Thursday, 6 October 2016

Zoella comes to Canada celebration giveaway!

guys and gals..

I. am. so. sick.

It's been two weeks and counting..
I think..
I've sort of lost track, it just keeps coming and coming.
alas, those details are for another post because today I am wrangling up the energy to share some exciting news!

Zoella is coming to Canada!

(well her beauty products!! I wish she was too!)
I've been a Zoella fan for at minimum 4-5 years, she's been on the tube since 2009 and I love her easy listening girl next door YouTube style.

Every time I'd watch her describe her products I would get so envious, see her sneak peek Holiday 2016 line up below:

She lives in the UK (as so many of my favs do! that's a bucket lister if I ever had one)
and she has her own line of Zoella bath and beauty products that haven't been available in Canada..
until now.
So to get us all excited for the occasion I am hosting a little giveaway!!

the Zoella collections will soon be available at select stores:
- London Drugs                            - IDA
- Pharmasave                                - Guardian
- Lawtons Drugs                           - Brunet
- Familiprix                                   - Uniprix

you can also browse the brand:
Farleyco Zoella beauty products

but until then check out my photos below and enter to win a sticker me beauty bag!



A soft body mist starts my day off right!
this one is the perfect mild blend of florals and fruit,  I love a bit of smell but I don't want to over power anyone so the Blissful Mistful is right up my alley.
the style of the Zoella products is what really makes me swoon.
polka dots, yes! lace, bows, winkies!
maybe a tad bit youthful, but that's my favorite part!
she marries the chic adult style with some youthful whimsy.


The beauty bag on its own is so chic I debated the stickers! but I couldn't resist the just cutest-y enough look.

Enter below for a chance to win your very own Sticker me beauty bag!

*closes in 48 hours
open to Canadian residents only a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: I have a lot of empties
& see the bag in action!