Tuesday 21 January 2020

100 Nights of Sleep on Our Endy Mattress

100 Days with our Endy mattress and to say I am obsessed is an understatement! 

When we were away at Christmas, staying in other beds with unfamiliar mattresses... I was missing home and our bed so badly. Waking up stiff and sweaty thinking "My Endy would never do this to me!".

For 100 days I've had the best sleep of my life and the whole process has been like a dream (ha, sleep puns!)

I always thought things like..

1. Getting a new mattress will be a hassle.
They're big? maybe heavy? awkward to fit up out stairs?

Ordering and receiving our Endy felt as simple as ordering a sweater online.
The shipping was fast, the box was sleek and manageable, the packing was minimal and the tools we needed for set up were included.

2. I might not like it and then I'm stuck with it.

The Endy team knows this is a tough decision and if something doesn't go right they're there to help!
One very cool thing about Endy is that every first-time customer is eligible for their 100-night trial.
You have over 3 months to decide if the Endy mattress is right for you and if at any point you're not 100% satisfied, contact customer service where arrangments will be made for a no-hassle pickup and donation (when possible) of the used mattress.

Accidentally ordered the wrong size?
Endy understands that can happen too.
They offer a one-time size exchange for those 'oops' moments.

3. Picking firmness could be an issue.

You really have a 2 in 1, with the Endy if you like a softer sleep, slatted mattress support works perfect and if you prefer a firmer mattress, a boxspring will be your best option.

4. I sleep so hot! help me!

The top layer of the Endy mattress was created to provide a comfortable sleep while moving heat away from your body.

After 100 days I can confidently repeat that I have never slept this well in my life, and that's not always something a new mom says!

Between nighttime feedings I find myself falling back to sleep faster and sleeping more deeply than before. I use to toss and turn to try and find a comfy non-lumpy spot to settle into but every inch of the Endy mattress is level and cozy.

I find myself able to get in and out of the bed without waking Nick or the baby, it doesn't transfer movement and is so quiet.

It was such a solid and supportive space for my c-section recovery and I'm so thankful we upgraded our mattress when we did.

An extra perk is just how beautiful it is to look at!
The gorgeous white and grey with a quilted top is such a major upgrade from our old mattress.

So if you're thinking of trying the Endy Mattress I highly suggest you do, there's really no way to lose with their return policy!

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And if you really want to take your sleep to another level I would suggest pairing it with a weighted blanket. Total relaxation!

I've partnered with Endy to provide this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
I am very much open to purchasing another Endy for my son's room, un-partnered!