Monday, 3 November 2014

Lets talk hair colour...

I like to colour my hair a lot..
I love how my hair feels after a fresh colour..
I love changing it up with different shades..
 So lets talk about hair colour..
The hairstylists reading this are going to love me.
When it comes to hair colour I think its best left to the professionals. I've been on both sides of these tracks, I have used a drug store box dye more times than I can count and have had many many salon experiences.

I'll be honest I highlight my sisters hair all the time, I'm a pro at highlights! The problem is not with the highlight placement, its the dye quality. The dye seems harsher, the hair gets more damaged and the colour is a one trick pony, there's no customisation.
Whenever I pick a box dye for myself I always seem to have one tiny little problem.. no matter how light of a shade I pick there's only one shade that I seem to get, Black. Light black, medium black or dark black = black black black.
Insert example:
*Christmas 2013, I picked up this light golden brown shade
from Sallys and well..
That doesn't look light golden to me.
Its almost a year later and I'm still sporting a reverse Ombre
from this little diddy.
My hair being dyed so many times beforehand did make the dye take faster and also maybe I should cut down the processing time. Example: this box dye said 10-60 minutes, 10-60 minutes?? Well what is it 10?? or 60??
I mean I adore Kris Jenner as much as the next Kardash obsessed fan but I just cant pull off the jet black its way too severe next to my pale skin. If you are a risk taker by all means take a chance on a box dye, you may find it works perfectly! (My advice always pick at least one shade lighter than the shade you think you want!) However if you've got a wedding, prom, graduation... something major in the near future that requires pictures you'll be looking at for years to come please get a professional to do it, I don't think you'll regret it looking back.
I also think theres something to be said about finding a hair stylist who is a good match for you, understands what you want, plus someone you enjoy chatting with is a major bonus because I swear I go to a hair appointment and Nicks texting me 3 hours later asking where exactly  is this hair salon located.. Alaska!??? 
Finding that hairstylist may take a few trys so don't leave it to the last minute if you do have a big event coming up, google (here I go again with google I must google about 10,000 a day!) is a great resource because a lot of salons will have web or Facebook pages you can browse with stylist profiles or before/after photos of their clients. And don't be afraid to ask around! your girlfriends may have a great stylist or whenever I see a sales clerk who has great hair/nails I always ask who does it for them normally people are more than happy to give names when you've just said how much you love something about them! Putting a little effort into it will be worth it in the long run after all this could be the beginning of a long term relationship, I've been seeing my Nova Scotia Hairstylist for 8.5 years!! That's .5 a year longer than I've been with my husband haha 
Now the fun talk I LOVE trying new hair colours. I don't think people should be afraid to mix it up, change is good! I just mentioned in a previous post that I had hair appointment so I figured I better share the results! I'm loving the change, I was feeling something new for fall and this is it!
Before/After photos here:
 *Before medium brown with some blonde accents.
I loved it and it was low maintenance
but it had been this colour for way for too long
 I had the colour bug itch!

* After, a burgundyish red brown..
Is that a colour?? See this is why I
leave it to the professionals!!
*This was going to be the point in the post in which I insert a photo collage of all my past hair colours, turns out that was taking wayyy too long to get together! I've had a lot of dye jobs, so I guess that's a topic for another day!
Are you a Dye-aholic like me?
Does box dye work for you or are you a "dye" hard salon fan?
Send me your thoughts :)


  1. Your blog's are soo humorous but still informative, I love it!

  2. Thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying, I love hearing readers feedback :)