Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lets talk about the X factor..

I am a nail polish addict.
There is hardly a time when my nails are bare,
I feel bad for them actually they never get a break.
I go from colour to colour to colour,
normally never the same colour back to back (I think that's only happened twice).
I always seem to have a brand spanking new bottle of polish waiting to be tried,
all different brands ranging from dollar store to high end.
So I surprised myself by not trying Formula X until now.
Sephora came out with Formula X on October 10th 2013, they claim its a innovative nail colour that surpasses all expectations, colour, shine, high endurance..
You can read more on the Formula X website here:
You can watch this riveting nail video here:
Anywho something about Formula X always annoyed me, It seemed cheesy.
I don't love the name, I don't love the bottle so I never picked any up.
Until a couple of weeks ago and I thought what the heck,
cant judge a book by its cover right?
So I pick up this little bottle of "perfection"

I gave it a whirl and I can say I like it.
You know how there is two types of nail polish in the world,
the kind that leaves streaks and you have to do like 6 coats over top to finally get a smooth finish.
And the kind where the streaks instantly blend into each other to create a smooth surface with the first coat.
Formula X is the second, and that's a big selling feature for me!
(I find Essie to be the first one, too thin and streaky for me I'm not a fan)
So I was wrong about Formula X it is worth a try. I mean it doesn't have me running to Sephora to clear out the shelves, but the next time I'm browsing I will probably pick up another bottle (or two).
As far as it being anything above and beyond I don't think its that far out of the box.
The colour was nice, two coats would be enough (although I cant break my OCD habit of 3),
I was fairly long lasting, minimal chips.
 I'm at such a stand still when it comes to nail polish I'm yet to find that brand that completely BLOWS MY MIND and makes me buy the entire colour selection.
When ever I think I've found it I purchase a few more shades and it turns out it was just a one hit wonder.
Not that any brands are bad per say (even though I don't love Essie I still own a few bottles)
 its just whether the bottles cost me $32 or $6.99 they seem to have similar staying power.
So I will continue my hunt for the holy grail,
that nail polish that lasts forever, never chips, amazing colour selection, phenomenal shine..
Let me know if you've found it,
and where I can get mine!
*My partial collection..
I just can't stop....

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