didn't need to measure or line anything up.

They're peel and stick decals so they could not be more simple to apply.

I started with one colour and used one of each then back to the first colour again.

My goal was to not have many of the same colour side by side.


To make your decals look more custom, almost wallpaper-like.

Cut some decals in half, 1/3, 2/3

And place in the crease of where the wall meets another wall or window or ceiling.

If you look to where the wall meets the ceiling you'll see what I mean by cutting some of the decals to fit that area and it really does make it look more professionally done.


More DIY's to come!

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Trash Tuesday: Garbage stool makeover

I have no shame in digging things out of people's garbage piles.

There is so much life left in items & maybe the owner cannot see it but with a fresh set of eyes..
you can turn trash into treasure!

The kids and I did a little drive around trash hunt last night and I found some great things.

My mom is always giving away fantastic items so that's where this love came from.

She will give away something better, just to pick up something worse sometimes.

But isn't that the fun of it?!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

My first find was a planter but that's not finished yet so let's show off this adorable step stool.

It was at the end of someone's driveway and it was rough man.

Covered in cobwebs, dirty and icky.

You may want to drive around with some work/gardening gloves in the car for when you find these dirty things.

But I could see that it had good bones and it could be used for so many things.

First off, I sprayed it with the hose outside and left it overnight to dry.

Then I sanded it down a bit.

This is the sanding block I use - CLICK HERE affiliate link

Then I washed it with some TSP and water.
Tsp is a multipurpose cleaner and it works sooooo well.

Click here for TSP - CLICK affiliate link


I wanted to paint it in a pop of colour but I knew a darker shade would hide any imperfections so I went with the Fusion Mineral paint from our Local spot: The Painted Attic Click here for FB page

The Painted Attic is awesome and will help you with all your paint needs.
I have used fusion mineral paint on a handful of projects now and its suppose to hold up really well, indoor and outdoor.

This is the shade Liberty Blue.

While I was grabbing paint from the basement I saw this drink tray that I haven't used for years due to the style not fitting in with my current style.

But I had always loved how large this tray was so I could never bring myself to toss it.

Why not paint it??!

I had nothing to lose so I gave it one coat and I will keep you posted as to how it turns out!

I didn't have any rollers on hand so this was all done with a small sponge brush but I am off to the dollar store right now to grab some rollers and I will keep you posted over on instagram as to how it turns out.

After 2 coats I think it looks beautiful!!

Turned out even better than I had imagined and now I can't decide whether to use ut as a flower pot stand out on our deck or whether to find a cozy spot inside.

It's so cute!

Saved from the landfill <3 <3 <3

Wednesday 8 July 2020

H&M Try on Video Links

Hi Guys,

I have a history of being a procrastinating perfectionist but that sucks for everyone so I pushed myself, cringing all the way.. to screenshot my try-on video so I can link the dresses here!

I wore one today and I LOVE it!

To watch my try-on video -

Let me know if you buy any of the below items XO


I bought the XL hoping it would shrink but I absolutely could have got large.


I bought the XL but could have got large.


Same as above for sizing.


This dress is just the cutest stinking thing.
I got an XL and its perfect.
Pair it with a jean jacket, a t-shirt over the top or a scarf/shawl.


This is a bathing suit coverup that I would absolutely wear as that or as a layering piece on those super hot days when I'm wearing a strapless or thin-strapped top/dress.

It seems to be sold out online but check in stores!
This is a size S/M so you have lots of flexibility in sizing, S/M or M/L would have worked for me.


I think this is the most gorgeous print and colour combo ever!
I can imagine this super dressed up or dressed down and I think, I really think I tried to buy this in the emerald green but its sold out online!

We had a fall wedding to attend and I'm certain I looked at this dress for that but it was sold out online and sadly, now the wedding has been postponed.

I am wearing a large and it's perfect!
I tend to go up in sizes because I prefer the room to move but I am so thankful I sized down in this because if I ever do wear it someplace with a more formal atmosphere I like the slim fit of it - it doesn't look sloppy, sometimes I can look sloppy due to the LOOOOVE of oversize. hahaha


I bought a large and its great.
Unfortunately, this dress seems to be sold out online in most colours.
What I wouldn't give to get my hands on that purple one!
I picked mine up in-store at the Halifax Shopping Centre.


I bought an XL but I should have gone with a Large.

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I popped by @shophsc maybe for the first time this year 🙀 • My oh my, doesn’t it seem like we were just there doing our Holiday shopping blissfully and now all of a sudden it’s July and the world has been changed 🌏🌍🌎💛 • I went for my pods but I came out with a haul! • I had a real need for long flowy dresses to wear to the kids sporting events. • Cool and casual for summer but comfortable enough to allow carrying of gear AND a 10 month old in my arms 😅🙋‍♀️ • @hm did not disappoint! • If I’m being honest, @hm is probably in my top 3 favourite if not favourite of them all, spots to shop. • Really happy with my haul! I blew my entire summer wardrobe budget 💸 • Worth it! 💕 • • • • #tryonhaul #plussizetryonhaul #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #plussizedresses #hm #hmhaul #fashionblogger #dressestryon #summertryon #summerfashion #halifaxblogger #halifaxshoppingcentre #hsc #ecmmedia
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