Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Ok going into this I want to be perfectly clear:
I am just a regular super annoyingly opinionated average postal working women.

I am not a scientist, a beauty expert nor a direct sales guru.

I don't want anyone to get upset or feel personally attacked..
this is a sensitive subject but I want to share my real and honest thoughts.
*they may be wrong! I am wrong a lot.
but I would rather tell you my thoughts honestly and you can send me any conflicting arguments and then I can write another blog and share the new things I've learned later.
that's how this blog works, I may write about the same things a lot, that's because things are always evolving!
most of the time I hate a song when its first released, 2 weeks later I love it!
I was against the benefit roller lash for like 2 years, now I use it everyday!
see open to change, Namaste.


monat, monat, monat.
if I had a dollar for every Monat distributer who messaged me.. I may have $100 dollars cha ching!
its a hair care line
its a fairly new company, 2014
its a direct sales business plan
before I let that take over I am going to tell you the tests I did and the results..
I had some samples

so for 3-4 weeks around Christmas I used the above samples solely and watched the results..
Monat distributers make LARGE claims about its natural ingredients, hair growth abilities and how it keeps your hair looking fresh for longer.

Naturally based claims: ok what I could find about its "naturally based" ingredients all sounds good, it was a lot of fruit and vegetable oils listed on the website but when I read the back of the sample packaging there were a lot more words I couldn't pronounce. (typical in the beauty world)
The reason for it being "naturally based" and not "all natural ingredients" is from what I can see when things are actually all natural they would most likely have to be kept in the fridge and they would still have a very short shelf life.
My experience: I am no expert in this arena but I am trying to be more diligent in ingredient reading!
You know how much I love my pure coconut oil for all things beauty and I clean everything with vinegar and essential oils! 
so I like what I see listed for Monat, I just wish there were some independent studies that weren't preformed by the Monat money machine itself so I could genuinely gauge how "natural" it is.
alas, ces't la vie.
It looks good from the outside looking in.
the hair growth claims:... I don't know. I mean, again, the problem with Monat is that all the "research" and information available is done through they're own website! I looked up many avenues and this being a new company there doesn't seem to be any individual studies done. It claims that some of the ingredients do this:


Powered with Red Clover Extract, a gentle emollient that reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, and hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.
My experience: Honestly, I felt like my hair grew, some.
this is a tough one for me to judge because there are a lot of factors at play here,
I am pregnant and taking pregnancy vitamins.
I took out my hair extensions and let my natural hair grow freely for a couple of months.
I wasn't curling my hair because it was so soft due to monat, I didn't find it held curl as well.
so that last one could've lead to a longer hair illusion^
I think it may help hair growth minimally.
I don't think it would cure a bald man, nor would I want it to.. imagine if you dropped some on your face! haha
If you struggle with growth maybe it would help you a lot? it definitely didn't hurt in the growth area! I will say that much.
less washing, better looking 2nd,3rd,4th day hair: again they just claim it, I don't really see that much behind it but there's also nothing disproving it.
My experience: meh, I found it was an average hair cycle for me. I would still wash my hair every 2nd-3rd day. I did find the smell of my hair lasted longer and I enjoyed that.
the shampoo and conditioner left my hair smelling great, clean, not overpowering and I could still smell the smell a day or two later.
ok see a couple photos below of my Monat period:

^ My hair looks shiny and healthy.
I wore it straight a lot because it dried well this way, I didn't do much curling because I found it weighted my curls down! my hair didn't feel heavy at all! it just didn't want to hang onto the curl.

^ glossy, smelled good.

I looked for some photos from before I started the Monat testing but honestly my hair looked almost the same!
For many years now I've cut out box dying and have been using salon recommended styling products so my hair has been relatively healthy.

Now my final thoughts: this is where I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...

I would repurchase Monat. I was very happy with the results, I liked the way it made my hair feel, even the leave in conditioner! I am not a leave in type girl but this leave in was light and non greasy!

I went on the website to make a purchase..
(especially this hair growth thing?? is it an illusion? is it minimal? is it my pregnancy vitamins??)

I have tons of reps who are amazing and message me all the time to see if I need help/advice but I am such a private hermit! I hate messaging people to order and then you have to do the awkward pick up/drop off arrangement, I didn't want to be pressured into buying more products than I wanted, I would have to wait for it to be delivered...
see where I am going with this???

I just LOVE salon service!
I walk into my hair dressers, say I need my Moroccan oil hair mask and BAM I am using it that night!

when I went online I was reminded...
there is the minor price issue.
I don't mind paying for quality..
I will pay small fortunes for beauty products..

but the Monat hair mask is $65 for 148ml
my trusted Moroccan Oil hair mask is $35 for 250ml

I didn't want this to become a face off between Moroccan oil and Monat because I knew the Monat distributers would come to whoop my butt!

but I did do a bit of research on the Moroccan oil brand just to ease my mind,
it went through a bit of a tussle around 2011-2013 for not using as much Argan Oil as it seemed to portray it did, but for the most part is a typical hard to read ingredient list, then gets to water and vitamin sections. Researchers seem to agree it doesn't let harmful chemicals into your skin, it is debatable about how much it actually "heals" the hair but if it works for you, it works.

Monat may be more "naturally" friendly.. don't come for me distributers! hehehe

I was about to place a Monat order online but caught myself and said "I just can't afford this right now". It would've been maybe $130 order (that's not counting shipping, I don't know the shipping costs).. for 2 little products! for less product than what I pick up at the salon! and it wouldn't last me longer, I was using the same amount of Monat as Moroccan oil.

I remember watching the The Shopping Bags *Hi Anna and Kristina!!*
years ago and they said the real recommended shampoo size per wash, is about the size of a dime!

ever since then I've really be cautious not to waste! although, like Anna, I am all about the big lather! lol

OK. so, would I use Monat again - YES.
would I recommend you have a heavy piggy bank before spurlging - YES.
could you maybe try it if you wanted to test the hair growing abilities - YES
would I become a rep - YES and no.

I've never been a rep for anything, I don't particularly like these programs, I do think they inflate the price, they can add pressure to your friends etc to purchase and I just like walking into a dang store!
I hate being a presenter or party hostess person..
but I would like to get the discount..
on the other hand I had an info book with the rep signup information and the bundles you need to purchase to start your own "party kit" type thing were ranging from $200-$900!!

I'm expecting a new baby.. I don't have $9, let alone $900 at the moment.

like literally, even if you tell me I'd make my money back in a week, I just don't have $200-900 dollars to shell up front...
that's what I don't like about these programs..

why can't I just buy you at a salon Monat??


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  2. I know this post was a long time ago but its only $49 dollars this month to buy in! so jump on it girl! :) haha

  3. I love your honesty. The reason they don't sell to salons unless your stylist is a Market Partner is because the Urdaneta family came over and their parents created the whole American dream for them through Direct Sales and they want to be able to give average people, sahm, college students, ect the same chance that they had!

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  6. I know this is an older article but I just found it. It was a great read. I am a Monat representative aka Market Partner. I washed my hair everyday until Monat came along and help train my scalp to not be so oily. My personal hair is thicker, fuller and holds curls for days. Out of over 100 orders for people, I have only had one person stop using and send back. She only gave it 2 weeks and didn't see massive results. Is it for everyone, no. Some people are in love with their current products and that won't change. For my personal friend that had issues growing her hair back after 1 year off chemo, it has been a blessing to her. As far as not finding in the salons, there are several out there now. If you are a salon owner and a Market Partner, you are allowed to sell it in your salon. I know of several in my area that sell in their salons and love the products.