Monday, 1 December 2014

Lets talk about the Elf on the Value Village Shelf..

So the Elf on the Shelf book was written in 2005
and it really started gaining popularity over the past few years.
I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find a house with small kids
who don't have some version of their "elf".
And for the past few years I've wanted one.
I've really really wanted one.
And every year my mom said
"that's dumb its for people with kids" ...
Yeah I could've just went out and bought myself one, but I
figured someone would get me it for Christmas.
No one ever did.
* :(
So guess what Mom, 
this year 2014 I have a kid!
Maybe he is only 4 months old..
but he deserves a Elf on the Shelf!
And I intended on getting him one.
I was on my way to Target to pick one up and my mom surprises me..
With a Elf on the Shelf..
that she picked up at Value Village.
 The Elf looks to be in perfect condition,
he's completely intact in his box.
The problem..
The book is gone!
How is Elliott to know the Elves reason for arriving every year if he doesn't have the book?!
 I went to Target & Chapters looking for the book figuring surely there's some kids out there who don't want the Elf but want the book.
"Um No lady we do not sell the book without the Elf"
*Dirty looks all around..*
Then my sister face times me last week:
"Guess whatttt, we got the book!"
"Let me guess. Kijiji"
So we now have our Elf 'Hermey'
and we have our book to go along with him.
It may have taken some extra work but the tradition is ready to start
and we only paid $18.00 total.
$10 for the Elf and $8 for the book.
The lengths my mom will go to save $17.00...
Hermey arrived this morning and brought Elli
a friend to play with 'Herbie'.
^ Elli & the Elves

Let the Elfie fun begin!

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