Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lets talk about blog hops, bunny hops, and HTML props...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Can you believe that it's the last day of March already. 

This week we have 4 amazing Cohosts joining us for the "Meet & Greet Blog Hop".

Alanna & Company
A Blissful Haven
Pellerini Proclaims
Holly's Housewife Life

The best part of blog hops is the people you meet and the amazing other blogs you find out there. 

Rules of the Blog Hop:

1. Follow your host(s) and cohost(s)
2. Submit your link
3. Stop by other blogs, say Hi and mingle!!!
5. Tweet about the blog hop

Classy Sassy & a Bit Smartassy

<!-- end InLinkz script —> <<<<

Guys I am so excited to be a Co-host in this blog hop!
The blog has been really taking off lately and I credit that to mingles and hops like this one with these lovely ladies! (I also credit it to me being such a loveable person - kidding kidding/snicker)
 So check them out and spread that blog love like sprinkles! (I like my sprinkles liberally spread!!)

This being my first co hosted blog hop, its the first time I've had to HTML anything.
Now that may sound silly to the seasoned blogger, but blogging is no joke.
It takes a lot of serious time, effort and lingo.
I feel major accomplished for HTMLing this baby!

Now lets get to it..
He's a coming!

I picked up this Pin the tail on the bunny game at the dollar store three years ago and we have played it at Girl Guides every single year since, the girls get such a kick out of spinning each other around and walking in totally wrong directions! We just use cotton balls and a piece of tape, voila bunny tails and fun for years to come. Well worth the $1.25!!

Then last night (after all the twirling each around other for pin the tail on the bunny, not before! Never give kids food before a spinning game!) We had Bunny Tails AKA powdered sugar timbits - a Canadian treasure!!

As you can see this little Bunny is on the hunt for chicks ^ Looking fly in his last years sale Easter wear. I always pick up holiday outfits super cheap after the current holiday for use the following year! This top was from target $2.50!

And the first meeting with the bunny when as well as could be expected! No smiles but no tears, so we will take it! (yes I misspelled my name in that phototag, I was really tired at the time.. please look up @Hollyshousewifelife NOT hosewife! lolol)

Hope you all enjoy the Hop and follow these ladies and more! I've met sooo many lovelies since I began this blogging journey I can't wait to meet more and more and more!! I'm Blogddicted!!

 XOXO - Blogger girl

Monday, 30 March 2015

Lets talk about aging, eye patches, and bathroom terrors...

Happy Monday my lovely bloggylites..
I received these Eyeko Eye Patches in my February topbox and decided to give them a whirl. I am in desperate need of some under eye help, I'm 28.5 years old and its time to admit I need some help.

Hi I'm Holly
I have a serious cat addiction and
my under eye bags are getting legit.

Its not terrible everyday but on days where I didn't get as much sleep as I should've..
well lets just say you can really, really notice.
I've been testing out a few eye creams, so far nothing miraculous to report back.

So onto the eye patch.. I didn't love getting these slimy things out of the wrapper. they're really slimy!
Placed between two pieces of clear plastic, when opened they were sliding around everywhere and folding over each other. I finally managed to slap them under my eyes, picture someone super awkwardly putting in contact lens...

The package said to massage into under eye to absorb the oils.. ^^^

You leave them on for 30 minutes and then discard and hopefully you'll have beautiful refreshed under eyes!! The package didn't say whether to use in morning or night, which is irritating because I used at night and maybe it was a waste of under eye refreshing since I just went to sleep afterward.

Do I look refreshed??????? ^^^^^ I still see bags... I remember I was really tired this night and just waiting to peel those puppies off so I could hit the hay!

In true amateur blogger fashion I forgot to take a before photo so this is sort of an unfair comparison.
The before photo was slightly earlier in the evening standing in the kitchen. The after is under bedroom light and immediately following my eye patches. Its hard to tell... the bags look slightly less but it may be due to bad lighting/crazy face in the first picture.

I don't think I would purchase these my self, they're $18 per 4 sets so that's roughly $5 per use and I feel like they would need to be used often. Its also kind of an inconvenience to apply them wait 30 minutes then remove I'm limited on time and memory.

I think the better option would be a gel you can apply and forget about or something to apply and sleep on.
I do have these Glam Glow bright mud eye treatment casules waiting for me in Nova Scotia, my sister found them super cheap at Winners $19.99 compared to the Sephora price of $76.00................. I KNOW.
They also have to be left on then wiped off but its a 3 minute process, so I can use it while brushing my teeth to be time efficient! I will keep you posted on that but in other news...


We are finally looking into getting our bathroom reno'd and first step is a brand spanking new tub and shower surround! Ugh if you could see this tub people... It's a MAJOR hack job. That's all I'm going to say for now because things like this need their own blog post. I will just leave you with this picture..

Does anyone have any under eye puffiness advice????
I can't be alone in this!
Any recommendations???
Family secrets??
Help a girl out!

Also if you know of a COAA program in the area please leave me their number..
(Cat Obsessed Adults Anonymous) 
My bags tomorrow are going to be extreme after all these cat tears..

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lets talk about three letter words, GAP, DIY, FAIL....

Uh oh I just can't win for losing!
Fail is a 4 letter word...
Yes it is indeed, and PINTEREST is a 9 letter word.
Pinterest, the world of hopes and dreams, a land where anything is possible, anything is DIY-able!
Sadly I think there may be just as many fails as there are wins in the pinterverse!
Take my sisters Kate Spade dupe earring DIY for example...
She took an old cheap pair of earring she had lying around, the Pin said it was as simple as adding sparkle nail polish and Voila! Kate Spade dupes!

The Pinterest version is the top photo, my sisters actual earring DIY is the bottom photo.
They aren't horrible!! I just don't think anyone will be asking her where she got her lovely Kate Spades from! hehe
You win some you lose some!

So I am obsessed with Spring/Summer clothing lately!
I just keep googling and online shopping, EeEEkkk its getting out of hand!
Since I'm on a fashion kick I thought I would share with you my ALL TIME FAV skinny jegging/legging! Its from the gap, I just discovered them this past fall and have lived in them ever since!
The secret to these skinnys is that they come in sizes small, medium, large instead of the typical 2,4,6,8...
For some reason I cannot find a pant that fits both my thighs and my waist. Either they aren't getting up past my knees or there is a big gapping hole of extra space around my waist and I could fit another person in there with me.
These ones from Gap finally wrangled the best of both worlds and I fit perfectly into them, waist and thigh! Even the length is great because they do that cute little roll up at the bottom if you want, so you can wear them spring, summer, fall and winter!
You can check them out on the website here
They are a bit pricey, but like I say NEVER pay full price!!
Gap always has sales 30, 40% off and if you sign up for emails you get special perks!
(I'm totally selling gap right now I swear they have no idea who I am, I just love them. #stalker lol)
Just to prove how much I love these pants, here are a few photos from this summer/fall.
And that was shortly after giving birth, so you know these things are comfy!!
*Also note if you read a few blog posts back I was raving about Toms footwear, look at my feet in every pic!! I am a creature of habit, I tell ya!
Do you have trouble finding pants??
No I mean like in stores silly!
Pants that fit both waist and thighs and length!!??
Its been a life long struggle for me. Dang it!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lets talk about Beauty and the Newfoundland..

Newfoundland is a beautiful province, there is absolutely no denying that!
Here is a picture from this morning^, right out side our front door. We have the mountains to our left and the ocean scape to our right, some days I just stare out the kitchen window feeling so lucky to be surrounded by all the nature.
Other days Moose run down our drive way and nearly give me a heart attack!
But either way I'm relishing in the beauty because it is stunning, moose and all.
When my January Top Box (monthly beauty subscription) arrived I was very pleased to see they had a local beauty product in tow!!
It was the first I had heard of Indigena beauty so I did a little digging and saw they were born and based out of Newfoundland and I was over come with pride!
You can read more about how Indigena came to be here - About Indigena
But the basic run down is that they were established in 2009 and pride themselves on all natural beauty and skin care. All products made right here at home in Conception Bay South, using nature as ingredient and inspiration!
I was immediately tempted to contact Indigena and get some additional information,
A) Because I love to support local any way I can
B) Because this Blueberry bliss sugar scrub is amazing!! 

My little tub is now near empty because it smells so divine- JUST like lemonade and sugar.
I've been using it as a lip scrub and also took it in the bath and exfoliated my legs, which were in desperate need! It left them looking slick and shiny like a Kardashian leg, I'm not exaggerating! So I will be picking another one of these up for my trip down south, I think it would do amazing things for tanned skin!

Since I will be placing an order I wanted to ask Indigena what some of their top sellers are, they promptly replied and said
Rooibos tea cleanser
Sea Mineral Mist
Labrador Tea Night Cream

Were among some of the best.
I had to admit, I had my eye on that night cream! Who can resist a name like that?!
Labrador?? TEA??? Two of my favorite things! (well Labrador Retrievers hehe)
And go look at the picture/ description it looks so luxurious.
Also keeping on my getting beach ready theme I had eye'd up this Bikini Babe exfoliating soap bar, which seems like a must try.

Like I'm not already hooked enough by the all natural products, home grown approach!
Indigena also offered to give my readers a promo code:

20% off your order when you use the promo code

The promo is good for two weeks,
So go test it out!
Support the Newfoundland &
 East Coast beauty business!
Plus get lovely Natural products
Win Win!
Excited to try some new products, when I get my order I will keep you posted! 
Be sure to #Indigena/look them up on instagram and also tag me @Hollyshousewifelife because I'm nosey and want to see what you order!! :)
Happy Shopping/beautifying!! XO
*I messaged Indigena to tell them I loved them. They offered me a promo code in response. All opinions are honest to goodness mine and legitimate! That is all.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lets talk about insanity and the basic face..

You know how sometimes you wake up and you're just like,
"oh I have a baby, 3 cats, 1 dog, a husband, a blog, a bunch of other random stuff going on but what I don't have is ANY TIME FOR MYSELF."
OH I know I AM. 
Alone in that?
Just me?
As the blog grows in popularity it seems to be a blessing and a curse, mainly because I pride myself on being mostly a beauty blogger yet I have less and less time to beautify myself and test the products for the beauty posts! - go figure 
Anywho I will never frown upon blog success!! And I will in turn try to reply to comments left in a more timely fashion but in Hollys world I am always the last one to the party, so don't hold your breath! hehe. I do read/appreciate every kind comment left, so thank you, thank you, thank you!
Now since life has been hectic as of late, I've been going towards the basic face for everyday.
This is my 'I'm not planning on leaving the house but it might happen or someone might show up at the door so I'd better not look like a complete zombie face', face. 
Yeah, I woke up like dis
1.First things first, CURL DEM LASHES.
Even on my worst day where I look like poo, I curl my lashes. You just have too, (well if you're me) it will really open up your eyes and wake up your face.
2.Next up Maybellines age rewind concealer.
There has been a lot of hype about this, and its legit hype. It conceals well, covers redness, dark spots, blemishes. My only gripe is that this is the lightest shade and I still find it a bit dark/orangey toned for me. I need like THE LIGHTEST, like snow white, white concealer. I SPF like there's no tomorrow every summer, this girl is not a sun worshipper!
3. EYEBROWS, fill 'em in. Even if its just the tiniest, quickest swish fill - do it! Frames that face baby!
4. Mascara - Obvi, you didn't curl those lashes just to have them fall out so swipe a layer of mascara to hold. I love, love, love this Cover girl mascara but only the purple tube kind! (I will make it its own blog post)
5. Lip Gloss and DONE.
That wasn't so hard, my hair is second day, I throw on a t shirt (Exact Joe Fresh T here, best kind, new ones out, boyfriend T, so comfy) and sweat pants (exact old navy pant here , cropped length, lovely, comfy, soft) and now I feel decent. Not the grandest I've ever felt, not utilizing my most expensive makeup purchases but some days (most days) a girls just gotta get out of zombie mode.
Already talked about it but really happy with this lip gloss from Beauty Box 5's February box!
smells delish, slippery and slightly tinted.
*Something annoying, I just searched the BB5 website to see where to purchase this lip balm and it was no where to be found. The lip balm is not on the site anywhere that I could find. Also googled the brand but its such a common name nothing immediately popped up.
A blog I stumbled upon did have a review of the balm, she said she picked them up at Marshalls so let me know if anyone see them there!!
However (another pet peeve of mine GRRR) the blog no where in the about page or post said where she is located. This has got to be the biggest IRK for me as a blogger, I don't want your exact home address but can you give me something to go off of address wise because I'd like to know if that product is something I can actually get my hands on or if you're posting from the opposite side of the globe!
Any whoodle, just a quick update!
Make it a fabulous day!  XO

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lets talk about TomKat...

Oh my gosh remember when they were a thing?!?
I do, because I just watched a Katie Holmes style story on E! last week.. but anyway I'm not talking about that Tom, today I'm talking about these Toms...
Toms one for one sneakers.. would you call them sneakers? I wouldn't go running in them but I suppose they're a form of sneaks.. anyway I never hopped on that Toms train, I thought it was a great gesture I love when companies give back. If you don't know the story you can read about it here - Toms give back
But I just didn't see myself wearing them, they aren't really cute to me.. ? They're kind of weird looking and not my style, I figured I would never purchase a pair BUT THEN I got a pair for Christmas 2013 and everything changed...
^ these are the exact pair I received Christmas 2013
purchase them here - My toms
Christmas morning I was like "oh yeah, great, alright.."
That spring when I remembered "Oh hey I have those toms in the basement"
I put them on..
and I never took them off ever again.
End of story.
Seriously they are soooo comfy and go with everything!! shorts, pants, capris, fancy, formal, wedding...Wear them to whatever! They're like marshmallows on your feet! I wore mine until they legitimately died. Honestly they took a dagger to the heart.. It was tragic really.
I was at my grandparents house letting my dog out to pee and their driveway is pebbles (stones? rocks? I'm at a loss for what those driveways are, but you know) I stepped on an arrow shaped teeny tiny rock and it stabbed me right through the sole of my Tom!
Its the tiniest little rock but it must be as sharp as a knife because its now stuck in the sole and every time I wear them, my foot gets stabbed to the point of blood loss.
So I caved this year and bought a new pair. If it hadn't have been for the rock of death my other toms are in mint condition, even though I wore the heck out of them! The hardest part about ordering new ones was deciding on a style! I am so indecisive, I'm the kind of person who needs there to only be 3 choices not 300 because I will never pick!
After much debate I decided to go with these - My New Toms! 
They're neutral enough to go with anything, won't cut me off at the ankle like a dark or bold pattern would - because I need all the height I can get!
But yet they have a little flair with the inside design and the colour Agate is like a mild grey/greenish so it won't show the dirt like the cream colour would.

Anywho I am in love and have been dancing around the house in them for 3 days...
The shipping was incredibly fast!! I don't think it was a week and they were at my door and I also shopped the sale! I sign up for emails from everywhere, I knew there was a Toms save the shipping sale coming up so I waited for that. I may have been able to hold out for an even better discount but I really wanted them by April for a special vacay. (Never pay full price unless you desperately want something and/or its almost out of stock!)
Have you been wondering about the toms hype? I'm a hype believer now!
Have you boarded the Toms train??
Am I cray???
Or as these like sneaker marshmallow pillows for your feet????

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lets talk about two things I am very passionate about..

I started watching a Netflix original show called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Oh my God.
If you've got Netflix go, go right now and start it. Nick and I watched half the series last night and we were crying tears of laughter, real deep belly laughter.
Its written by Tina Fey (right there WIN) and think of it as Bridesmaids meets The Mindy Project meets Sisterwives... Its just so funny, Ellie Kemper has always been a favorite of mine anyway and this role is so perfectly suited for her. So go watch it go, go, go!
Picked up the Goody Tangle Fix on a whim, I love comparing products I've heard a lot about the notorious Tangle Teezer yet I don't own one so I thought I would pick up a Tangle fix and see what the hype is about.
NOTE: This is NOT a Tangle Teezer that is its own brand and I guess its pretty good a lot of youtubers like it. You can find it here at Sephora Tangle Teezer
The Tangle fix has a very similar look and style to the Tangle Teezer so I thought it might be a worthy opponent. No. Just No. This Tangle fix did nothing for me, its like running a rake through your hair. It was sharp and didn't tangle fix at all.
So all I have to say about that is BUY A WET BRUSH.
Please everyone in the whole world buy a wet brush. they are so so so so soooooo good.
Its like running a stick of butter through your hair (well that doesn't sound appealing),
its like watching a blob of butter melt on a warm bun. So soft and soothing.
The Wet Brush is truly amazing, I don't know how they did it but they made a no tangle, no pain brush and its fabulous. If you have long hair, short, hair, leg hair, just get one. Especially if you have kids or daughters who cry when you brush their hair GET ONE. It will make your life so much happier! Because I remember those days in elementary of my mom yanking on my butt length hair trying to get the tangles out and I remember the tears...
No comparison. Wet Brush all the way.

One more Kimmy Schmidt for the Road!!
On Wednesdays we wear pink!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Lets talk about the beauty boxes...

Monthly beauty boxes I'm obsessed with them!
I honestly just CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH.
                                                  ^ Every time I sign up for a new monthly subscription
Around the time I signed up for Ipsy I also signed up for Beauty box 5, I was on a monthly sub high and went for it. Beauty box ships out of Texas and costs $12 per month if you sign up monthly, you can get a discount if you sign up for quarterly/yearly. Of course its free shipping... Unless you live in Canada then you add an extra $3 per monthly box (ughh Canada). The first couple of boxes were great, the products are non 'high end' products but I'm not a fancy gal so I liked the variety.
But then this happened... the top two photos ^  are the December, January Beauty boxes.
Not impressed.
The top left isn't so bad I suppose, but blue eye shadow and purple eyeliner? I may as well toss them into the Halloween makeup pile. I am a beauty blogger so I'm going to give them an honest attempt before completely writing them off but I just cant see a world where I will look good in blue shimmer shadow. Unless the world suddenly jumps back to the 1980's..
The top right come on... a mini sample perfume?? glitter polish and a bunch of other brands I've never heard of, I was positive Beauty Box 5 was done for me. I was cancelling as soon as I had a chance.
Then came the February box HALLELUJAH, finally some brand names I've heard of. After a couple of dud months I feel like I've got $15 worth of product in this one, the Revlon colourstay alone is about $8 at Walmart. So I decided I will give the Beauty box 5ers a chance to redeem themselves and keep my subscription going for now
 But in the rank of monthly boxes, if you are thinking about signing up I would recommend checking out topbox, ipsy, julep I feel like they have been more consistent with sending me items I love.
I did an easy peasy 'tutorial' look with the BB5 February items and I'm happily adding them to my regular makeup rotation because I was really happy with the outcome. Believe it or not I actually don't wear much makeup, I've only caught the makeup bug the last year or so and its more of a I freaking LOVE makeup but I have no idea how to wear it bug. Hence why blogging has been good for me, it gets me trying new things and out of my makeup comfort zone. But don't take my advice/ tutorials as holy grail because I'm just a newbie learner, if that's you too well we can learn together :)

I love that the avon eye shadow chubby stick is a neutral colour, I've worn it the last 3 days and it just adds a subtle pale gold shimmer to my lid.
The marsk loose dust powder I use in the eye corner and a bit on the brow bone.
And finish with a swipe of pink lip gloss! I'm kind of obsessed with the lip balm, its soft and melty and deliciously bubble gummy scented. Its has the exact scent of hubba bubba so that's a win in my book! 
^ Also I've been wearing this Joe Fresh $9.99 scarf every day in place of a jacket and it is amazinggggg. See my instagram for more photos of this beauty.
Are you a beauty box 5er??
Have you even heard of beauty box 5????
Whats your fav monthly sub??
Tell me so I can sign up!
Don't tell my hubby though, he thinks all the packages I get are from the same subscriber and they just send me a lot.... Muahahhahhhh

                          ^ Just nod and slowly walking with my parcel(s) now.. yup.