Wednesday, 27 January 2016


A new week, a fresh update!
If you read last weeks #MWWconfessions
then you will know I've been pigging out.

Today I thought I would give a quick look into my weight struggle past..

I will try not to get too deep with this post
its more of a up lifting update since I'm 5 pounds down (give or take, god I drink 10 pounds in water a day so the scale is not a reliable source. as we all know)

that 5 pounds comes from just flat out better decisions
Chinese food

yesterday I made a at home spinach salad and added walnuts, pine nuts, almonds - it was delish!

the exercise side is where I've been slipping, I was doing yoga + a mini workout on the daily
and I let that get away from me, so tomorrow we are reuniting!

Now, for the people who maybe don't know me in "real life" or are new to the blog I thought I would share some photos
- photos which I had hoped would never resurface.. 

actually I was looking for a specific photo and I couldn't find it.
you know that weight photo
the ones they show as the before pic on all the diet commercials.
yes it was an unflattering angle
yeah it was a unflattering dress
it was also the heaviest I had ever been
and that photo is burned into my brain as the moment I said "Oh hell naw"

so I'm half happy I couldn't find it and half annoyed because it would make for great motivation.

anywhoo below are some photos of me around my ever heaviest
and of me, not as my thinnest but at what I feel is my healthiest.
I felt in such great shape around the time of my wedding, I was walking everyday and working out consistently.

I think it goes without saying
but the number on the scale is never what I'm after.
I won't lie it helps to see it move, especially near the beginning of your journey
but you know when you feel out of shape.
I know when I do anyway and it feels horrible.
no energy, no motivation, just blah.

everyone is so uniquely different so don't let yourself get confused/pressured/kardashian'd into thinking you need to look a certain way.

do it for you
and do it until your body tells you "we're perfect"

Around the time of my heaviest weight.
I felt bad, I was stressed, I wasn't happy.

and my eyebrows are thin! ughhh the horror

2011 ^
let the stress in life go
eating well
daily walks and my mini attempt at becoming a "I LOVE TO RUN" person.
(NEVER gonna happen hahaha)

2013 ^

It easy to hide behind clothes and shy away from photos but you cant hide it from yourself.
there is approximately a 40 pound difference in these photos.
40 pounds on a barely over 5 foot frame is a lot.

Since 2013 I've been staying in between those 40 pounds.
I look alright in clothes but I would really like to have some of that energy back from 2013!
a consistent work out routine is the only explanation (well that and being child free.. )
so looks like the work outs are a must!






Andddddd dun dun da dunnnnn
last year (9 months after baby)
we went down south and I sported a bikini 7 days a week without hesitation.
I wouldn't even do that in high school
why are we so insecure in high school?? life will never be that easy again!
Stop being hard on your selves high schoolers! ha

what's been your biggest weight struggle?
can you relate to the ups and downs?
let me know!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Monday, 25 January 2016


I was a Julep Maven member for a couple of years, aka I received a monthly beauty box from Julep which mainly consisted of nail polish.

Julep does have an assortment of other beauty products (my current FAVORITE eye liner I got in a maven box!) but I was getting Ipsy and topbox at the time so I welcomed the all polish boxes. I was paying over $25 a month.. maybe close to $30 for box of 3 nail polish but I have to say the Maven box was one of my favorite subscription boxes ever.

Lets face it, beauty subs can be so hit or miss.
the thrill is always there but you knowwwwww I have about 2 drawers and one box in the closet with a ton of beauty stuff that's only be swatched or once worn. (don't worry I am doing a purge!)

So, point being I really liked being a Julep Maven! It gave my polish collection a big boost and because I'm not picky with my polish colour I loved everything I got. The only reason I discontinued my membership was because after a couple of years I felt like I had every colour and I wanted to use some of what I own before it kept growing.

One of my very, very, very favs of the bunch is a little pretty by the name of Carla.
I am always in search of the its 'so faint its almost white' pink nail polish and I've never been able to find it. Carla isn't quite white enough but its just such a dang good coverage polish!

I think it's a gorgeous shade all year round but with the love holiday upon us I rounded up my favorite red/pink and they all happen to be Julep!

Carla - Tea rose crème

Hartleigh - Holographic heart glitter top coat

Lee - Spitfire red crème

I am not a nail connoisseur by any means
I could really, really use a professional mani but look at that colour! ^
That's with 3 coats but all you really need is 2, I am just ocd.

I think Hartleigh overtop of Carla, as a full set or an accent nail would be adorable!

Spread love my friends!


Friday, 22 January 2016

And we gonna party like its 19.. hold up it is

If you don't get that title..
I say that line at least twice a week

the 1990's, was there ever a better era??
not in my lifetime.
the 90's were full of bomb Saturday morning cartoons, the most delicious sugary snacks and the birth of my most adored boy bands.

another staple of the 90's - style
I love 90's style! luckily A LOT of trends are making a second appearance in 2015/16
also luckily for me, hoarding things is still in, so I have most of my original 90's pieces

what's back in a big way, the brown lipstick!
As soon as I saw Too Faced melted chocolate I had to have it.

funny fact: I hated the too faced liquid lipsticks for a long, long time
then I tried them again and I loved, loved, loved them.
its a long story I will save for a future post

I picked up the shade chocolate cherries and its so beautiful, the kind of colour that will flatter any skin type but there is no way to make it non bold.
Its a brown, brown lip so you have to wear it with confidence.

I lined my lips with a nude pencil before applying the lipstick.
one of my only complaints about the melted line is that the applicator can be a bit of a pain
its fine for the very first application but after the sponge gets coated it can be really hard to get a crisp lip (which you want, especially for a colour as dark as this)

even with the lip liner I still like to go back over with a bit of foundation on a pointed brush around the edges to make sure they're really clean.

all in all
not a lipstick I will be wearing on the daily due to maintenance
(lipstick teeth can be real with this one)
but 100% on board for the brown lipstick train to stick around!

Just looking at these photos makes me want to hit up a club with my girlfriends in sky high heels.
(then I remember I'm old and would much prefer to stay home and watch Netflix in my pajamas..
but the fantasy is fun)

Share me :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Does your child smell?? Or am I overly sensitive..

This is going to be a bit of an off beat post but just go with it..
because I've honestly been wondering.
Does your child smell?

weird, yes.
I don't even know how to explain it really..
All I know is months and months ago when Elliott was just a tiny bambino Nick said to me
"Elliott has such a smell, can you smell it?"

Of course I acted sort of offended,
"What do you mean a smell?? He's my sweet little nugget, he doesn't smell!"
but secretly I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He has a scent.
He's not stinky.
He just has a special smell that is soooo him.

Its most apparent whenever he's been napping with the door shut, when you walk in afterward you smell that Elliott smell - a sort of hearty, spicy, boy smell.
Its not like the typical newborn smell or a baby powder scent, its 100% Elliott and unique.

That's sort of the best I can do.. hahaha
sometimes when I'm folding laundry after he's in bed I will smell his little mini outfits and the smell is there. Its like a warm baby hug.

Is this crazy???!!?
Do I sound like a lunatic??!!

If I'm being 100% truthful when Nick and I started dating (like 10 years ago)
I thought he had a smell!
It was sort of similar to Elliott's but different.
The type of smell that makes you inhale deep when you hug close someone you love.

Ok I think I've lost it..
Am I scent obsessed??
A super smeller?

Like really has this happened to anyone else??

His bedding, his taggie bear, his skin, they all smell..
right from the start he's been making his scent mark on the world.
I hope it never, ever fades.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Happy New Year!..

I am struggling.
really, really struggling.
How do people do it?

Since we moved provinces in October I feel like I've been drowning, just barely able to stay afloat.
I'm only working 8 more hours a week than I was in Newfoundland but seriously..

I think the major difference is due to me now working evenings, its great in theory - I'm home with Elliott all day everyday. Not often we need a sitter, from the time he opens his eyes until almost bed time its just me and him.
Great for bonding with my boy, not so great for my sanity.

Since most adult social activities are evening centered and my main blogging time would be late evening after Elliott went down for the night, its safe to say my days are now play time then work then sleep.

alas, I could go on and on.
Its a sob story really and the saddest part is that I know other families would kill for this schedule!
so I'm going to cut myself off right here and just say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I'm unreliable but that's my life so lets just agree to be friends under the circumstances and I will do my best to not leave you hanging for lengths at a time :)

Getting to the point of this post, I am at it again!
a hashtag! hahahah

Like many of you, I have a lengthy list of new years resolutions. I'll share my whole list maybe tomorrow.. but its pretty basic. weight, health, money, yoga.. #BASIC

Since we've been back in NS I've been indulging to say the least...
All the things that were not available while we were in Newfoundland have been constantly on rotation - pizza, sushi, lattes, wendys, boston pizza, lattes, lattes, lattes..

I honestly put on 10 pounds in 3 months.
10 pounds .
On a 5 foot frame, oh hell naw.

January came and I lost 5.
then last weekend came and I gained 5.
You see where I'm going with this.
I'm out of control and need help.
So a hashtag seemed like the most sensible of solutions.

my wallet and my waist confessions
will probably be a regular occurrence because money and food
is there anything worse??

This weekend was bad
really bad, but I resolve to be better this week.
and that's all I can do really.
lets be better together

What's been your downfall this week??

*disclaimer: I wrote this post with a 18 month old hanging off my elbow, he was pretend typing shaking the table next to my keyboard so all errors and non sensible writings are legitimate.