Friday, 21 November 2014

Lets talk high five for friday!!

Didn't I just write a Friday post??
You know how they say
"the days are long but the years are short"
Amen to whoever came up with that one.
Once you have a baby its even more true.
So very very true, especially the long days...
However this week has been awesome because Nick was off for 5 days,
2 people vs 1 baby is just soooooooo amazing.
I wish every day could be like that.
Alas we haven't won the lottery yet so
its off to work we go.
(well not me until June, love you Canadian Mat leave)
So highs/lows of the week:
#1: Marilyn Denis commenting on my instagram.
I don't care if she comments on every post she's tagged in.
I don't care if its a intern behind the screen commenting for her.
I don't care if its a automatic computer response program.
Its Marilyn freaking Denis and I love her.
Her show is one of the only day time shows I LOVE,
I watch it everyday.
Her focus is on fashion, décor, food and celebrities.
^ all of the above is basically what I live for.
#2.  I love this Sailor Moon shirt Jess was wearing on New girl.
Over the last couple of years I feel like I've really nailed my personal style,
leaning more towards a clean, classic, comfortable look over
glitz, glam, baubles, bows, sparkles, strings, glitter..
but every once and a while a girls gotta have a bow on her shirt.
Or maybe a cat.
Amma right??
#3: If you have not bought Nick Jonas' new CD you may want to do that asap.
That's all I'm gonna say.
Without saying another word I'll show you this picture..
*If you're 18 or older google his Flaunt magazine photos..
#4: This chick has his Christmas photo shoot booked for tomorrow


And speaking of Christmas I've been having a tough time really getting into the spirit.
Normally I have the house 100% decked out by this time in November but we barely have anything done.
So I'm vowing to get on the ball this up coming week.
And to help get me started check out this video which is guaranteed to melt your Grinchy heart (especially if you're Nova Scotian).
Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer
 O. M. G. YES

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