Thursday, 2 May 2019

Amazon Hair Must Haves!

I love Amazon, I love cheap, I love delivery to my door in 2 days (if you have prime, everyone who uses Amazon regularly should get prime! I love it).

I love hair accessories!
Here is a few of the best and most affordable you can order off Amazon.
(non spon! I just really love Amazon, I wish they would sponsor me lol)

1000 piece clear hair elastics!
I ordered these back in early January, for both Noelle and my hair.
They're super durable, you can get more than a use or two out of them but at $12 for 1000 you don't feel bad when one snaps.

Click the small Amazon photo below for the link
(all products will be linked below my synopsis)

Scrunchies! LOVE, use daily!
Purchased these all the way back in December, 24 pieces for $16!!

Bunny Ear scrunchie!
These are smaller than the scrunchies above but they have wire inside the bunny ears that makes them easily moldable to fit any updo!
12 piece for $11.29

I am always spending money on small quantities of hair bows for Noelle, only for her or I to misplace them and/or never have the right colour available.

I found a 40 pack of really easy to use (and remove) mini bows for $14.99.
Love them so much!
There are 2 of every pattern so you can use them as a singleton or on pigtails.

All the links above are an affiliate, if you purchase through the link I may get a small referral commission. Super small lol.

But every bit counts when you love Amazon as much as I do!
I promote everything for free because I have an obsession. #guilty