Wednesday 16 December 2015


I did a little me splurging (I had a coupon, so sue me ;))

I'm forever looking for a lip liner it seems..
I love, love lipstick especially deeper or redder lippies this time of year but that means bleeding, streaking, and lipstick smudge face if you are not careful.

I had never tried a Smashbox liner before, in fact the only shades of liner I seem to have came from MAC
and its not cheap to stock up on a wide color variety so this 10 pack set seemed like a decent investment.

It cost $93 for the 10 (and I had a $25 off code! Yayyy)
Unfortunately I looked all over Sephora to provide you guys with the link to this set and I can't seem to find it anywhere!
Did it sell out or get  pulled offline already?!?
It just arrived at my house last week!
Alas, here are the swatches in case you're interested in purchasing any individual liners :)

I love that they're twist up, it just makes my life easier when I don't have to find a sharpener.
The colour payoff is excellent and creamy.
When I removed these swatches I used a bit of Bioderma on a cotton pad and it required a bit of muscle to remove but not the impossible "I'll have to wear this liner till I die" type of stay power.

Keep you posted when I actually get to try it out on my lips!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Let's talk about VLOGMAS 2015...

The VLOGMAS season is upon us and like many before me I am joining the masses..
It will only be a mini vlogmas this yearly, mainly because I am forever running out of video memory..
someday when I am a real vlogger I will upgrade but for now, HAPPY VLOGMAS!!

*Also I did an entire VLOG then lost the footage before it got published so that put a grumpy on my vlog-mood


Friday 11 December 2015


Furniture makeover reveal!
This one is not my own so you can't blame me for the non blog worthy photos, alas I think the outcome is share worthy enough to make up for that! *hallelujah hands emoji 

This is the PINSPIRATION for the table, I (along with the rest of the planet) am obsessed with all things gold, and gold flecked, dipped, dabbed, dotted, donuts.. 

I saw so many tables similar to the above at Target before they left Canada.. And they were on the pricey end! It costs to have cool modern stuff! I think the norm was about $69-79 dollars starting, for a cool gold dipped leg side table.

The funny part is.. It costs so little to do yourself! I mean it takes a bit more work but you can totally pull it off for half the price! See my sisters attempt and let me know if it was worth it :)

Picked up this table at a bible thrift store in town (I've still not gotten there, I swear I'm going tomorrow!) it was $5 but 50% off day so she paid a pitiful $2.50! 

I have a OBSESSION with spray paint. Like watch out or I will spray you! 
No brushes, just spray and yay! 
Also spray paint has been making huge advancements, this ain't yo momma's spray paint, this is brand new Krylon Chalky finish paint and it's my new favorite! 

It's almost a dry matte finish, it's durable, full coverage and super modern looking! 

I never ever liked the shade of yellow I had sprayed that oval mirror, it was too big bird for me and it didn't cover up the previous paint colour. I picked up a can of the chalky finish and it took me 10 mins to makeover into a milder yellow, it's currently hanging in Elliott's room which o will reveal once I get some time to snap photos! 

So, if you ask me my sister did these steps backwards but.. 

She taped off the legs, painted the bottom portion with gold leaf paint (originally purchased at Michael's craft store) 

Once that was dry she taped the gold portion off so it wouldn't get sprayed and she spray painted the remainder white. 
(See I would've sprayed the whole thing white then done the gold.. But not my project) 

Honestly how cute??!?

Total cost: 
Table $2.50 
Spray paint $12 
       Barely $15 

I'm up to my eyeballs in makeover projects but I still want to get to that bible thrift shop ASAP!! 

Are you working on anything currently?? 

Thursday 10 December 2015


You're all going to be like "omg, broken record...."

BUT seriously I can't stop being all gleeful! 
If you read yesterdays blog you would know that I got a little visit from the "Christmas Spirit" in the early morning, well low and behold I come home from work in the middle of the night last night and there was ANOTHER gift on our doorstep!!

Has Santa started early???!? what is happening right now ::::::))))))))

I explain everything in the video below but to cut this short I'll just say 
I am so inspired! 
I'm inspired to give back, hand out smiles, be kind to one and all and basically become Buddy the Elf.. 

So if you'd like to join all you have to do is join the #ELFIENATION and spread love.
(obviously it would be nice to give back all year round, but there is just something about this season that really gets ya, right in the heart strings! so start today and maybe it'll stick year round ;))

Christmas present #1!

Christmas present #2!


Wednesday 9 December 2015

Let's talk about Christmas Spirit...

Ok I legitimently just walked out the door, Nick (husband) walked out before me carrying Elliott and there sitting on the porch was a gift bag. 

Nick didn't even see it! Blew right passed and started putting Elliott in the car. 

Me: "hey what's this!"
Nick: "I don't know I thought you put it there to bring"

Someone in our neighborhood started a "Christmas Spirit" pay it forward and it is THE. CUTEST. THING. 

It really brought me back to what this season is all about. I've been so, so, so busy, like 10,000 emails to answer/ messages/ wrapping, cooking, cleaning, working, blah-dy blah to do. 
At the end of the day what I really need to do is be present and soak up all the memories because 2015 is just about up! 

What a fun way to spread cheer, I've already picked up my treats to pass out, now I just have to sneak around the neighbourhood! ;) 

                       SHARE ME :) 

Thursday 3 December 2015


I spent all day yesterday filming random footage for vlogmas day 1
I came home from work put it all together and was quite pleased
Then I deleted the footage before it was uploaded to YouTube and all was lost UGH

I scrapped vlogmas for the day because I was mad but this  afternoon I had an idea for a video
"Sh*t Canadian Beauty Bloggers Say"..
That's it.
It was fun to film!
Enjoy :)

Tuesday 1 December 2015


Winter ugh.
I struggle with dry skin all year round but fall +forward it gets bad.
Especially touching all the paper I touch at work, all I do is sort envelopes.. 
talk about dryness, paper cut city.. 

I've been using a few favorites lately I wanted to share:

I picked up this Salted Coconut scrub at Lush a couple of weeks ago, mainly because it smells soooo good. I am a sucker for coconut anyway, but add in salted.. its divine. 

Sometimes scrubs can be too harsh on my already dry skin but I found this one to be the perfect blend of exfoliate and moisturize. I scoop a handful out and bring it to the shower with me every few days. its really softened the skin on my hands, so much so I started using it on my little piggy's as well!

Cost: $29.99 
Once this is used up I probably wouldn't run out to repurchase right away but I would add it to my gift list for myself and others in the hopes of building a salted coconut stash.

Sticking with scent, the LaVanilla healthy body butter is another to die.
This isn't holy grail moisture but the scent makes me want to repurchase in a heart beat.
It has a great full but not greasy coverage and is the perfect before bed, keep in your car or purse hand cream.

Cost $23.00 at Sephora
Sephora Canada stopped carrying the Lavanilla brand for a hot minute so as soon as I saw it was back I loaded it in my cart! I'm unsure whether its here for good or temporary so you may want to test run it before its gone. *I apologize if you get addicted to the smell and then they make it go away again, don't say I didn't warn ya;)

Life brand skin lotion, this one was a shocker
I thought I had picked up a brand name bottle of moisturizer, when I got home I realized it was this.. meh oh well.
turns out the life brand is so, so much better than the brand name!
It is very hydrating, non greasy, fast drying, all around A+
I like the pump, this is a stationary lotion, kept in my pantry and a second one in the bathroom closet.

Cost: around $10 
I can't remember the exact amount but I've already purchased 3 of these babies so I will check it out next time I'm at the drug store.

The Derma Rescue by Kinderma
This was something I was very excited to try, I suffer from eczema and psoriasis (even on my head! ughhhh) so with a focus on those, I started using this on my shoulders and legs where I break out. 
and BAM, it was the perfect moisturizer for those sensitive areas!
It was very soothing, quick drying, non greasy, non scented and improved the rough psoriasis patches better than any other moisturizer I've used. ( If only they made shampoo and conditioner!) 

Cost: $46.95
available on their website and amazon
Kinderma also has other collections of cruelty free, made in the USA products that I've been looking into, including a hand scrub and a platinum version of their Derma rescue.

If you are someone who suffers like me or are very sensitive to moisturizers (make you rashy, break out) I think Derma Rescue is worth the money! Skin is our biggest organ, take care of yo'self and your organs will thank you :)

Kinderma has kindly offered readers a 
20% off discount using the code 


Good now through the end of the year! 
treat yourself!
(You know I will be since I just scratched/dried my hands out putting up that dang xmas tree!) 



So I've been struggling with what to write recently
Not for lacking ideas or yearning, just because I always think "who wants to read that???"

My life is not particularly interesting
also I've fallen into a what I like to call "blogger peer pressure cooker
I LOVE my blog peers, they've taught me so much but sometimes when you try to take on all of what they advise you end up not blogging at all! 

Ex: So many bloggers are moms, wives, hold down full time jobs etc. etc. etc. 
and their blogs are perfection! perfect photos, no spell check needed, thoughtful well written articles and interactive social media accounts. 

How ladies ??! HOW!?
I can't keep up so I get discouraged and procrastinate. 

Today I remembered I started this blog in 2014 for me!
Non perfect (its on my about me page!)
So I'm back to share it all, interesting or not
I won't commit to an everyday Blogmas but I will commit to letting go of the "I have to be perfect to post" feeling, and get my blog on as much as possible! 

To start a sneak peek of what will be coming to the blog and whats been on the go
Here's to a grand December!

A family that Stuns together, stays together :)
(glasses- target, after Christmas sale .25 cents a pack!)

So many things to make over! Started with this table, will post more..

We been brushin', we been brushin'..
So many teeth!

So much paint!
paint everywhere
we've painted everything but two bathrooms and the guest room in our new house

more table makeovers! see future blogmas..

New couch! Yayyyy

Elliott's room make over.. 
we are getting there!

What I've been wearing! 
This scarf! 
so much scarfing!

same scarf, different snuggle.

What we've been drinking..
cran beer ??? ? 
I just think his minion shirt is so cute I had to post it!
Sears Clearance centre .99 cents!! 

What we've been drinking part 2 and the weight I've gained.... 
whole other story.. 

What Elliott's been eating
and what he hasn't..
picky eaters age18 months has begun.

And finally HO HO! We will post lots of Christmas info/plans/decor this month!
stay tuned and Happy Tuesday!