Wednesday 28 January 2015

Lets talk about the beauty and the blender..

The buzz around the beauty blender..
where to begin??
Being a avid beauty vlog watcher I began hearing the word 'beauty blender'
tossed around quite a bit so I popped myself over to to see what the dealio was.
That's when I saw the dealio was $19.95, I said aweeee hellz nah and closed the window.
$20 for a little piece of sponge???
I have always applied concealer and foundation with my hands,
there was a brief moment when beauty vloggers convinced me to try a foundation
brush to apply with but that moment was short lived.
I found the foundation brush left my face streaky..
I (still) don't really understand how a brush can give you a flawless finish.
Maybe I needed a high quality brush... but anyway I gave that up and went back to finger application.
I always liked using my fingers because I felt the foundation was more even, getting it
closer to my hair line and down the neck was a breeze.
Alas there came a day where I received a 10% off coupon for Sephora and some how
a beauty blender made its way into my basket.
At this time I had also long ago picked up a 'no name' beauty blender at Winners for $8.99
but  had never got around to using it.
So the battle of the blenders was born!
All through November/December 2014 I decided to rotate the sponges
(and try to take photos!)
so I could give a final verdict on which (if any) was the winner!!
^ the original beauty blender $19.95 at Sephora

^ a no name beauty sponge $8.99 at Winners

^ ignore any baggy under eyes!
 its unavoidable these days, I've come to accept it

What do you think???
Can you crown a winner???
Because I truly couldn't!!
The makeup application was very, very similar for both.
What I did notice was that the more expensive beauty blender was a little lighter,
when you wet it and squeeze it out the sponge felt very light and fluffy.
The beauty sponge felt a little more dense,
like a muffin that the batter was over mixed just a tad.
Still delicious but heavier feeling.
Other than that the one major win to come from this experiment was the fact
that I have now 100% converted to a makeup sponge lover!
I use my blenders every single day,
I cant stand the thought of applying foundation with my fingertips!
My fear of the blending sponge adding to much extra time and maintenance to my beauty
routine was completely foolish!
It takes almost no extra time to run the sponge under water and squeeze.
I rinse well when finished and place it back in my egg cup (see older blog post)
to dry. I only wash my blender with soap when I wash my brushes.
Another pro to using the blending sponge is that you use less makeup!
the first time I used the sponge I placed a big Ol' dollop
of foundation on the back of my hand,
I only ended up using half of it!
So if you're in the market for a blending sponge my honest opinion
is that you don't need THE beauty blender.
Especially if just starting out, you don't know if you will like the texture of a sponge application
and $20 is a steep price to pay for such a little sponge.
That being said I will re purchase the beauty blender when mine gets worse for wear,
but I will also pick up an extra beauty sponge to have on hand!
And now that I'm a convert I also want to pick up the Beauty Blender baby sponges.
 I think they are the perfect size to get into under eye problem areas plus they're just so cute!
 They're $17.95 at Sephora so they remain on the wishlist..
signing off! XX

Monday 26 January 2015

Lets talk schedules and the big boy room...

Well, well, wellllll there has been a lot on the go as of late..
I'm not sure why but for some reason I have this reputation for being a homebody
aka everyone thinks I'm a hermit who never leaves the house.
Honestly my family, friends, people around town think this..
I always get the
"are you new in town????"
Its so freaking annoying
because I have to answer with the
"nope! been here almost 4 years"
I'm honestly not sure why everyone thinks this..
I guess I just blend into my surroundings,
but the truth is my schedule is majorly full.
Lets just take a peek at this upcoming week..
I have Girl guides, a baby group, a doctors appointment, a scrapbooking retreat..
I have a student/friend/ex girl guide who has been coming over once a week to hang out with Lell
 for a bit while I'm home. Its been AWESOME, she gets a little child care experience and I get to
head to the basement to tackle the laundry or clean the bathroom or write a blog ;)
Also this week I'm hoping to take a road trip to 'shopping ville'
 because we are in desperate need of a few things before Target closes,
this said shopping is 2.5 hours away (each way!) so a trip
will take up my entire day ughhh.
Some of the needed things are a highchair and a new big boy car seat, any brand suggestions????
Oh then there is just the regular homebody stuff that I love to do on the daily!
Like watch my shows (tv is my passion), read ma blogs (another passion),
treadmill (non passion but I do it), face time with my mom 7 times a day (she calls me!), hang out with Elli belly.
Pretty full schedule just sayin'
Change of topic:
We finally decided to move Elliott from our room to his bedroom!!
I will admit when the public health nurse told us that they recommend babies sleep in their parents room until around 6 months, I thought to myself 'YAH RIGHT!'
'6 months! he ain't sleeping with us for that long, he's got his own (expensive) room!'
Alas the months came and went and Lelly never moved..
Well he did move from a bassinet to the pack and play but it was still next to our bed.
The months just went by so fast and he was still waking up in the night for a feeding so it made sense.
Since he's been getting bigger and able to life his body we were too nervous to leave him in the shallow pack and play any longer.
Introducing the big boy room!
There was no big ordeal,
one night a couple weeks ago we just put him in his crib and he's been there ever since!
He didn't miss a wink.
In fact he LOVES LOVES LOVES his crib!
He rolls around and doesn't cry in the mornings at all,
he just pleasantly throws his sookie in the air and looks around at all the stuff in his room
until we go in and get him.
Looking back now we probably could've made the switch months ago but I 
thought it was going to be this big 'DON'T LEAVE ME' cryfest.
 I was also waking up probably 12 times a night and looking in the pack and play
to make sure he was breathing.
it is a mental illness.
 I'm terrified he will stop breathing while sleeping!
SIDS has completely got grasp of my fearsome personality and has me waking up every hour.
 Surprisingly since Elliotts been sleeping in his own room
my nervousness has gotten much much better!
I still wake and look at our monitor to watch his chest rise and fall
but I swear its probably once/twice a night at most! ;) 
^ HI MUM!! morning, how do you do?!! I just love this crib. 
(sometimes I imagine Elliott speaks with a British accent, nbd)
^ just playin'

^ Where's my baby?? this kid is like 7y/o and chillin'

^ He loves our pets so much and selfies..
 he was watching a video of himself with Annie
So anywho now that the pack and play is gone
I finally get my space back in our bedroom and I can't wait!!
^ My makeup vanity was blocked in for the last 6 months
now its freeeeeee. Whooo hooo,
Toodaloo! XX

Sunday 25 January 2015

Lets talk to Clarisonic or not to Clarisonic...

That is the question
Am I the only person who can go to the mall
spend $50 dollars here..
$24 there..
$7.99 on a smoothie..
All of a sudden you're walking out the doors down $250 dollars.
when it comes to actually laying down the moola on something
that's a investment piece, I just cant seem to bring my self to do it.
If I see a price tag of $99.00
I'm like 'Uh uh' 'No way honey'
But 2x $50.00 seems to slip by all the time.
Its baffling really.
 I had wanted a Clarisonic soooo bad for a hella long time,
I just couldn't bring myself to dish out that much on a single item.
So I asked Santa to do it..
And he delivered!!
Whoooo hoooo Santa
Before owning my Clarisonic (or Mia as I like to call her)
I had the Olay Pro X and I used that puppy on the daily.
I thought it was working but..that was before Mia.
I don't know how she does it but it really is a deeper
clean. When I get out of the shower my skin feels like baby skin (I own
a baby so I've compared).
 I don't tend to have any major acne
I do get these white head pimples, deep under my skin
(sorry TMI this is a honest blog, we all have flaws! kumbaya)
They never burst or turn into a typical pimple,
they're just exist,
there under the skin,
annoying me.
My mom said she heard they're from not removing your makeup before bed
however that's ludacris because I am religious about makeup removal.
I also read on Emily Maynards (former bachelorette) blog that she keeps a pile
of ruffed up face cloths on hand for those deep suckers.
So I grabbed my roughest, scrubbiest wash clothes and got to it,
it didn't work.
Nothing seemed to clear those little buggers until
I came across the Olay Pro X.
It helped with those deep rooted blemishes and I was pretty impressed.
But something was still itching me..
The Olay Pro X is only $29.99,
the Clarisonic is $145.00..
Dang it,
I need to know what makes that Clarisonic so expensive!!
Now I know..
it was sent from heaven,
sent to make your cheeks feel like Angel wing feathers.
It has completely cleared my white heads,
my skin is softer than its ever been and
products do seem to absorb faster.
All in all I would say if you've been teetering on whether to make the investment,
do it, do it, do it, do it now.
if you are new to the cleansing rotating brush world go pick up a OLAY Pro X.
It would be a great stepping stone in seeing how your skin reacts to rotating bristles.
I do have sensitive skin and I'm prone to redness, on occasion my cheeks will get a bit red after
cleaning but it goes away quickly
Actually I was expecting the Clarisonic to be painful on my sensitive skin,
 the way its described
"Cleans 6 times better"
I assumed it would be hard sturdy bristles and make me look like
Samantha after her chemical peel
 in reality they're soft and smooth.
I also heard there is a new Clarisonic out which cleans "11" times better,
You know I'm dying to try it!
but I won't be making the investment anytime soon,
I'll stick with the 'cleans 6 times better' for now.
 That way I can take my 2x $50's somewhere else to spend :)
Signing off! xx
^ Size wise the Clarisonic is slightly larger than the Olay Pro

^ They're both able to be used in the shower,
which is AWESOME!
Sometimes I get an extra shower at night rather than make a mess washing my face over the sink
its been quite relaxing!

^   Clarisonic is slightly more advanced bristle wise

^ The Olay pro is battery operated, while the Clarisonic has this neat magnetic charger.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Lets talk about floating M's..

Alright this one is for the kiddies!
I am constantly on the hunt for new activities to do with the girl guides,
you have no idea how hard it is to please eight 9-12 year olds.
I am not a teacher I have no training for this
I try and whip things up but its hard when my brain is a pro-crafter
but not so pro-song singer or game player.
So having had their fill of crafts in 2014 I could tell the girls were
itching for a fresh idea.
We have done science night in previous years
and it was really cool science things like
figuring out which of your hand, foot, eye, etc. is dominant
and making lava lamps.. etc etc etc
(google or pinterest ^^ if you're interested in those experiments)
However those things required a lot of preparation,
this year I'm really struggling to find a balance between
good girl guide leader and tired mom.
Hence SCIENCE NIGHT 2.0 was born
but tamed down to experiments I could quickly throw together and didn't need
much scientific explanation.
They were just cool and fun and would please a wide age range of kiddies.
You've probably seen this one floating around the Internet
you grab a plate
pour some milk
drop some food colouring
and then drop some dish detergent in the middle
the milk and food colouring then starts
spiralling and spinning
making a tie dyed milk rainbow
The girls loved adding more and more food colouring and
extra dish soap to keep the colours moving.
This ones hard to grasp the coolness factor unless you see it in action
but see photos below.


We had done this in a previous year but we only used one empty cup
and one cup of water, we watched the water travel up the paper towel into the empty cup.
This year I decided to try it again but add a third cup and add food colouring to the water
because every kid knows things are more fun with food colouring!
3 cups
food colouring
 2 pieces paper towel
Drape paper towel into one cup of food colours water
place other end in empty cup
Do the same to other side
Watch the water walk up the paper towel and create a new colour in empty cup!
*Note: Do this experiment first so you can keep coming back to check in
the water can take a while to 'walk"

It doesn't get much easier than this one
a bottle of light coloured pop - sprite, mountain dew
(we tried both)
pour a cup of soda
drop raisins in
The bubbles will grab hold of the raisins and
make them 'dance'
meaning they will float up and down in the cup

This one was personally my favorite because I had never seen it done before and
thought it was super cool (when it worked).
bag of regular m&m's
bowl of water
We tried this experiment twice
the first time we filled a bowl of water and dropped the m&m in.
The second time we placed the m&m in the bowl then poured the water over top
we had success and failures both times.
You place your m&m's in the bowl with the M side facing up
and then you wait.....
First the coloured shell will melt off
then if your lucky, very slowly the 'M'
will peel off the chocolate and float to the top of the water!
We had about 50% success,
it does take a little patience you cant rush science!
& sometimes the M was perfectly intact
sometimes it would turn into more of a N or even a L
but none the less a super fun activity!

^^^^ How neat is that!
So that was our excitement for the week,
if you are really eager you can look up the technical science
behind each of these experiments.
We just enjoyed the fun and didn't dig too deep into the
who, what, where, why side of things.
 Afterwards we even had time to sneak in some songs and a game of telephone
so t'was a good night to be a girl guide if I do say so myself!
Do you have any simple kids games, songs, crafts, experiments
share your knowledge with moi!!

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Lets talk about living a lie..

Before this blog thing goes any further
 I feel like I need to come clean about something..
I post a lot of photos of my nail polish.
I LOVE painted nails!
 a couple of years ago I stumbled across a super nail trick
and I have never looked back.
Its called Top Coat.
It changed my life.
I never ever paint my nails without applying a top coat.
It makes your nail polish last so so so much longer
+ stay shiny!
^ top coat top coat top coat top coat

^ For years this was my go to top coat
Extra life no chip by Revlon,
 I picked it up on a whim at Lawtons.
Not to toot my own horn here...
 but I get compliments on my nails constantly!
Normally from cashiers, they always ask if I'm wearing Shellac.
I reply with a "nope, I just always apply a top coat!"
*You've got to share the knowledge*

Recently when I was in NS for Christmas I realized I forgot my
Revlon top coat in NL.
(I normally carry it in my purse, I don' t go anywhere without it!)
While out I grabbed a bottle of Essie Top coat 'good to go'.
 The fast drying part on the Essie bottle sold me.
I really really really like how fast it drys,
I am short on time these days and its been very convenient.
I don't think the Essie is quite as long lasting as the Revlon
but its a really good alternative for a mom on the go.

If you take the time to paint your nails
take the time to top coat
you wont regret it!

Saturday 17 January 2015

Lets talk about my life expectancy and a great lipstick..

I need to get something off my chest before its too late..
I think death might be after me.
Its like I got off of a plane that was suppose to crash or something..

For the last few days strange things have been happening,
firstly this.. 
There were knives everywhere!!
I barely escaped losing a toe!
Then this happened..

Walking into the bedroom
when Elliott's wooden activity mobile tripped me.. it came out of nowhere
I went flying across the room!
I swear it was not near my feet when I started walking!
Then I went downstairs to grab the laundry
 while walking back up the stairs carrying the laundry basket my toe stubbed..
the laundry went flying and my head rocketed towards the wall.
Luckily I braced myself with my hands before any major head trauma was caused,
but I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder for the grim reaper...
Very very suspicious..
next topic..
I have been on a one women mission to find the very unfindable
Creamy Matte lipstick from Maybelline.
I had screen shotted this photo MONTHS ago because not only
did I want to find the lipstick but I really wanted to find this
exact colour -> Divine Wine.
I searched Newfoundland high and low to no avail.
When I got to Nova Scotia I finally had a tiny break through
while at Target (see we need you Target!).
I was checking out and on a end cap I spotted
 the Creamy Mattes I hastily grabbed this one -> Mesmerizing Magenta
foolishly thinking Shoppers Drug Mart would have a wider selection.

When I got to Shoppers I was devastated to see they only had a tiny display
and all the good colours were sold out.
I asked the beauty counter salesclerk
 'what gives??'
She said they only got in a small sample selection to be test sold in Canada.
I then very shamelessly asked if I could purchase the very used
tester lipstick in the shade -> Craving Coral
because it was so gorgeous - I was willing to be that freaky.
She said 'unfortunately they don't have sku bars for testers',
or some similar excuse that they say to keep the insane people (like me) away.
Sadly I'm now back in Newfoundland with only one Creamy Matte to my name.
I always had mixed feelings toward Matte lipsticks..
I'm just such a gloss girl, I love me some shine.
But so far I've been loving my Mesmerizing Magenta!
- Once its sets you don't have to worry about it ending up on your teeth
(although Nick did come home from work and ask what happened to Elliotts head
as he had a very suspicious purple mark above his eye..
 FYI it was a kiss mark not a bruise! so there is still a slight transfer even once set.)
- formula was long lasting, 3+ hours
eating, drinking, baby kissing before I needed to reapply
 - It didn't settle into my lip creases
So if you can find them.. consider the creamy mattes!!
And pick one up for me! hehe

Friday 16 January 2015

Lets talk about baby's first food..

QOTD: When do you start your baby on solid foods?
Don't ask me because I have no idea!
I do know we waited too long but no one tells you these things.
You could google it but even then all you get is
annoying all over the map answers.
"Oh my baby started solids at 2.3 months!!"
"Oh no no no no my baby will not eat solids until exactly 12 months 47 days!!"
So what about my baby???
I was kind of under the delusion maybe the public health nurse or family doctor would
call me up on the magical day and say
"Hey todays the day, enjoy some baby food Elliott!"
However that didn't happen,
so around Christmas we bought a box of starter baby cereal and went for it!

 CHA CHING he loved it!!
You can spy that video here but we warned its probably long and boring
to watch unless your his mother..
Which was really no surprise because for the last couple of months
everything Nick and I ate Elliott was dying to get his hands on.
(That should've been my first clue as to him being ready for solids,
but hello first time mom!)
Every morning when I ate my cereal his chubby little fingers were eagerly
trying to make their way into my bowl.
Since Christmas and the baby cereal going over so well we figured
we would move onto the next step - Pureed veggies.
Of course I dutifully called up the PH nurse and got her advice,
she said Elliott could have Veggies, fruits and meats.
Yup meats already!
She went through everything with me on the phone for about 20 minutes
but honestly its very common sense-full stuff.
Ex: She would start him on veggies first
 because if given the choice most people would rather fruits
so get him use to veggies!
Only introduce a new food every 3-4 days to check for allergies
etc. etc.
The only questions I really had were about things like strawberries or more
allergy prone foods, should I hold off a bit on those type just in case
and she said 'Nope!'
I guess unless you have a very severe allergy running rampant in your family everything is fair game.
So the next day we blended up some carrots in our yard sale find but like brand new
baby bullet and away we went!
I did not research recipes, no googling was done prior
I just cooked some regular old carrots soft and blended them up.
I'm pretty loosey goosey with this mothering thing. haha
If you want to see his reaction, check out the video below! :)
(but please un hear my god awful annoying voice)

Finished watching??
If so you would've seen, HE HATED IT.
So tomorrow we try it again
and then in 3 days maybe we will try some peas!
I'm dying to know how he will react to meats
so I think chicken will be on next weeks menu.
Although he spit, sputtered and gagged the entire time
he actually did get through most of the carrots in the bowl
so hopefully he's just going through the adjustment phase and
 he will LOVE veggies down the road!

^ He's also starting to hold his own Baba now
 which I looooove
it keeps him happy and gives me
 a little freedom.
 I still have my eyes on him like a hawk because
he will tip the bottle upside down and play in the waterfall -
but none the less a step forward!
When did you start your baby on food?
How did you know it was time?
Was it love or hate?
What foods did they like/dislike?
What baby food recipes have been a hit??
Message me with answers if you have any?
We're completely wingin it!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Lets talk about a hoarders paradise..

So its been a week since we returned from Christmas vacation
and I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't know about you but when my house is in shambles
I honestly cannot cope.
I had a to do list a mile long but I didn't know where to start.
I could not focus on any one thing because
there was just too many things!
Its a vicious cycle.

I have always had a love for things.
I just love, love, love things!
I started collecting stuff for my own house at a very young age.
Example, these cappuccino mugs below I bought in grade 11..
I kept them in my closet until I got my own place.
The hoarding gene is real people.

^ picked these little pretties up at Silk & Satin
Anyone remember that store??
I think it was a sister store of La Senza and also had some random
housewares/trinkets for sale on occasion.
We actually use these all the time and they're in mint
condition for being 12+ years old.

So the bathroom hoard was looking a little bleak after the holidays.. 
My skincare products have changed so I had to reorganize, refresh and
figure out where to keep my beauty blenders.
The problem is where do you keep a sponge you need to use
and wash everyday??
^ They were just chillin' in their little packages

^ Egg cups!!
This way the sponges can dry properly and when shrunk just slide into the cup.
I had these little egg cups in the cupboard for years!
How often do you really need a egg cup anyway??
^ Now my bathroom is stocked and tidy!
Well that one little corner is...
To do list:
735495086213536738 things to go...
UPDATE: I got majorly motivated and attacked the Christmas décor pile
that had been accumulating at the bottom of our stairs.
Christmas Décor mountain is now happily reinstated in the storage room.
^ Christmas Mountain
Until we meet again!!!
I feel the weight lift off my shoulders already,
now if I could only get my luggage unpacked fully
maybe I could finally get back to regular scheduled blogging!