Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lets talk fall lip colour...

So when I purchase lip stick I just like to wing it..
I don't want to spend time mulling over whether it matches my skin tone, eyes, hair..
if I like what I see in the tube, I buy it.
Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't..
In this case it was a win, a big fat winning..
because I'm obsessed...
Introducing my favorite fall lip colour..
Dubonnet by Mac
*OBSESSED can't get enough.
Leaving the house headed to the malls.. ^

* Around 4 hours later..
major mall haul done,
numerous samples eaten at Costco,
and not a check in the mirror the whole time.
Still going strong.
 I purchased a few more lip sticks from Mac while home but haven't given them a real go yet.
A couple of them are the nude-y colour Kylie Jenners been sporting as of late, I'm not sure I love them on me but I'll give them a try!
Something else I've got on my wish list is the signature Taylor Swift red,
anyone know what colour she wears?
I'll have to Google it!!
Speaking of Taylor..
I'm sure everyone has seen this already but if you haven't
 you have to check out her new video for Blank Space
because its hilar and I'm in love with the song.

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