Thursday, 26 May 2016

Babe hair extensions: the good, bad and ugly..

I'mmmmmmmm blogging!
If you have messaged me lately and gone without reply..
its because I suck at life.
everyone keeps telling me that so obvi its true...

another story..

one message I keep getting from the interwebz is people wondering how my hair extensions are going aHHHHH! ( I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM)

so I thought I would throw out a quick hair update.
its funny because I haven't lost my passion for blogging, I take blog photos on the daily but I just cant find the time to slap them together into a post.
so the photos and writings you are going to see now and going forward are going to be raw.
I mean, I feel like I've always blogged raw..
but these will be real raw..
think lots of bathroom selfies (I ain't croppin')
spelling, grammar, words... (whats that?? I don't know so don't even judge me)

I had the lob and LOVED it!
I really did!
it was cute and on point style wise
however I grew tired of the lob life
I wanted a long mane back and my hair stylist just happens to be the bomb dot com babe certified hair extensionist of the HRM..
she said I would love them and I do, I really do!
I don't really want to share her.. but she is so good... I can't be selfish..

I did MAJOR research aka watched a dozen youtube vids, read blogs, researched price, application, removal, maintenance.
I said lets do it!

last years chop 2015 ^
that's my own real hair in long version

Three + weeks ago ^
I was SO nervous
I really could not picture how extensions added to my current length would look natural
at my hair appointment prior to application we dropped my root a bit and matched the extensions to my current highlights (the extensions can be dyed darker but we wanted to try and match them as is, and not go through the work of dying before applying, luckily they had a large colour selection. if you wanted a pop of colour via extension, these extensions come in bold colours as well)

the shade selection we ordered, I used 7 bags ^
always think too many versus not enough

2 hours later and voila! ^

I was immediately pleased!
the colour was perfect and the hair blends better than I would've ever imagined!

Its been 3 weeks and I love my hair more everyday
that may sound crazy to non hair people
 I have always been a hair fanatic so this is like the ultimate hair move for me - adding hair, YES!
I have tested out different styles
braids - good but will be better once my own hair grows the tiniest bit, currently a lot of fly a ways
ponies - love the low pony! high pony love as well but there is more chance of extension exposure (I don't really mind this, I kind of love telling people they're extensions lol )
straight - works great with ponytails, baseball hats, again once my own hair grows a tiny bit more I will be rocking it often, its clearer line of real hair /extension when straight
waves/curls - my favorite style atm. It is so easy to wear, you can play around with half up dos, side braids etc.
See below for my daily pics

my biggest fear was the time commitment that comes with long hair, especially extensions..
but it turns out long hair works better for my current lifestyle because I wash it SO. MUCH. LESS.
The gym photo above (pink shirt) I haven't washed my hair in 4 days..
too bad
I still shower!
I use a shower cap and dry shampoo to refresh.
the extensions hold curl really well so when I wake up I can roll out of bed and run out to do my errands after a quick brush through.
anyone who has done short hair knows that rolled out of bed style is not always easy.
some days were fine but most days you have to wash and style shorter lengths, it doesn't take as long but I was doing it more often.
(and a pony tail wasn't really in the cards for my lob length so it was a nuisance for gym life.)

so far we've had one casualty.. ^
it happened last night
I knew I was losing one because I felt the sticky tape and I just knew it was over..
I lost it from the nape of my neck, I've been hitting the gym around 5 days a week and working up quite a sweat so the moisture must have loosened the tape.
water is the hair extension nemesis so you want to always dry your hair after showering etc. mainly at the root, I just got lazy.
they do have hair dryers at the gym so I need to kick my own butt before I have a reverse mullet..
I have so much more to say about extensions..
I'm going to have to stop and come back to it..
what they feel like..
how removal/ reapplication goes..
I will leave you with my last lob photos..
its so bittersweet for me.
I want everything!
short and long!
I LOVE hair change!