Monday, 17 November 2014

Lets talk baby's favorite toys..

Elli is a simple baby with simple tastes..
He doesn't need crazy gizmos and gadgets,
give him a half empty pack of wipes and he can play content for
Sooo 4 month old babies don't have the longest attention span when it comes to toys,
however there are a few things that Elliott's taken a real liking to.
Since the gift giving season is around the corner I thought I would share..
1. His ride or die Teddy
Mr. Taggie
We're real original around here when we come up with names..
Mr. Taggie was a gift and Elliott absolutely LOVES him, I think part of it is because Elli's obsessed with blankets and Taggie is a hybrid teddy/blankie so he's the best of both worlds.
Elli loves hugging Taggie, falling asleep with the blankie portion over his face, sucking on his tags and the cutest is when he trys to grab the tags between his chubby little fingers.
2. Sophie the Giraffe
Obviously this is a cult favorite but I think its a worthy investment. Elliott loves how he can grab her by the legs, neck, head. He drools alllll over her, sticks her little ears into his sore teething gums. Every once and a while I dip her in warm water dry her off and she's good as new.
If you stop by our house any day, any time you will probably see Elli with Taggie under one arm and Soph under the other.
3. GG Giraffe
I named this one Georgie Giraffe and it somehow turned into GG Giraffe so I guess his full name is now Georgie Giraffe Giraffe. Poor guy is missing a antenna, I'm guessing our dog is to blame although I didn't catch her directly in the act, she sneaks Elli's toys every chance she gets! GG is just a random Lamaze baby toy they have them in all different shapes and animals but for some reason he just liked this one (He also has a moose and some insects by lamaze). He likes grabbing his long legs, the jingle bells in the feet, he plays with the rings around his neck and sucks on his ears.
I'm sure not every baby loves blankets as much as Elliott, the kid seriously loves blankies! But I've noticed he really loves this ^ blanket (made for him by our neighbor and its gorgous!). He LOVES the colours he stares at them and trys to touch them and grab little handfuls of blankie in his fists. Its the cutest thing I've ever seen to watch him study the patterns, he looks so focused.
* Blankie time!
*Having some fun on the Newfoundland ferry with Mr. Taggie and Blankie
* Oops forgot about one last toy that's been picking up momentum recently, these hanging bugs..
He's really been into touching them, listening to them jingle. A great distraction for car rides or while at the grocery store.
I got ours at Target but you can get something similar
*During the making of this post Mr, Taggie was involved in a accident..
Luckily we were able to find a spare Taggie at the 3rd Babies R Us we went to.
(they had lots of taggies but we wanted this exact one)
We have a strong suspicion as to who the culprit is that caused Taggies injuries but since there
was no DNA evidence or eye witnesses no charges have been laid.

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