Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lets talk the Birthday purse...

So it was my birthday last week..
28, can we just..
some people can't even.
I can we just like 45 times a day.
28 years old wow that is hard to believe, but anyway.
 I like birthdays because,
 presents, cake, everyone calling and messaging you, presents.
Speaking of presents..
Since it was my birthday I used that as a excuse to splurge on myself a bit, a little bit here and a little bit there.. turned into one BIG birthday splurge (but that's neither here nor there, so no need to tell Nick..)
*Just kidding I have a job, I do what I want!
I send this picture to Nick every time I do whatever I want,
which is all the time.
So I had been on the hunt for a new purse for quite a while now. Since having Elliott my purse situation has changed quite a bit,  I need something spacious, a outside compartment for easy access to cell phone, lip gloss, keys and the make it or break it a cross body shoulder strap.
Because at any given time I'm juggling a baby... diaper bag, dog on leash, mail, car keys, groceries, a tims cup..
 ya know.
I wanted a serious investment purse because I had been using this little gem I found at target for $17 for the last 4 months but one of the straps broke and the seams were starting to undo a bit.
*The purse looks as big as me in this picture, I don't think it was that big,
but then again I do carry a lot of stuff around with me..
It was a great size purse and a beaut of a colour,
I definitely got my $17 worth.
So since I've been going a little purse crazy the last few months I eyed a couple of little must haves on gap online.
 (FYI if you're on the gap email list you get discount offers ALL the time, like ALL the time, pretty much every other day I get a email offer of 40% off, so sign up!)
I was happy with these purchases, I wanted something plain everyday use able. My only complaint is the strap quality is pretty cheap but the leather body is extremely soft like buttah.
I was happy.
I was in Winners swinging around the isles, and I saw it.
I walked by and I stared..
 I walked by again and I took it to the mirror to see what we would look like together..
then I put it back.
then I walked by again.
then I said screw it get in my cart!
can we just take a minute to stare at it..
I love it because its a decent size, its a stand out colour but still neutral,
its got the out side compartments and the much desired cross body strap.
check check check check.
And since this was a winners find although still pricey, it was a discounted price from the Fossil website. I looked at the website to see if they had the exact bag but I didn't find it.
I did find similar:
And I just came across this beaut:
That Fuchsia!
Happy Birthday to me!!


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