Saturday 31 December 2022


Happy New Year!! 2023 already, my oh my.

How are you feeling going into the New Year?

Do you have a new word for the upcoming year?


Anything you're looking forward to or looking forward to leaving behind? 

Dish the TEA here, we've got a safe space πŸ’—

I am very much looking forward to January 1st! 

I love a Monday, a months start, a new season and although I am not a big resolution maker, I LOVE to try again. Make a list, brainstorm things, try something new, get knocked down, pick myself up and try it again, try it again. 

My word this year is something like 'Simplicity'.

You may know that we have been doing some pretty major home edits this last year.

We built a beautiful new shed, moved all the items from the unfinished basement into the shed & garage. 

Our amazing contractor then took the basement from a concrete room to a beautiful finished space with multiple bedrooms (we had to knock out windows!! windows from scratch! We didn't even have windows down there), full bathroom, rec room and all the fix-ins. 

We also added built ins to our main living room, a feature wall in our dining area, added a light fixture in the dining area, dimmer switches, painted everything, all the walls needed it after so much construction and materials being brought through this main level. 

We did paint the kids bathroom upstairs as well, this had never been painted by us and was painted with the wrong paint years ago. A satin paint was used by the house builders and it was SO dirty. I scrubbed and scrubbed but could not get that paint to look even remotely clean. 

Our primary ensuite had a leak early last year and unfortunately we have not dealt with that yet. Our shower has been unusable for many months but we are hopefully crossing that bridge in the new year and phew, we will finally be done!!

We really created our dream space, I am feeling so grateful and thankful for this space and these people who brought our vision to life!

I am thankful, thankful, thankful, I am so happy.

Along with all this change came a lot of dates, choices, appointments, meetings, picking things, designing things, choosing things, prepping things, cleaning things, moving things, you see where I am going with this.

I had to be available all the time to a lot of people and my, I am a creator but this project has been my biggest to date!! I felt pretty burned out by the end of it. 

Our house still has some finishing touches to add - cabinet doors, carpet on stairs, etc but its pretty much wrapping up/wrapped around December 23rd. 

We dove straight into the holidays after that with Nicks Birthday added into that week and a trip to Cape Breton.

So what does 2023 hold for Holly's House?

I am hoping a whole lot of nothing! πŸ˜‚

I am craving some hot drinks, warm baths, good books, Netflix binges, skincare routines, craft room organizing, creating, creating, creating. 

I want to CREATE!

I want to play with makeup and chat about lipsticks. 

I so badly want to find myself again and reply to friends texts. 

2023 I hope to sleep more, bed earlier, yoga again, text back (at least half the time!πŸ˜†) 

I dream of getting ahead of the planning for school PTO events, knit more, walk outdoors. 

Take more photos in front of Post Offices, go bowling, play board games, bake, soups (soup gets its own category. thank you), print photos, scrapbook, etc. etc. etc.

It sounds like a lot and it is a lot πŸ˜‚ but I've always loved A LOT.

I am looking forward to moving all the things I love into a space with more simplicity. Now that the construction is done, I can construct a fresh set up in this home. 

I can't wait to fill my craft room with my treasures (aka my garbage findsπŸ˜†) I look forward to showcasing my books on my new built in shelves, I can not part with books, its a problem!! Now they have somewhere to be πŸ’›

 The kids toys have a new home downstairs and its encouraged more playing because they can see what they have, overall we can organize the chaos a bit more and  I can't wait to putter into 2023 with my slippers on and a good cup of tea in hand. 

All the love to you this New Year and beyond!πŸ’–

The Clarke Family


Tuesday 13 December 2022

5 on Friday - Lumps, Bumps and a Happy New Year!

 It's not Friday but I have 3 seconds and I've missed you all so00 much and these 5 on Friday posts! Let's catch up as quick as we can, shall we!? 

I'm sure so many people get this feeling but it's super prevalent in the content community.. the feeling as if you can't/won't/don't feel like sharing something until things are 100% in order/complete but the problem is that along with being a content creator we are real people who's projects usually take just as long as other real peoples projects! 🀣 

I wish things happened as quickly as social media sometimes can make it seem but in reality we have had so much on the go for so many months now, I kind of forget what I've already shared and I've fallen so far behind I don't know where to begin!

Let's start with the PTO!

This is our schools first real year back hosting events and fundraising money.

I volunteered for President of the PTO this year and got it but holy moly I underestimated the commitment πŸ˜‚

I also didn't want to give up my other volunteer commitments in the case that I didn't get PTO President so I definitely will have to make some choices next year and maybe drop a few things off my plate but everything I do I absolutely love, love, love with my whole heart! 

I feel so thankful for my community and the people I've met along the way.  I don't know how to express it because I am so awkward and uncomfortable with feelings, I always think people will consider me as being disingenuous but I truly feel blessed to have such an incredible community and neighbourhood/friends/atmosphere.

We have hosted 4 major, major fundraisers in 2022 and honestly by the skin of our teeth (there's been a lot of learning!)... but WE DID IT! Today was the final one and I feel so much joy for how well this year has gone, I almost feel lost not having a MAJOR PTO event on the calendar for the next few weeks! hahah

I will touch more on these in the New Year! πŸ’


How did we end up here!? I am not sure.. it kind of took on a life of its own! hahaha

Nick and I started to really confirm the thought that this would be our forever home a couple of years ago. 

So much in life is unpredictable and the kids were so young when we moved in we didn't know what the future would hold but after really planting roots with friends and the community here we just knew we could never leave. And we LOVE our house itself! We did not build it but there is almost nothing we would change, I truly believe it was meant to be our house but that's a story for another day. 

So we decided to go all in! Make it really function for our family with some extra space we were craving and well one thing leads to another and now we have the most gorgeous finished basement and some beautiful new builtins in the upstairs living room. We are painting the whole main level, which also is connected to the upstairs hallways and because the walls were being painted well we better do the trim or it will look dingy... oh well the ceilings are being done so we better move that light fixture that was always off centre...

You see where I am going with this lol We are in DEEP!

We started back in the summer and we're on the home stretch. 

Here is a sneak peek but this is all you're getting for now! You'll have to wait for that magic social media reveal. 

The Breast Rash. 

There is too much to unpack here but this is such an important topic and has consumed my life for about 5 months now so I am not stopping the boob talk after this is all resolved. 

Yesterday I had a punch biopsy on my breast and if you've ever wondered what that looks like I am about to show you the photo.. hold onto your socks. 

This is me 34 hours after biopsy. 
It did not hurt, I was frozen. 
It is swollen, itchy and a bit sore now.
I have dissolvable stitches because the other option would have to be removed on Christmas and who wants that Christmas present?!?!

It will leave a scar, I hope its not too bad but I know I will always look at that scar with admiration.

To me this scar is a reminder that life is precious and that I am one of the lucky ones (hopefully... results won't be in until possibly February)

& that when I felt something wasn't right I went after answers, advocated for myself & what my body was telling me.

 I am really proud of myself for always speaking up for things I believe in, even when people find it annoying  πŸ˜‚  I can't give up until I am satisfied with the answer.. its mildly obnoxious.. but I will also put my money where my mouth is and do the damn thing! So a after a bunch of Doctors appointments, here we are! Will let you know what the results are when they do come back. 

I am so thankful for friends like Incandescent for keeping me in front of the camera these last few months.
It's felt so amazing to be creative, especially with fashion and beauty and bodies πŸ’—

I am so looking forward to 2023 and getting back into creation and catching up with all of you!
Whats new? What's the hot goss? What's the 411? Let me know! Hope you're all well! 


RESTOCK ALERT! This gorgeous gorgeous dress in being restocked in sizes L to not miss out on your chance to get her!!!

♬ original sound - Incandescent
Tuesday 9 August 2022

How can you lose something you never really had?

 Like sands through the hourglass..

As an '80's baby the saying is burned into my brain, all those summers filled with daytime TV and 'sick' stay home from school days. 

So are Days of our Lives.. 

This may be a painful post for some to read and I want to give you the heads up, pregnancy and loss.

So much of my day(s, like everyones) get filled with go-go-go and back to back appointments, meals, meetings, bath time, bedtime, repeat.

When I was younger, I was unsure if this busy 'mom life' - sports, school drop/pick ups, the never-ending fighting.. breaking them up, potty training, sleepless nights, days are long but the years are short.. was what I wanted for my future. 

I wanted a career and a home. I wanted lots of pets! Hoped to live in Nova Scotia, be near the ocean and enjoy little summer vacations. Take lots of photos, fill up my walls with picture frames and vintage trinkets. 

The children question remained unanswered, until around the time I met Nick. We dated a few years & I really started to consider what a future with children would look like. I knew Nick would be a great dad, I knew his calm complimented my crazy. I caught the marriage bug, I saw a future of swaddled little babies and a child filled, noisy home.

If you know me, I tend to go all or nothing, ADHD, Scorpio, oldest child.. I say it all the time. All or nothing, fake it till you make it!

Kids? *ok. adds to cart.*

You never know what the universe has in store for you, I always want to acknowledge that and I do try to pay attention to wording- children. I decided I would like to have children. We were already a family, families come in every shape and size!

I was open to whatever my guiding light offered me. Somehow the stars aligned and we first had a beautiful baby boy! Then a beautiful baby girl! and another one (DJ Khaled)! 1 Boy & 2 Girls, perfect!

I haven't mentioned this yet, but once I got with the idea of having children in my brain a number stuck out in my mind, 4. 

I remember specifically being asked throughout my life: "how many kids do you want?" This question.. it's so personal, there's so many factors, it is such a loaded question. 

The few times I dared to answer, "4". 

I remember certain conversations "I want 4, Nick wants 2, we would probably try for 3." 

And so we did and we were blessed. 

Families with 3 children... our homes are noisy and it can feel like you have double the amount of kids you do! Most of the time there is double the amount hanging around because we've entered 'the kids friends are at our place' phase of life.

3 is a great and a LOUD, BUSY, MESSY number.



Fast forward. The last couple of weeks have been the same bustling days and tired nights.

We have enjoyed summer so much and had a wonderful PEI vacation, everyone is feeling hectic and happy. I was feeling off, which is not unusual for me because I have chronic illness but I decided to use a strip pregnancy test.

There was the faintest line, another day I took another and another and although faint, they were there.

I told Nick the news (I have ADHD, I cannot wait a single second to tell anyone anything. No, cute little unboxing, I just say it right away πŸ˜†)  and we were excited but busy so days passed. 
I took a Clearblue and it said 'Pregnant 1-2'.

I waited a couple of days and took another Clearblue, it said the same. 

I suddenly felt HUGE, like my belly popped a foot outwards! This was also one of the first signs I felt when expecting both girls. Once my uterus expanded with Elliott it was very easily and more rapidly expanded again! 

We didn't tell anyone else, we knew how early on it was but we were very happy and chatty about what this could look like. I was hesitant to be excited, during all my previous pregnancies I had a terrible worried feeling, the anxiety is real. 

I felt exactly like that quote from Charlotte York: 

Nobody gets everything they want! Look at you, look at Miranda. You're good people and you two both got shafted. I'm so happy and... something bad is going to happen.

I feel that feeling so often. I feel so much guilt for being happy and its so hard to balance. 

I just had a feeling, it was my time for the bad.. then I started bleeding. 

It was late at night, we were still awake but we were busy cleaning and tidying. 

We have been prepping our home for some renovations (guilt feeling) and I was already wondering why I didn't feel morning sickness like I did with my other pregnancies.

I had HG with all those babies and it is awful!

But I was able to reassure myself, it was still so early, and I specially remember HG starting a little later than this so it was ok. 

I did have a very odd few days of extreme back pain while we were away on vacation, my back was thrown out so badly I could hardly walk. It was so unusual for me to 
A. have back pain this severe. 
B. for it to last as long as it did
but again, it was just a thing that happened and then it was behind me. 

Unfortunately, the bleeding did not stop. 

It's confusing and sad and stressful.
Honestly it has felt like an out of body experience to me. 
'Did any of this really happen??'
'Did I imagine all those tests?!' 

I did not. 
It  is/was very real and is the reality for so, so, so many people. 

Technically I think this would be considered a Chemical Pregnancy, a pregnancy that miscarries around 5 weeks or under. 

I don't personally love that term, but that's just my opinion.

I'm fine with it as a descriptive or medical word but when you read about 'Chemical Pregnancies' I feel it slightly diminishes the pain and the seriousness of the loss. 

It's similar to the word 'Fat' for me. 
I would rather not be referred to as "Fat". I feel there are so many more creative and intelligent words to be used. I am not speaking for all fat people, I'm being transparent about how I would like to be addressed. 

The same goes for our loss. 
I consider this a miscarriage. 

It was sudden, it was painful, it is not over. 
I don't know if anyone ever gets over a loss like this. 

Intertwined with the loss I feel all sorts of other emotions and things swirling around inside me - guilt? sadness? but also, thankfulness? worry? stress? pain? love? joy? sorrow? uncertainness?

It's something that so many go through, yet so few openly talk about. 
It's the reminder that we never know what our neighbours are dealing with or feeling. 
So kindness and empathy are key, support and love everywhere for everyone. 

If you're going through or have gone through anything similar or if this reminds you of something heavy you have been carrying, know you're not alone and I'm wishing you all best, love & strength your way.
Sending everyone lots of love, light and summer sun this month πŸŒ…πŸŒˆ 
Thanks so much for being here, I enjoy getting to know you all so much! Take care of your body, πŸ’œ & soul.

Thursday 28 July 2022

5 on Friday!

Happy Fri-YAY!!!!

So sorry that I have not kept up with 5 on Friday over the summer, I'm sure everyone has been busy!

And time is just flying by, eh??

Secondly my life (walls) are literally falling apart at the seams!!!!πŸ‘‡

That is a story for another day... & long story short, every inch of our home feels like a construction zone right now so I'm trying to keep it together.. πŸ˜…

Other than that its been a wonderful summer so far, even with this crazy humidity... 

Which is definitely NOT my fave but we've made the best of our time. We have stayed and will continue to stay busy, busy! Probably more on that later but I just hope you're enjoying your summer as well! πŸ’›

Hit the beach and ignore the mess has been my mantra πŸ˜†

I was at Homesense Bayers Lake yesterday for a hot minute as I needed to grab a storage basket and I saw this beautiful mirror! It was $250, which isn't nothing... but for the size I thought that was a comparable price. I've seen similar ones on influencers pages that were much more expensive.

Homesense has SO many Halloween/Fall items already and I was drooling!!!
I am going to try and DIY something similar to this garland. 

These knit pillows were soooo sweet!! I wonder if I could DIY them?!?!πŸ˜‚

Other than that I would like to leave you with some Netflix rec's to check out this weekend!
It seems like a lot of goodies were just uploaded!! 
I haven't watched them all but its on my long weekend to do list πŸ’›

1. Street Food 
2. Shania Twain, Not Just a Girl
3. The Gray Man
4. Persuasion 
5. The Most Hated Man on the Internet
6. Blown Away

And don't forget to watch... 
ME! hahahahah
Honestly, thank you all so much for the support and hype girl energy lately!
I appreciate it so much, have a great weekend!!

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Thursday 21 July 2022

Everything you need to know about Splashifax - Bridgewater

 I was not prepared!!! πŸ˜‚ 

I thought I would be prepared as I can be a go with the flow person, I am tough as nails.. and Nick had gone to Splashifax (click here for website) at their previous location last year so he gave me the run down. 

But as we drove to the new location in Bridgewater suddenly the boys started razzing me a bit about how sore I was going to be tomorrow.. 

My thoughts (also my vocal reply πŸ˜†):

"Umm, excuse me sir but anything you can do I can do better."

100% truth but let me give you some tips from my POV because you really don't know if you don't knowπŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

1. What to wear? 

Bring your body already dressed in your swimwear. 

Wear a light sundress or quick change outfit overtop. 

Make sure your swimwear is something sturdy that you'll be comfortable in. 

The force, speed and heights you'll be going at are not for the faint of heart. 

I was picking wedgies because my suit bottoms are so old that they stretch out quite a bit after a while in the water and because of this I am on the hunt for a really suctioned spandex bottom for my next Splashifax venture, if you have any bathing suit recommendations. πŸ˜†

Your body will be slipping and sliding and shaking in all kinds of weird ways but trust me no one is looking, its every man for themselves out there so wear something you'll be comfy in and have fun!! 

2. What gear is provided? 

You must wear a life jacket, you can bring your own but it has to be approved by Transport Canada. 

You have to purchase grippy socks. Trust me you'll want the socks!! 

From Nicks experience last year there was not socks included and it made it much less fun because it was too easy to slip. 

At first swimming in socks seems strange but you very quickly forget about it. They're very comfy and I believe you can save and reuse them. We saved ours :) 

3. What else should I bring? 

Nothing, Nadda, Zip. 

Well, bring a towel. hahaha.

IMO bring as little as possible! 

I was the crazy lady who thought 

"Oh, maybe I'll bring these super old sunglasses. I don't mind if I lose them." 

I have incredibly sensitive eyes and cannot be in the sun at all, it is super frustrating but trust me those glasses would have been at the bottom of the lake within the first 12 seconds and that would be a shame. 

Leave the jewelry, hats, hair accessories, glasses, cameras, all. of. it. behind.

You do not need it. 

They will duct tape your rings to your fingers but its not worth the risk of losing them and/or the potential of popping the park equipment. 

A drink and snack to leave at shore would be a good idea (there may be FOOD up and coming on the property, its a work in progress πŸ˜‰ so stay tuned!) 

Leave your phone in the car. 

There is only unsecured storage areas and I would hate to see anything go missing - just enjoy the fun, forget the stuff!

4. Is 2 hours long enough? 

2 Hours is so long I thought they had let us stay beyond our allotted time. πŸ˜‚

We went full force almost the entire time and when the last 25 minutes snuck up I was starting to get a tad tired feeling. It really felt like we were on the park for more than 2 hours! It was the perfect fulfilling amount of time.

5. What are the age restrictions?

Let's touch on this one because I've been mulling over it all week!

You must be over the age of 5 and anyone aged 12 and under must have an adult go in the water with them. 

I have a really hard time with this because I am SUCH a worry wart.

There were PLENTY of very young children having an absolute ball on the park the day we were there and I think that is just so lovely and an incredible family date. 

I am still on the fence about whether to take Elliott or not. He just turned 8 last week, is an absolute fish and has completed a few years of swimming lessons.. I am 99% sure that he would LOVE this but it is an incredibly intense experience. 

I truly don't feel an age number is the determining factor, you know your child and if they're an accomplished, confident swimmer with a love for thrill seeking - this would be an incredible experience for them!

If your child is a nervous swimmer at all, even if well within the age bracket, and adding in that they would be wearing a life jacket.. I think I would still wait another year or two. 

It will be the best version of fun it can be if everyone is confident and excited! 

6. What are you talking about? What's so intense about this park? Can't I just lounge and sun bathe?? 

No you cannot. hahaha

I thought this too! and while there are ways to avoid the intensity - I floated around in the lake a lot. 

Just floated on my back and spun around in circles, enjoying the cool water around me, feeling the warm and cool pockets of temperature that naturally occur in lakes. I looked at the clouds and starfished my body while resting my eyes. 

I was kind of in my own little world while the boys did more competition style areas or jumped the super high cliff diving jumps. 

But the majority of the park is an obstacle course!

It truly looks and feels like you're on a game show style competition. 

But with saying that all the guests were super, duper respectful. There was no pushing or shoving, it is a very large park with lots and lots to do so everyone was able to use every area multiple, multiple times and it did not feel too crowded - just crowded enough!

Also, be prepared to SWIM!!

You must swim out to the park area and back to the dock at the end.

It was more swimming than I anticipated but it didn't feel rushed or stressful.

I did have one minor panic attack feeling when we first had to jump in the water πŸ˜† this was the most intense part for me.. that initial "Ok, hop in this lake and swim all the way over there" casual kind of vibe the staff have, they see this every day! But the size of the lake and the park freaked me out, just for a single second and then I was fine!! I know it wouldn't happen again, it was one of those first timer, fear of the unknown, "wow, this is HUGE!!" moments.. and now that I know what to expect - I cannot wait to go back!!

You can easily float on your back or starfish your way back to the dock at the end and there is a walking dock that you can try to balance on but it is also a floatie so I ended up swimming as close to land as I could - the water was so nice! I didn't want to get out. 

7. Is it worth it?? Was it fun?

10/10 YES. 

It was SO fun! 

& I absolutely adored going with a group of adults! It brought me back to being a teenager or in my early 20's. I felt so free, I enjoyed challenging myself and taking some risks. I felt invigorated by the sun and the swimming. I love being water logged, I love the hunger that builds after a day on the water, like you didn't realize it but you burned a bazillion calories and you need to eat and sleep and crash the way you did when you were a child and couldn't make it to bed so your dad had to carry you upstairs. 

I cannot wait to go back again! I know the second time will be even more enjoyable for me because I'm a creature of habit and I like to know my way around a place.

It would be AMAZING to rent the place out (they do offer some packages for this!).

Let me know if you've been and what you thought!! 

We did get our passes complimentary through my partnership with Splashifax but I wanted to write a blog post on my experience. 

Monday 27 June 2022

Run For Women 2022!

 I can't believe its been an entire year since my first Run for Women! - Website Click Here

Read a little more about the Run for Women and see last years blog post - Click Here!

I feel so honoured to be partnering with Shoppers Drug Mart & Loblaws again this year to share the details and my experience of what the Love You by Shoppers Drug Mart, Run for Women means to me!

What is it? 

The Run for Women is a 5 or 10k walk/run in support of women's mental health programs in 18 cities across Canada. 

This year, 2022 was the 10th anniversary. πŸ’›

How does it help?

Healthy Women = Healthy Communities!

Gender specific risk factors for common mental disorders that disproportionately affect women include - gender based violence, socioeconomic disadvantage, low income and income inequality, low or subordinate social status and rank, and unrelenting responsibility for the care of others.

Why does it matter to me? 

I have always wanted to be open about my personal mental health struggles. From ADHD-PTSD, to the every day anxiety that has only increased with our growing family, worrying about them and carrying the weight of running a busy household - don't forget to mention hormones, pregnancy, birth, postpartum!

Add in a pandemic, political atmospheres, and tragedy. 

We live in a 'new normal' of social media with constant access to information, we seem to have the technology available to make instant connections, yet, it can still feel very isolating and in ways sometimes I have felt more alone than ever before.

Every story is unique, every experience valid and every difference makes us stronger!

Since 2012 participants have raised approximately $14 million dollars for Women's Mental Health programs across Canada. 

If thats not inspiring enough to make you want to join us next year..

Check out this amazing Swag Bag each participant receives with their sign up: 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Holly Clarke (@hollyshousewifelife)

Over $100 value!!

Again, I am just so proud to take part in this wonderful cause and if you missed the run this year but would like to donate can click on team Run The World click here. 

Already looking forward to next year!!

Getting outside with friends, enjoying some fresh air and sunshine all while moving my body gets me feeling happy & strong!!

Doing it for the girls!! πŸ’—

Thanks again to Shoppers Drug Mart for Sponsoring my run.

Saturday 28 May 2022

Five on Friday!

 It's 5 on Friday!! 

Well, its Saturday but I missed last Friday and the weeks are starting to all blur together so I really want to get this out there. It's so amazing for my own personal record to have these memories documented in this way, I read older blog posts and I am jolted back to that mostly forgotten moment in time. 

I am so happy to be back with some consistency and I would love if you felt inspired to start your own blog, public or private, paper journal or virtual. It's such a great little hobby and has brought me so much joy and special friendships. 

1. Trigger Warning for this one

This may be a bit of a trigger.

I am not doing well with all the pain and violence lately. I am incredibly sad and feeling very alone. Every day is difficult for me, that burden never takes a day off but when yet again, a fresh deep devastation happens and on the back of another and another... I find it unbearable to shoulder.

Because I believe it doesn't have to be this way if only we would put aside our differences & come together. It's time to be proactive not reactive.

What I've learned that means for me personally is that I will continue to try and contain my emotions, continue on with sharing the positive, advocating, channel my energy into constructive efforts and remember you cannot fight violence with violence. 

Please take some time to soak in the little things and share some kindness this week. πŸ’—

Now onto the 5..

Nilah is officially signed up for Pre-school in the fall! It will be a couple of mornings (half days) a week every week. We attended the open house for her and she was thrilled! 

She really loves other kids and has a great little imagination. She didn't want to leave the orientation and her teachers laughed that she shouldn't have any shyness attending come the fall. 

The Pre-school is absolutely amazing, Noelle had such a fabulous experience there and it really prepared her for Pre Primary. 

But this week especially, it just felt incredibly emotional, she's so little.. is it safe.. I had to dig through all the feelings. 

I know she is going to flourish and for myself I looked into some options for filling my time while she's at school. Not that I would have any problem finding ways to fill time πŸ˜‚ but I want to be very intentional and maybe try something new.. I looked into a few things and there is a Yoga Class nearby that fits the time frame perfectly so to start I think I will sign up for that.

My girlfriends and I tried to commit to some yoga classes a few months back but something always fell through = snow storms, sickness, holidays, so having one class in the am when I am guaranteed to be child free (unless someone gets sick etc. πŸ‘»)  it should work out great!

It feels like levelling up in my mom-game! A short time when all my kids will be in school, I am excited to begin the new season.


See below for the video!

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Which is just so awesome, affordable and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was relaunched with an upgraded formula and packaging. 

THEN, I was watching Rachhloves <Click that link

And she mentioned something similar.. that I now MUST TRY πŸ’

Click here to see the Wet N Wild color corrector

This is also a wonderful drug store brand, it is a cushion formula which I usually love because the coverage should be light and natural. 

Will keep you posted! 



Another beauty product that I absolutely loved and was so happy to find at my local Shoppers Drug Mart was this Versed Beauty brand specifically the Makeup remover, click here

This is an up and coming brand with really great reviews. I've used an entire container of this cleansing balm and I will repurchase!

Let me know if you've tried it or anything by Versed. 

4. We wrote some letters this week.

IYKYK Noelle is getting great at writing! She practices all the time and she really enjoys it ^

& we really appreciated this super cute note that was taped to the freshly painted benches. Thank you for taking the time to add a little fun to our day 😘

5. And we've watched lots and lots of Tv/Movies but what's sticking out to me right now is the movie 

Queen Pins Click Here

Gosh, was this on Amazon Prime?? I think so. 

It has Kristen Bell in it and its about couponing so I was already intrigued. 

I was also thrilled to see the Post Office being represented! Theres just not enough Post Office inclusion in tv and movies imo 😍

Worth a watch if you ask me!!

Ok, thats it for now, thanks so much for hanging out and chat soon!

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Monday 16 May 2022

What to buy at Costco.. May 2022

Non Spon by Costco but should be, so feel free to share πŸ˜‚

We have been experimenting with ways to make our $ go further.

I've found some gems at Costco that help the budget and I've also listed some items that are just for fun but good value. 

And as always I have to suggest thrifting or buying used, the climbing dome and swing are great examples of how buying a classic item can lead to it being loved for many years and then handed off to other families before its lifetime wears out. 

Also, want to note that Costco Items seem to be a few dollars more online and a few dollars less in store, I'm not sure why or how that comes to be but take note.

Sadly they changed the shape of this children's climbing dome.. 
I purchased this one second hand and the kids love it! 

The new one is linked below and is an investment but if you have a Little Rock climber on your hands this may be for you. 

$329 new or keep an eye on buy and sells.

The swing in the centre of ours does not come with the dome but is also available at Costco and this swing is a HUGE hit!! Its sooo fun hanging and swinging in a tree or very cool attached in the centre of the dome. 

Click Here to see the new shape and colour of the climbing dome $329

Click Here to see the round swing  $59

Click Here to see the 2 seater swing, its bomb dig! $79 

This is my favourite brand of Gluten Free bread.

I usually purchase the wide slice white bread style, but I cannot pass up this Seeds and Grains version as its 2 for the price of 1 at Costco. 

No online link so sorry. 

These Croissants have been a game changer!!
Our kids will eat a croissant as breakfast, lunch, supper, snack and dessert πŸ˜‚

I actually considered making my own croissants from scratch at one point but I knew I could never haha

These are unbaked frozen croissants and every couple of days I pop a few in the oven, they're so fresh and buttery. 

I'm so thankful to my friend Little Sarah Birch Click HERE for having these at her house last month and giving me the idea because its one of those things I would walk past for 100 years but probably never pick up on my own. 

Completely changed the game for school lunches 😍

You must grab these!! Under $20 in store and all the rage for sandal style this year!

As Dr. Strang would say "now is not the time for Costco sandals" but Holly's Housewife Life says 
THE TIME IS NOW! GO GO GO. 2022 Sandals are hot, hot, hot!

I actually have a pair of sandals so incredibly similar to these coming in my Summer 2022 Jilly Box so I didn't pick these up but I convinced my girlfriend hahaha.

This Maple Syrup is Bomb dot com, we use soooo much real maple syrup in our house.

Since I recently discovered my intolerance to Dairy I've made the switch completely to Almond Milk for things like my coffee and this Almond beverage is great!

I enjoy making my at home coffee using this Almond mix and I slightly sweeten it further using the maple syrup above. 

The Almond beverage itself is great and has a slight vanilla flavour but I am Buddy the Elf apparently and Maple Syrup is one of my basic food groups, so more is more.

What I like about this Almond drink is that it comes in a box of 6!

Click Here for the Almond Drink $14

Costcos garden centre is getting started! And people were clearing it out already, last week I saw everyone going with cart fulls. 

It's a bit early to leave your flowers outside but if you take them in at night they should be ok. 

My hack is to purchase these beautiful full hanging baskets ($25) and split them up, transfer into pots.

(see photo above of me starting that) 

It's a great way to get a variety of flowers for an affordable price 

and your local lazy lady hack for us non green thumbs.

Okie doke, that's it for this week!! 

Hit me up with what I should add to next months Costco run!

Happy Monday, have a great week πŸ’