Wednesday 27 September 2017

Today was my last day breastfeeding...

I haven't had a chance to dive deep into parenting on the blog yet.
Every night before bed I write these touching, pull at your heart strings, Huffington post worthy articles in my mind.

I think about writing them down, at least a little note in my phone... but I'm so tired.
I am sure I will still remember in the morning.

What was that profound thing I said last night? think brain. where is it? where is it? hmmm.
nope its gone forever.

So tonight I thought I better write..

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Playroom makeover/under!!

I've been dragging my feet posting this because I have looked EVERYWHERE for my 'before' photos of the playroom.

It's driving me up the wall!
I know I took before photos.. or I really, really thought I did but I've searched every file folder/memory card... and NOTHING.

So sadly, you will have to use your imagination..
I do have this one snap of before that I uploaded to Instagram

Sunday 10 September 2017

Visit Annapolis Royal, Antiques and Amusement parks..

Forgive me for this post not being as detailed/mapped out as it could have been..
this vacation started out as a regular family trip but around the last day I realized this could be great blog material!

Sometimes it's the most average everyday things that's readers want to hear about the most, that's what I go for in a blog anyway.

You know my It's Judy's Life addiction.. I feel like I know that family. I've been following them for SO long and I honestly enjoy seeing them hit up Costco just as much as I enjoy some elaborate trip across country.

I'm hoping I can be that blog family for some of you.
I'm not much of a "know it all" blogger.
Someone who says "BUY THIS blah de blah its amazing!" or "WATCH me in my talented makeup tutorials and do what I do"

I want to be a bit more "Hey I'm super average but here's some products I like, some places we go and some heart to hearts on my emo days."
Annapolis Royal is a beloved family vacation spot for us.
Nick and I vacationed there a few times pre kid then last summer we made the trek with Elliott and this year *I am still in shock* that we had a new family member to start the tradition with.

There is SO much to see on the way to and near Annapolis that it is impossible for me to name all the great spots you should see. So I will touch on a few of our favorites but as the years go on, trust me that this list will expand.

First stop (because its on the way) is Oaklawn Zoo.


(I'm not sure how I feel about Zoo's.. I'm torn. Let's just ignore the issue right now. I have a lot of political and cultural wars to fight but today I will let this one slide. lol)


It really is a lovely zoo!
Its a great mix of farm animals and exotic, Elliott was capitated by the monkeys!
He just wanted monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.

There are a few free range animal areas.. not really my favorite as I don't trust any animals LOL
but they make for an awesome photo op and then very quick exit.

The zoo itself is a great size for young families .
All fairly flat ground, nothing too far out of the way, you can see the whole thing in record time if you have a cranky toddler and there are also picnic bench rest spots EVERYWHERE. which I really, really appreciate!

Some are more private than others and it was super convenient when Noelle started getting restless and hungry. I pulled up to a private bench and gave her a little breast feed while Nick took Elliott to the reptile area. (I can pass on snakes and spiders.)

Fun fact: Marley our dog was born in Aylesford Nova Scotia!
9 years ago we picked up our little golden puppy and I tried to do a play on words name representing Aylesford but nothing sounded right!
I almost went with 'ALY' or 'FORD'.. but they didn't pan out.


After the Zoo we went to check out our accommodations at The Annapolis Royal Inn.
I wish I had more photos for you guys but you can click the link and get a detailed tour.

Its a sweet little yellow and blue building set out in the shape of a horseshoe.
We stayed at the Inn last year as well and I really truly love it.
Its not really anything special, don't expect fancy schmance...
but for making family memories, its perfect.

The rooms are typical, cheesy artwork and green carpet.
but they're spacious enough, air conditioned, tv/wifi and close to the salt water pool/all you can eat hot breakfast buffet.

Yes that's a HOT buffet!!

not just cereal and muffins.

you can make fresh waffles, toast, oatmeal, watermelon, cheese cubes, oranges, cereal, boiled eggs, and my personal FAVORITE local sausages!! (eeeeeeekkkk squealing with delight!)

Yes I am a bacon/sausage addict and I swear to you I smuggle like 10 sausages back to our room for lunch time snackage. Not my proudest admission but seriously I am a smuggler.
I don't eat gluten so I skip the waffles and I feel like I am owed an extreme amount of sausages to balance that. lolling.

Our next stop the following day was Upper Clements Park.
Its only about 5 minutes from the Inn, so we filled up on breakfast and pulled a late lunch when we got home but we did stop at one of the upper clement food stands for a 'worlds biggest cookie'.

The cookie was great, Elliott loved the candies on it the most, but don't bother with the 'worlds biggest cinnamon buns' I picked up two and they were horribly dry; not worth the $.

Elliott was only tall enough for half the rides and attractions but that was still more than enough to keep him busy. They have a really nice selection for toddler to teen and its a great family spot, MINUS all the walking.

This park is not as easy to get through as the zoo.
There are a lot of little hills and a lot of back and fourth walking unless you want to exhaust each ride 5 times in a row then move on for good.

We probably looped the park 3-4 times, then I was done.
Elliott would have kept going forever, he's a total ride-o-holic but there's only so much standing/walking/stroller pushing mom can take.
Definitely not as young family friendly as the zoo with all its shaded picnic benches but still, its a must do.
just a tidbit, if you show up to the park after 4pm the price is slashed 1/3 as the rides shut down at 6:45.
on Fridays Military personnel get in free and Sundays first responders are free. (must show ID)

2/3 days are now gone and I've yet to get to my favorite yummy spot in the AR..
The German Bakery is my favorite!
I live for food this fresh and I don't know what else to say other than I break my gluten free streak for these goodies. They look pretty, they taste amazing, I can personally tell you they freeze wonderfully.

And that's that.
I wish I had a photo of the bakery outside but you can click the link for more info!

They also show up at some halifax farmers markets so if you see them there tell them Holly's Housewife Life sent you. They will have no idea what you're talking about but maybe if they hear it enough they will sponser me with jam cookies. lol

From the German Bakery down is just a main street of adorable-ness.
You can walk the strip easily with young kids and there are plenty of photo ops and antique/art spots to stop at.
Elliott was SO excited to see this Mountie but as soon as we got close he was panicked and not going near that head hole. sad because that would've been a cute one! 

Now some of my favorite spots..

the antique/ I call them junk drawer stores!

I LOVE antiques.
I am forever trying to decide if I want shabby chic or modern as my house style.
I try to have a variety of both.. and I LOVE finding old pieces that I can talk about when people come over. bonus points if they have a really great story behind them that the store owner passes onto me.

one of my MUST stops is this little Country Curio Shoppe ^^

Of course I couldn't find a website/fb page for them.
why would I??
they're a dusty old barn full of dirty treasures that you basically name your own price for.

I'm not even sure how to direct you to the address...
Do barns like this even have a fixed street address.

All I can say is that they're not far from the heart of Annapolis Main Street and if you ask anyone from town where it is I am positive they will send you right to its door.

This photo is from last year ^^^
I picked up that old fashion masher for a few dollars at the Curio shoppe as well as the grinder.

I was SO excited because I told Nick the only thing I was looking for was a grinder that my Grandmother used to have.

I remember hooking that thing upto the ironing board and grinding up some bread for stuffing, then I would do the onions and the apples. It's so vivid, it feels like yesterday and in reality was 20 years ago- yikes.

I was scared I would find one and end up paying an arm and a leg but not be able to walk away because of my memories. Turns out the Curio Shoppe had about 10 on hand and I think maybe charged $8-10 dollars. A total steal for memory props!

And that pretty much wraps up this years trip!
We spent the rest of the time floating in the salt water pool back at the Inn and had a few meals at the local Chinese restaurant.

but I wanted to toss this photo from summer 2016 into the mix because I also found a great antique store down in Canning... It was another one of those blink and you'll miss it plain warehouse looking spots.

I'm not even sure it had a name, it didn't have any huge neon light pointing it out anyway.. but it was a nice big building and catered to larger furniture antiques, with a splash of old toys, jewelry etc.

It was a really nice spot and I was sad we didn't get to check it out this summer but alas I cant have ALL the antiques!