Friday, 13 August 2021

Happy Anniversary!!

It was our 8th Wedding Anniversary this week!!
15 years together and so much history. 
I truly believe every love story is unique, some are short, long, rollercoasters or steady straight ahead.
I love hearing others love stories, its always a favorite blog read of mine, maybe I'll ask you to post a blurb about yours on my instagram photo post. 

Anywhoo, this week we were lucky enough to spend a night at the Halifax Marriott Harbourview.
My mom babysat the kids and we headed into the city for a night away!

We were really excited to get out of the house early and we actually did pretty well.
If you know my mom, you know her and "early" do not go hand in hand lol. 
So we tossed a 1pm babysitting time out there in the hopes of getting into the city at a decent hour. 

Check in at the hotel isn't until 4 but usually you can sneak in a bit earlier and we were just hoping at the very least to get parked in the parkade, then we could take a walk around the waterfront.

Our plan worked!
We got into the city and checked into our hotel room around 2:30.

This is an absolute record for us, usually we're checking in around 4-5, rushing to get ready, supper, casino, then we're tired and want to hit the hay. 

I was kind of anticipating not haven't enough time and being rushed as per usual so I took a shower at home in the morning and let my hair air dry etc. 

This ended up saving me loads of time in the long run and although my hair isn't at its best when its a fuzzy Airdried mop, the humidity was so bad I wasn't about to have a good hair day no matter the dry method! haha

We immediately dropped our bags and headed down to walk the waterfront. 

Now, if you know me, you may know the waterfront is NOT a favourite place of mine. 
Not because I have anything against beautiful breezes, waves crashing or vendors.. no, no, love all these things but the waterfront can tend to be bustling, busy and crowded. 

I get anxiety just thinking about it.

I need to pee urgently when I can't get to a washroom. 

I'm just a laid back country roads kind of girl, I like lots of space around me, and to pee in the woods if need be. LOL

However, due to it being the middle of a weekday, the waterfront was AMAZING!

It was so quiet and calm, just enough of a crowd and people walking around leisurely. 

We had a wonderful walk, hand in hand, looking at the vendors, food trucks and local businesses. 

We bumped into Nicks aunts. 

It was too funny, we were walking and I heard his aunts voice talking, I had just turned to Nick and said "Look around I'm sure I heard XYZ.." When his other aunt popped her head out of a line up and we all laughed about what a small world. 

We went to Peace By Chocolate, grabbed an iced coffee and went back to the hotel, it was lovely. 

We got back at a weird time, had not had lunch yet so we ordered a sandwich to split and watched some tv. 

That morning shower really saved me because our 6:30pm restaurant reservation really snuck up on us, so I quickly curled my hair and threw on some makeup. 

Now, what to wear?!?
I wish I had gone shopping in advance but at the last minute I remembered this dress that I had bought back in 2018. Its a bit on the fancy side so I had only worn it a small handful of times and it actually worked perfect for this night out! I felt fancy and pretty but very comfortable.

*My dress was from Le Chateau but sadly they're no longer around.

Still full from our sandwich, we went with some appys.

The Nachos at the Marriott are my very favourite in the city! It's all about those slow carmelized onions.
Wait a minute, this sounds so familiar... did I write this before or am I having deja vu? 

*Searched the web to see if I have wrote this but I came up empty handed.. did find some super cool articles I have been mentioned in.. Thank you!!! awwww!*

I took my Nan's Vintage purse out for the night!
Its not in mint condition and its not any brand name but my oh my, its cute and it reminds me of her!

We brought this LULU wine that I absolutely love!
Its very tart but I just love the sweetness of it, and its made here in NS!

We also brought some of the XOXO spritzers and they're amazing!

Sorry for the awfully dark photo, but view from the room!

After Supper we headed down to the casino where we won $150 from putting in a $20.
Well, Nick turned the $20 in $200 then went down to $150 and called it a night. 
I put in $25, lost $25 and said that's enough of that. lol

Then we decided to stroll along the boardwalk again.

It was around 10:45 and cows ice cream closed at 11 so we snuck over just in time and grabbed a cone each. 

We walked back towards the hotel and there was a beautiful breeze heavy with salt air hanging around us.. the perfect end to this night on the town for an 8th wedding anniversary.