Monday, 10 November 2014

Lets talk baby shampoo..

Not only do I hoard products for myself,
I've started quite the collection for Elliott..
One of those collections is shampoo, he may not have much hair but he's covered in the shampoo department! Well to my credit, they're also body washes so the purchase is justified. You can never have too much body wash!
The three brands we've tried are:
1. The Honest Company shampoo/body wash Sweet Orange Vanilla
It sounds heavenly doesn't it?
Sweet orange vanilla omg to die.
Well think again because it wasn't.
It smells mildly like orange... no vanilla.
It didn't give good bubbles at all.
 I mean I live to see my baby covered in bubbles!
That's the whole point of bathing them isn't it??!
The shampoo its self cost $9.95 and the shipping to Canada was so ATROCIOUS we won't even go there...
Jessica Alba really needs to up her game on the shampoo front,
big let down for me wont be getting it again.
* I was so disappointed I don't even have a picture of him in the Honest Co. bubble bath..
2. Baby CHI 3 in 1 shampoo/body wash/ bubble bath
I was suckered into this purchase by the adorable label and bottle shape,
I am weak when it comes to cute packaging!
It says with silk and lavender, ok I love lavender!
Unfortunately it falls flat for me, the scent is perfume-y I'm not sure I would say lavender.
Its not a bad scent its just not as light and dreamy as I imagined it would be.
And again the nail in the coffin, not enough bubbles.
The bubbles were there and then they were not..
For $9.50 I think the bubbles should last the entire bath time not just until the tub is filled.
*CHI "you call this a bubble bath lady!?"
ALAS that brings us to #3
DING DING DING we have a winner!
3. Johnsons baby bedtime bath
Light floral slightly perfume-y but mild calming scent.
YES finally a real bubble bath!
AND believe it or not this is the cheapest of the 3, $5.47 a steal!
So I guess it just goes to show the most expensive is not always the best!
I will be sticking with Johnsons for the foreseeable future, Elliott just looks so cute splashing around in all those bubbles!
* Johnsons "omg what are this?!"

*"this is what I'm talking about!!!"
*I know the Honest Co. claim to be the most organic, less chemical, blah blah blah brand. All I know is all 3 shampoos have long lists of ingredients, some ingredients they all had in common and some not. So you'll have to look on the websites if you want to learn more, I am no scientist sorry!
Just a mom who loves bubbles!


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