Friday, 28 November 2014

Lets talk about Beauty Box and the Books...

I have been on SUCH a book binge lately.
 I've purchased approximately 13 books in the last month...
That's more books than I've bought in the last three years.
Well it is if you don't count the great audio book obsession of 2012..
 I actually started reading one of the books already which is shocking because I have no time and its going to take me 45 years to get through all 13.. however..
I started with Not that kind of girl by Lena Dunham,
I thought it would be a easy hilarious read and I was right.

 I'm only 40 pages in but its pretty much exactly what I think we all expected..
 its like reading a episode of girls but even more hilarious because its her real life story.
If you enjoy her type of quirky, crude, straight to the point humour on girls you will love this book.
One thing that seriously surprised me about it was the beautiful art on the inside covers. Its just so stunning, I want to get copies to hang in my house, I just keep opening and closing the book to stare at the art work..

Soooo Pretty.
I just can't stop looking..
Anywho to the next topic,
Novembers Beauty Box 5 arrived!
And I'm not sure how I feel about it..
Everything in this months box is completely practical and usable..
but that's kind of why I'm disappointed.
I already own some version of all these things.

The nail polish is probably what got me the most excited because it is a really pretty shade.
However not ANYWHERE on the bottle does it say the shade colours name, which kind of really annoys me.
The hair treatment
I did use the above ^ today and it was good
but its the same as my Moroccan Oil that I use on the daily.
The Dove Body wash I used this morning and it is a luscious body wash,
it was smooth and bubbly and moisturising.
I may look for it if I'm going splurge crazy at the drug store in the future
but I have sooo many body washes and shower gels as is, I really didn't need another.
The Floss Picks, yes I use floss picks on the daily and yeah the case is kind of cute.
But I've got a surplus of floss picks in the medicine cabinet.
(I guess I could throw these in my purse for those on the go floss needs.. )
And the Body Butter..
It absorbs quickly, smells a little overpowering but not unbearable.
I don't know I guess I'm just being a Debbie Downer..
Every item in this months box is completely sensible and probably things I will actually use
but I feel like I subscribe to these monthly boxes to be surprised with things that I might not pick up for myself.
I don't know the more I look at the items while writing this blog the more I feel like I should be thrilled that they picked items that are so "me"
but then again I was kind of hoping to see a glittery eye shadow or a sparkly hair clip or something..
C'est la vie.
There's always next month! 

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