Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lets talk about before and after, bathroom reno addition..

Hi all!!
SOoooo remember like 200 years ago when I told you we were FINALLY getting our creepy bathroom updated a bit!!!??
I can't remember either because its been so dang long since I last mentioned it but here's the proof - Bathroom renos teaser
Well Hallelujah I am finally posting about it!
Just to recap when we bought this house (4 years ago) there had been a lot of updates, but for some sneaky reason the bathroom was untouched!
Everyone knows bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, come on now.
Well we completely ignored that rule because we bought this place anyway with the hopes of upgrading asap..
Asap quickly turns into 3 years later when you start planning a wedding, get married and have a baby popping into the picture. Plus tubs/ showers/ accessories/ labour are EXPENSIVE, jeesh.
I'm buying Elliott books now on how to become a plumber/ carpenter so down the road we can put his booty to work! 
In fact my plan is to have enough kids to cover all work trades, that way I will never have to pay a... mechanic, electrician, hair stylist ever again!!
MUahahahah its actually kind of brilliant. (well there may be some flaws in the plan, hey I never said it was perfect its just the plan lol)
Ok, lets get this started..
I'm not going to say much I'm just going to let the photos speak for themselves.
Trust me I debated not posting these photos because the tub was pretty darn scary...
Newfoundlanders have this weird way of patching things...
They will use anything to patch something.
I am not making this up, multiple houses we looked at when we first moved to Newfoundland had floor tiles used as patchwork.. on walls.. in showers as you're about to witness...
brace yo' self.

^Those brown rectangle's are floor tiles.
 Why are there floor tiles going around my tub???
They don't stick once they get wet, they're meant for dry surfaces...
I guess all the lovely caulking will prevent leaks....

I'm thinking maybe someone had a little too much ^^^^^
when they decided to make that move..
When we finally booked the guys to come install our new tub I naively thought it wouldn't be too big of a mess. I mean we have a 1/2 bath so we can use that, life will go on as normal no biggie.
WRONG oh so very wrong!

^ At first Elli loved it!!
Yayyy new people new "toys"!

Then the banging, drilling, hammering, sawing started....
Nap time = delayed, derailed..
Me = deranged..
^^^ This time hand me a glass....

^ The guys were in and out all day (s), it was hard for Elliott to play with his toys so I had to create distractions...

^ Oh did I mention I thought the rest of our house would remain untouched...
Ha HA HA ha,

^ but then THIS!
Glorious glorious this!!^^^

^ I've never seen anything so beautiful...

We went showerless for 3 days total, yikes stinky.
The guys who did the installation were so amazing, they did a phenomenal job.
Once they caught onto Elliott schedule they took their breaks during nap time and didn't once mind the golden retriever kisses that greeted them constantly.

The bathroom terrors are now just a distant memory...
Our new tub is the comfiest, coziest, soakiest, most spa like beauty I've ever seen..
but maybe I'm a bit biased ;)

XOXO Blogger girl

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lets talk about Scrappin' Saturdays and a guest post!

Happy Saturday all!
My main reason for blogging today is to share with you my friend Sarah's blog, I did a guest post for her yesterday and I thought it would be nice if everyone took a peek around her page and you can see what we chatted about - here !!! :)
Other than that I must keep it brief because I'm headed to a Scrapbooking Retreat all weekend!
Yup Scrapbooking!

^ Here's a peek at the group last night...
We were just kicking off the weekend and bam power outage!!!
That is quite possibly the worst thing imaginable to happen at a scrapping retreat!
Well that or accidently butchering your last piece of favorite scrapbook paper - the horror!
Anywho I've been scrappin' for years now but it wasn't until I moved to Newfoundland (4years ago) and started attending these retreats that I realised how big scrapbooking really is!
(For my blogger friends picture what you knew about blogging before being a blogger VS what you know now - MIND BLOWING)
I attended my first retreat armed with a pair of scissors and some pretty paper..
Well O M G...
I was blown away at the equipment and gear these ladies had!
Cutters, snippers, inkers, gluers, threaders, punchers, papers and stickers beyond belief!
I've learned so, so much since beginning my scrappin' journey and although I am no where near seasoned scrapper status I was published in this seasons Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine - YAY!!
So check out below for some of my scrappin' layouts and wish me luck this weekend!
By around 1am my eyes start burning but there are ladies who stay up much later Friday, Saturday, Sunday embellishing to their hearts delight!

See you all next week!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lets talk about Beck, Boosh and brows!!

Hi Guys!!!
I feel like its been foreverrrrrrr.
I've been so busy lately and blogging had hit the back burner.
Its not for lack of ideas or longing to, I just really haven't had the time or energy.
And MAN I miss my blogging community!!
(perhaps I am being a tad bit dramatic since its only been about a week without a post..
however a week in blogland feels like an eternity.. no??)
So I am back today and its a Fashion Friday kinda day!!
If I am being completely honest with you all (which I always solemnly swear to do, girl guides honor..)
I've been sort of cheating on the Blog world....
Yes, yes, it's true.
For a while now I've wanted to break into the YouTube world but I didn't know how, so instead of finding out how I decided to just jump right in and film some videos or vlogs or whatyamycallits...
Whatever they are they are up and running on my YouTube channel!
Search Hollyshousewifelife or if you stay tuned I just may slip a quick video down here in the bottom of this post! ;)
Still with me?
Good because you are going to want to check out these adorable necklaces I got from Beck and Boosh! I frequent their site quite a bit since I love their product and home grown business.
I had been spying those monogrammed pendants and for $4 each I could not hold myself back any longer!!

I decided to order 2 pendants, E for my son and N for my hubby and the crossbar necklace to wear them on. I hovered and hovered over which colour to go with, both items come in the gold tone and silver. Gold is SO hot right now I love it, but silver tone is so classic laid back or dressy!
So after torturing myself... a light bulb emerged and I went with a mix of both!
Mixed metals are IN, IN, IN!
And the great thing about these pieces is that they are separate so you can mix and mingle them with other jewelry pieces!
I can wear the cross bar on its own or I can slip the monograms on another chain.
I love, love, love it.
When my package arrived I saw that Beck and Boosh had also snuck me a little surprise gift, the infinity anchor necklace which I also CAN'T get enough of!
I am soooo into layering jewelry right now + an infinity and anchor!
It's a little piece of ocean love around my neck.
Anywho enough rambling, I need to get back to regular postings asap so I don't bog you all down with these lengthy love letters!
Check out some photos below and my YouTube channel if you dare!!! XOX

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lets announce the WINNER!!!!!!! + some funnies..

And without further ado, I'd like to crown the head wrap winner.....

We will be in contact shortly to get your address!!
YAY for giveaways!!
I'd like to thank Rafflecopter for being awesome!
(as a newbie-ish blogger who has no real idea of what I'm doing.. you made the giveaway + random winner selection easy as pie!!! Honestly so recommended for giveaways)
And a BIG thanks to Little Blue Anchor shop for making these adorable wraps!
Elliott was jealous of my wrap so he broke out his hat collection..
He says Congrats Heather!
I felt like I needed something else in this post so scroll down further for some funnies...
 Every time I look at this photo^^^^^^^
this is all I see....

- 4th cat?? what 4th cat?? Oh she's just visiting, its temporary..
(JK we only have 3 cats, but that's how we went from 2-3..)

^ OhBAM my man
Fun fact: If you are not following Jimmy Fallon on FB
Do it, you won't regret it

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lets talk about yardsales, Martha and the lazy persons DIY...

So I wouldn't consider my family particularly crafty people..
but were also not like non crafty...
Picture us somewhere in the middle..
We are no Martha Stewart,
A. because we've never been to prison..
B. because we can't make a phenomenal centre piece out of 2 paper napkins and a piece of string..
 (I kid, I kid, I kid. I honestly adore Martha so much she's one BAB with a glue gun)
So, put my family down somewhere in the lazy persons DIY section. Not totally incapable but not going to knock your socks off.
^ This was us in the 90's...
Look what I made!
Which bring us to current day and my sisters weekend DIY project.
My mom spotted this little shelf at a yard sale for $5 and walked by..
My sister told her to get her butt back over there and pick it up for her!
(my sister was at work, this was all communicated through our family group text. Which is the majority of how my family communicates... tell me we aren't alone??!)

So $5 was paid and my sister was the proud new owner of this ^
She was convinced she could fix it up so she started her DIY by digging in my parents garage and she found some half empty cans of black and white paint. 
Then she just went for it!
^ Black for the out side edges, white for the inside.

^ MAJOR improvement already and so far hasn't cost her a dime!
(ok well that's a lie the shelf cost $5.. but no cost for the makeover portion!)

She wanted to wall paper the back wall but wall paper is hella EXPENSIVE these days...
So light bulb! WRAPPING PAPER!
Since its a small shelf she decided to go with something simple. Check out this deal ^ .90 cents!! Winners fab find! Homesense or I believe its called Homegoods in USA (is that right?? are homegoods and homesense the same thing? If not they look super similar! A Marshalls type thing or even Target I'm sure has pretty wrapping paper)

She then cut 2 pieces of cardboard to fit the back part of the shelving space, wrapped them pretty and popped them in!

^Voila, the finished product!!
And because that's just wrapping paper as the back drop she could switch it up whenever she gets an itch!
I think it turned out super cute! (I'd now like for her to make me one... Thanks sis!)
Ignore the lopsided photos, I've said it before.. she's a shopper but she's no blogger lolol
I would've set the lighting, cleaned my room, angled the camera...
But I'll take what I can get since she put the elbow grease in! :)
Total project cost: $6
$5 yard sale shelf
.90 cent wrapping paper (which still has tons left on the roll for future projects!)
paint - free
brushes - free
cardboard - free
Blog post - PRICELESS
Happy DIY -ing!!!!
East Coast Blogger Girl

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lets talk about mothers, mail swaps and fur balls...

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I'm so, so excited because this is my first official!
(unofficially, I've celebrated years prior because I own fur babes so duhhh I was still a momma and deserved a day) 
Since this is my first owning a human baby, I expect husband to go all out and worship me with flowers, jewels and chocolate chip cookies..
Butttttttt since he can be kinda flakey like that..
(no offence Nick you know you've got my heart, just don't forget the cookies..)
when I saw that there was a Mother's Day gift exchange going around my blog circle I was so excited! 

Mail, goodies, surprises, yayyyy. 
My gift sender was the lovely Liz from 
 ^ Check her out because she is so sweet, awesome and fun! 

Lets get to the goodies!
^ Incase you've missed the hundreds of thousands of times I've said it... I LOVE GETTING MAIL :) 

^  It tends to run in the family and Roxy was all too eager to help me unwrap my gifts. 

^ Everything was wrapped so pretty I almost didn't want to open them!
almost ;)
^  Little note, I sent my partner an EOS too!!! Love, love, love EOS!!

^ That eye shadow palette, I'm not lying Liz I was checking them out 2 weeks ago and debating, debating...
(baby doesn't need to eat this week right?? He's above in height and weight already..)
I had to restrain myself because I had a basket full in tow!
I was SO excited when I saw it was exactly what I had been eyeing up. 
How my partner could know me so perfectly without actually knowing me in real life... Amaze!!! 

^ Liz also tried to send me a nail polish but it got removed because of our Canadian border restrictions (oh Canada, I wanted that Essie! Boo).
I told Liz not to worry just send me a postcard in place no biggie, I knew my parcel would be great no matter! But she is too nice of a person and also sent me an E Starbucks credit!
Whoot Whoot!
There will be a half raspberry passion ice tea lemonade coming into my life very soon.. 
It did completely make my day!
What do you guys order at Starbucks??? I need suggestions because they intimidate me! I finally nailed the name of my ice tea thingy hahah

^ After all that excitement my partner needed a rest... She has an extremely busy life..
Nap, eat, play, nap, repeat. 
My partner was Tawnya from All of Lifes Little Adventures Blog, which I was so excited about because she is an island girl!! From one of my favorites no less, beautiful P.E.I!
I knew exactly what I was going to send her...
but you'll have to head over to her blog to find out!!
Go take a peek :)

Happy Mother's Day to all!! 
Enjoy your weekends!! xox