Wednesday 31 October 2018

The Nightmare before Christmas: Sally Makeup

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I wasn't sure what Sally makeup look I should go with, there are so many options!

I've seen it done with the big white eye - basically cover your undereye to brow with white Halloween makeup and turn yourself into a cartoon style, Sally.

Then there's the grey skin tone Sally or turquoise skin tone Sally.

Sitting at my makeup desk I still wasn't sure what to do...
but I knew the first step would be skin, so that's where I started.

I picked up this blue Halloween makeup at the Glow party store in Halifax, it cost $2 (on par with Dollarama!)

But when we went across the street to Spirit Halloween (Bayers Lake) they had a custom Sally makeup kit that had a beautiful turquoise blue!

I didn't end up getting the custom kit, as we had already spent a small fortune on costumes..
But I figured I could dull the $2 blue so I went on my merry way.

Using a non-favourite foundation (you will need a lot of foundation! so don't waste your Dior) I warmed up a dollop of blue makeup on the back of my hand, added some (many) pumps of foundation and used some cheap makeup sponges to mix a pretty grey tone.

I started pressing the grey colour onto my skin with the same makeup sponge and worked in small sections, pressing and bouncing the colour on - to avoid streaks.

When I was satisfied with the coverage I set everything with a big fluffy brush and a dusting of Coty Airspun powder - so good and affordable but definitely a heavy powder.

Now give your foundation and powder a chance to warm up & melt together while you do the eyes, or you can start with the eyes if you're worried about fall out eyeshadow but her imperfections are what make Sally so perfect!

The only thing I purchased for this look was the $2 blue makeup, I just so happened to have these palettes from PUR that arrived in my Boxy charm and the colours were PERFECT.

If you don't have anything as bright as the eyeshadow shades I used, you can always do a more smokey eye, using grey, brown and purple shades (she is pretty grey in the movie!).

I used a bright blue all over my lid, purple in the crease and green in the inner crease (not corner but inner crase still above my eye).

Then I lined my eyes with a black liquid liner

And added some Ardell Glamour Lashes (which looked amazing IMO lol. My sister mentioned it as well.)

I did not fill in my brows (as far as I can tell Sally doesn't have brows!) and I left my lower lashes bare as well, I wanted to amp up the under eye bag illusion and have that be the focus. (lol the bags are real, its no illusion.)

I grabbed the same purple eyeshadow and brushed it under the bottom lash line, a line on either side of my nose and under both cheekbones to create some definition.

And finally the stitches!
I've watched a lot of Halloween makeup youtube and somewhere along the line, I picked up this trick to make your stitches look more dimensional.

Using the same black Elf eyeliner from earlier, draw on a black stitch.
Allow the liner time to dry and then go over it a second time with a white liner - I had this pencil liner by Maybelline.

The white liner works as a highlight and gives your stitches that dimension!

I finished with the Kat von D Liquid lipstick - Vampira
Lipstick Link!

Its a little patchy but it is such a beautiful shade and the perfect Sally pout!

Okie Doke, I have to go get making some Cotton Candy, we are prepping for 300 this year!

I just wanted to get this out before the veil is closed for another year and all the ghouls and goblins return to their lairs!

Happy Halloween to you and yours!!