Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lets talk hair health...

Got damaged hair?
Welcome to the club.. who doesn't really?
With all the colouring, sunshine, blow drying, curling, straightening..
Its hard to avoid.
Since I've been talking about hair so much lately I thought I would cap off the week with these
some of my errrrrryday/occasional hair moisturisers.

 This is what works for me at the moment I'm always up for adding new things to the mix and shuffling around products. I'm a hoarder of many many things, one of those things being hair products.. Love them.
First off start with a good shampoo and condition, I try to hold off as long as possible between hair washes to get that natural oil back on track but honestly I'm a every day to every other day wash kind of gal. As far as shampoo goes I change it up every couple of months but currently I'm loving L'Oreal professional vitamino:
* I love a good bubbly shampoo!
Then its all about the after shower routine:
First I squeeze the excess water off my hair, especially the ends where my hair holds
water like it aint no body's business.
 I do not use a towel, I lean over the tub and squeeze the water out gently.
Then its time for the Moroccan oil, dispense a pump or two on my palm
and massage into ends of my hair in a downward motion.
*Side note: Don't you feel like Moroccan oil is kind of the Kim Kardashian of the hair world??
One day no one knew it existed and the next BAM its making Millions and not going away any time soon.
But whatevs you go Glen COCO-OIL you go, work what cha momma gave ya!
and voila!
That's about it for my daily upkeep routine.
Then its onto the volume and lift products. (those will require a post of their own!)
I'm currently on the hunt for a good blow dry time reducer.. any suggestions???
So next up the real deep conditioning items,
these puppies you're going to want to use on "occasion",
how often of an occasion will have to be between you and your hair!
Its a 10 Spray leave in Conditioner..
If you follow Kate from the small things blog you may have heard her talk about this product, I had to try it out for myself and *surprise* I LOVE it. I use it for those times when my hair is really down and out. If its feeling crispy fried I whip this little diddy out and a few days later my hair will be amazingly rehydrated. I had been using it everyday last Christmas when my hair was fried from the black box dye and it restored moisture really quickly. I may use it every couple of months now when the weather changes and my hair needs a pick up.
 The only thing to beware of is remember this is a leave in conditioner so less is more, it does weigh your hair down a bit so don't overspray.
The its a 10 Hair Mask..
Major keeper in my books, it adds so much moisture
and shine back to my hair without adding the weight.
I use this about once every two months, slather that all over the hair and spend
some time shaving your legs to let it really sink in, then rinse!
Again when I'm feeling it I will bump it up
to as much as once/twice a week depending on my hair/how much time I have for a shower that day!
If I had to choose between the two I would go for the Mask 100%!

  *You can find the shampoo/conditioner & Moroccan oil at hair salons, you may have to ask around if your local salon doesn't carry them.
The its a 10 you can get at target, I have also ordered it from amazon!
- What do you do to keep a healthy hair glow??
- Leave in conditioner or hair mask what do you prefer??


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