Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lets talk about MAC, Moonmist and a Ipsy bag..

I had been on the hunt for a mild cheek highlighter,
I just wanted to add a tiny glow to my face not a full on sparkle cheek ya know.
So I was in MAC and asked the sales clerk to show me their highlighters..
(*After seeing them online Soft and Gentle Gilded peach bronze also looks really pretty! I may have to check that out in December)
As soon as she whipped them out I knew this was the one for me

It was the only one that wasn't on the bronze side, I wanted a soft high light not a bronzer.
So this is the perfect shade, a soft pastel that reminds me of moonmist ice cream.
If you know Nova Scotia you know Moonmist ice cream.
Its only the best ice cream on the face of the planet!
*Oh god its just so good!!
Banana, grape and bubblegum
O.M.G I am drooling right now...
So I am obsessed with this highlighter, its the perfect addition to the every day face and can be layered for a more glittery night out. Its also great for brow bone/inner eye shimmer!
So onto the next topic..
Novembers Ipsy bag arrived!!
OOooooh the goodies..
The bag - cute, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with all these bags come the end of the year when I have a dozen of them but for the time being they're great for tossing in my purse, car etc.
The Hairspray - I haven't tested this out yet but its always good to have a travel size to throw in your purse, and Marc Anthony is a alright brand so time will tell..
The Eyeliner - Um well you see I'm not sure how keen I am about a glittery purple eyeliner,
its got actual chunks of glitter in it. So this may make a appearance during the holidays but I'm thinking it will probably be a dust collector or donate item.
The Highlighter - As you just read I'm pretty pleased with my MAC highlight for day to day wear but this little liquid highlight is intriguing me, its got that pretty purple/pink shimmer. I've already tested it and its very pretty, I think it will make more appearances over the holidays/special occasions.
The eye shadow base - This one item made this months bag worth it for me. I've worn this eye shadow base every day since I opened it, its such a nice base colour its not too dark it can be worn alone or multi layered with other eye shadows. Its called submissive by be a bombshell cosmetics.
The Lip Paint - The look and sound of this "lip paint" turns me off because it reminds me of cheap Halloween make up. I tested it a couple of times and its alright, the colour is pretty like a raspberry purple-y shade I just cant help but wish they had made it a solid lipstick and I would be all on board!
*The lip paint can be a little tricky to apply since its a liquid gel, less is more or it will run/smear all over your face. ^^^^^ wearing the lip paint and eye shadow base.
*^^^ Lip paint, highlighter, eyeliner pencil
All and all another good month for Ipsy!
Just the excitement alone waiting for that bag every month will probably keep me subscribed for a while, plus you really get the odd gem here and there!
The rest can be stashed away for when you're feeling make up adventurous or if you feel like starting a blog and need some bloggin' material!
What did you get in this months Ipsy?
Are you going to stay subscribed?


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