Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lets talk about the wet brush..

I picked this little brush up on a whim..
(did you know a whim is short for the word whim-wham (cute!), I googled it)
I was in the hair salon and I saw it on the counter, it intrigued me so I added it to my loot.
Am I ever glad I did!

While travelling last week I threw the wet brush into my bag, I didn't realise at the time that was the only brush I had taken. So it was the only brush I used for a week straight, and it was ah-ight.
 A week later I returned home had my first shower, hopped out, pulled old faithful the con air hair brush out of the drawer..
and what the??
How had I been brushing my hair with this regular brush for all these years???
Now I know Tabatha Coffey says you should never brush wet hair,
and that may be all fine and dandy if you only have as much hair as Tabatha..
*^ Tabatha
However if I didn't brush my hair while wet, I would probably look a little something like this once dried..
And there ain't no miracle brush that's gonna get through all that.
 Tabatha is right about one thing,
 you can feel the hairs breaking while brushing wet hair with a regular hair brush. With the wet brush it runs through like buttah, I mean I still  brush the left side and the right side separately but I have a hella lotta hair so that's to be expected.
I will be investing in a second wet brush to keep on hand, and probably kicking the con air
to the curb since its been 2+ weeks with zero use and its taking up valuable drawer space.
^ The wet brush website
I don't think they ship to Canada, boo.
But you can find it on amazon and probably at your local hair salon.
While I was on the wet brush website I came across this HILARIOUS invention..
The wet brush Selfie brush...
SERIOUSLY who is buying this??!
Just check out that riveting description..
"A brush to make your hair look great"
"A case to protect your smart phone"
"A handle to help you take a better selfie!"
And a big LOLOLOL from me!
I just lost a little respect for you wet brush,
but I'm still picking up a second brush because
you're the bomb at detangling.

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