Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lets talk top knots..

Oohhh Hair..
isn't it just a love/hate relationship..
So you know when you're like one day away from seeing your hair stylist and your hair is just sooo uncooperative/annoying/ridiculous you don't even know if you'll make it those last 24 hours without completely hacking it all off in fit of pure madness. Yeah I'm right there, luckily I see that glorious hair stylists face tomorrow praise G.
I woke up this morning had second day hair, had errands to run and said "hmm what can I do with this mop" (seriously I said that in my head, there is a lot of stuff that goes on in my head hence why I thought starting a blog would be such a grand idea. Just set alllllll those thoughts free)
Disclaimer: I have no professional hair training I am just a regular gal whose happened to have a lot of hair her whole life. So I understand the long hair don't care but really I do care daily struggle.
 I started with, lets try the double pony day time talk shows are always bragging about.
*You know this thing, make your hair longer and fuller illusion pony.
I stole this image from google search, however I'll link this website in case any of you want to try the double pony illusion. (I hope that's how blogging stolen google images works... give cred, &we're all good?)
The double pony does not work on me, a regular pony DOES NOT WORK ON ME why do I keep trying it. I need more height I need more puff, my head just ends up looking flat and lopsided and blaaaaaaaaaah is the best I can do to describe it. So I do a top knot, everyday I'm top knotting... today however I looked in the mirror and I had two ponies. I thought "hmmm let me just try..." and BAM the double top knot was born (on me, I'm sure its been invented by many others before me I'm not trying to take cred for an entire hair movement or anything..)

*Easy Peasy and looks like you've put slightly more effort than just a single top knot.
Sorry there is no step by step photos for this, I legit did it once and walked away. Its not perfect but it was decent and that's all I can ask for when the chore list is a callin'.
So my hair managed to survive another day and tomorrow I see the Wizard..
The wonderful wizard of hair!!
Stay tuned Bb's!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lets talk about Beauty Box 5...

Soo I've recently developed this expensive addiction.. Called subscribing to monthly things.. all sorts of things.. beauty products.. magazines.. I mean I always loved getting things in the mail (who doesn't!!) Plus I work at the post office and I'm loving these monthly subscriptions to keep that mail flowing ya feel me. However its a dangerous slippery slope, once you get one subscription you want more and more! So every time you open that mail box there's a fabulous surprise waiting for you. Yup its bad... but anyway..

First I signed up for IPSY then I had to try Beauty Box 5, this way I can compare them to see which I would like to stick with long term.. makes sense right.. ? right...????

Without further ado here is my first Beauty box and you know what I was very very pleasantly surprised, I feel like Beauty box doesn't quite have the following IPSY has (its seems every girl on my Facebook was on that dang IPSY waiting list). I thought Beauty Box may be cheaper quality products and maybe they are... Not so high end lets say, but everything I got this month I am really happy with!! They're really useful items, take a look and judge for yourself.

*I tore into that puppy the second I left the post office!
(we have a Po Box so I have to drive there every day to get the mail, can you say annoying..)
*Upon further inspection you can see there is (from right to left):
-Nail Polish
- Chap Stick
- Instant Wrinkle Reducer
- Cheek/lip Stain
- A Extender Tool
I was automatically drawn to the nail polish, I don't know why.. its not my typical nail colour at all. I feel like blue is a terribly hard nail colour for a grown women to wear, isn't it? I don't know why, blue is gorgeous but it makes me feel like I'm 12 years old when I see it on my nails.
However I had it sitting on my kitchen table for a few days and it was calling my name! So on it went and I am impressed! Its a full coverage polish, even still I did three coats (because I'm obsessive like that) but you can stop after two!
And the shade is really really nice!! Its a pale blue which I would normally equate to Spring time wear but its almost a Winter Blue. Maybe even dare I say it a Frozen inspired shade??
*I like it, I really like it
Next the Chap stick obviously a no brainer you can never have too many chap sticks around the house, car, baby bag, purse, bedside, wherever. So check, love it.
The Instant wrinkle reducer I haven't opened so cant judge, stay tuned for that.
The Cheek/Lip stain, oh how do I feel about you? First off I am not a fan of combined stains so I think my review will be biased. I did open it I swirled my finger in it and swiped it on my lips. It seemed dry.. that was that I haven't tried it again. (It may be fantastic, I will give it another shot down the road)
Now the BEST for last, the Extender Wand. O. M. G. where have you been all my life!!!! Such a simple invention but will save me so much time and money in the long run. I can't believe I've never owned one of these before/didn't even know they existed! So many times I've found myself sticking a Q-tip into a bottle trying to get that last bit of foundation or what have you and now I have actual tool, with proper length and a little mini spatula to get that last drop! LOVE IT.
I also loved how Beauty Box included this description card of the items you received (something IPSY lacks) 

FYI this is the price list for Beauty Box subscriptions copied from the website:
You can sign up for whatever plan you'd like! The products are the same, and the only real difference is billing and how much you can save. Monthly subscriptions are $12 a month, but you can save $6 if you go with a quarterly subscription ($30), and you can save $45 if you go with the yearly ($99).
*Shipping is free for US residents and $3 per box for Canadians (booo)
So if you're not convinced check out Beauty Box 5 yourself and let me know what you think.
Do you get either Ipsy or Beauty Box?
Do you think they're worth the investment?
Let a girl know :)

Lets talk Pumpkin Patches..

So its near the end of October 2014..
How did that happen??
However it came about, Summer is long gone and beautiful Fall is in full swing. I don't know about you, but in our house that means time to hit up a pumpkin patch asap. If they weren't so dang expensive in Newfoundland I would have at least 25 pumpkins floating around our walkway/steps leading to the front door. Alas I had to settle for 6 this year (I had been smuggling them home for weeks, Nick didn't realise we already had 3 at home when I picked 3 more up at the patch! muahah) So 6, plus 2 bags of mini pumpkins smuggled over from Nova Scotia, and I was this close to adding a squash to my collection until the cashier at the grocery store said:
"you know this is $9.00? do you still want it??"
 Yup she squash shamed me and I couldn't be that person who spends $9.00 on a decorative squash after she called me out on it so I said:
"Oh my $9.00 (gasp), No No I'll put it back"
 This was our first year visiting a pumpkin patch in Newfoundland, it was a sweet little farm with all kinds of fresh vegetables and really lovely people. Unfortunately we waited too long and the farm had already taken down its pumpkin displays so we had to get some (lamer) photos with the leftover pumpkins, *sigh I only have myself to blame! So next year we will be hitting them up earlier to catch those pumpkin people, plus Elliott will be just over a year old then so how cute is that gonna be?!
*Classic baby in a pumpkin patch pic

*Spot the squirrel?
*Momma and bb

*Fam pic


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lets talk about Revlon...

So is there anyone out there actually reading my posts.....?
Anyone.... Anyone??
No.. OK well I am still Blogging forward.
If you read my last entry about lip colour, you may have noticed I didn't actually say what lip colour I was wearing in my shameless selfie. I did this on purpose! To keep all you millions of readers coming back for more! So here it is..
*Revlon just bitten kissable lip stain
in the shade "Smitten"
I love love love these lip stains, well I only own two but the two I own I love and I am not opposed to owning more! They glide on so smooth and the colour is immediate, one swipe and you're good to go. If you want more you could do one more swipe but I would stop there, you don't want to have clown lips! They have a tad bit of shine but if you're a glossy girl you can add a clear swipe of gloss over top for that little bit of extra glam. That's what I have featured in the shameless selfie (which I will post again for those who didn't see) a swipe of Revlon lip stain and a swipe of Buxom gloss over top. This was not a fresh application photo, these lips had already been to the grocery store and now heading out to fill up our water jugs at the community water spring, yup I live in Newfoundland Canada there is a fresh water tap on the side of the highway, pull over and fill up them jugs my doll!
                                                                Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain


*just the collection of lip products I keep in my purse at all times

*I keep them in this adorable little IPSY bag from you guessed it IPSY!
More posts to come about IPSY if you haven't heard of IPSY.. (where have you been!)
 Google it my friends.
Google to your hearts content

Lets talk Bloglovin..

So I joined Bloglovin because I guess that's what bloggers do..

Do they??
I don't know..
but it cant hurt right!!
Follow me on bloglovin, there's a link to it on my home page clickalick on it :)
*Heres a Elliott pic for good measure

Monday, 27 October 2014

Lets talk about lip colour..

Whether you're a lipstick gal or not there is no denying that lip colour is IN IN IN and probably not going anywhere for quite a while. Gone are the days where a bold lip was only appropriate for those in the fashion biz or maybe a fancy Christmas party. Bold lip colour is acceptable most anywhere.. running to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, grabbing a coffee with a friend, YUP there is a lip colour for that!

Now I'm still working my way into the big, big world of lip colour. I adore swatching it, buying it and hoarding it at my house, however I am still timid when it comes to wearing it! Why why why whyyyy do I do that when I just told y'all how acceptable it is. I guess in part its living in the middle of nowhere Newfoundland, walk into Foodland wearing a fierce red lip and those little old lady heads are turning faster than they would if you did the same in Halifax (the big city for all you non Canadians). And in part its lacking the confidence, I'm not a centre of attention kind of person I like blending into the back round.

So all these lip colour thoughts really came flooding in last week when my cousin sent me a text
"what's a good Mac lip colour?"
 Next thing I know my massive lipstick collection is dumped out on the bed and I was (pleasantly) surprised at the colours I forgot I had. I had got so comfortable in my day to day peachy pinks I had forgotten about my bold colour collection. As I looked at the bright colours, the reds, orange and purples, I fell back in love with a bold lip!   *(especially for these dreary Canadians months coming up.. a pick me up lip colour is definitely in order!)

Morale of the story I vow to break out those bold lips more often. Move over little old lady, fierce lips is here to buy milk!

*Shameless selfies!
Heading out for groceries that day
- Do you love a bold lip colour?
- Do you dare to wear it on the daily?
Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lets talk about Dior..

Oh Dior.. doesn't the word just roll off of your tongue.
J'adore Dior..

Actually this is my first real Dior experience (I'm slowly working my way up to those more high-end brands) but the packaging is so luxe and glamorous I feel like I'm Carrie Bradshaw when I hold it.

 Oh Carrie

I was surfing my way through the other day, made a few purchases then BAM I had 700 Sephora points! Now normally I save them, I don't know what I'm saving them for but I have this fantasy in my head that I will save them up and get this expensive fabulous gift someday. Well that day was a few days ago folks because this little Dior gift box caught my eye and I had to have it!
Now unfortunately Sephora/Dior is not giving out the real deal full size merch in a 500 point gift box however if you're like me you might find that there is just something so gleeful about owning miniature things. I love mini anything they're just so sweet and tiny and I can hold them in my palm, anywho I got this glam box, I haven't had the chance to give everything a test go yet but I want to pass on the word, if you have 500 Sephora points and want a gorgeous miniature Dior gift set the time is now my friends! Happy shopping!!

Miniature items in the Dior gift box:

- Dior instant gentle cleansing oil
Cleansing Oil

I have only used the cleansing oil once so far and was impressed, I am not a cleansing oil girl, I tend to like my pink bioderma for all my makeup removing needs however I'm going to keep it up with the Dior and see if I can give it a real yay or nay.

- Diorshow Mascara

I haven't even touched the mascara because I'm a true lover of my drug store mascara so when I get to it I will let you know!

- Dior addict gloss

The lip gloss addict is so smooth and silky, not at all tacky yet remains shiny with just a hint of colour.

(I believe the shade is Sparkling Melon Pink, but it doesn't say on the tube)

- Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum

The Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum bottle is just so tiny and glamorous. I instantly felt like such a celeb holding it for the first time. The scent is fabulous and rich smelling but still light and airy with almost a tint of baby powder softness.

Overall my advice is if you're hanging onto those 500 Sephora points, you cant go wrong with the Dior gift box give it a try and let me know what you think!

*And girl if you're like me, we know it wont be long before those Sephora points are right back up to 500!

Carrie B

Lets talk automatic save features...

Automatic saves..
Can I get an AMEN!!

So I was here typing away as bloggers do.. Remember I told you my brain is thinking faster than my fingers can keep up with. I looked up and it was gone...

Over an hour of work and links, and googles and thoughts, ALL GONE.
So I panicked, I thought about throwing my laptop out the window. Then I  took a very deep breath tried to remain calm and guess what it worked! I found everything! Some how I clicked away from the page in a mad typing frenzy but thanks to Blogger being a heavenly angel of a blog site they had already thought of people like me and made an automatic save every so often.

Thank you thank you thank you Blogger for saving me from a major blogger meltdown, I could kiss you!

Now onto my next question.. How do you post links in blog posts??????

For real!!! I see the link button up top, I think I'm linking up the link but when I preview the post the link does not work its just a word in bold. Someone for the love of G help a blogger newbie out!

My son loves a good face blankie.
This is currently how I feel.
Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lets talk about Housewives..

I am actually a impostor.. a housewife impostor.

I am acting as a full time housewife, but normally I work outside the home. I am a postal worker have been for 9 years (that's a story for another time). When I think housewife I think, homemaker, stay at home mom, my Nanny, a beautiful loving, supper on the table every night, house cleaning, kid raising type of lady.

I never wanted to be that.
I didn't have the burning desire to stay at home and cook and clean and raise kids. I didn't even want kids at one point in my life (obviously I now have a baby so that changed).

When my husband got a "good" job we had to move to another province, we had to leave family & friends, I took a leave of absence from my job for 11 months (this was before baby). I almost lost my mind. I like working, I went to university for a year then got hired at the post office and have loved it ever since. So how am I ever going to make it as a mom & housewife?? I ask myself that question everyday.

Now that we have a baby we made a choice, I'm not going to return to work full time. When the time comes (in 9 months) I will only go back part time. Well if I'm being honest its not just the baby that made that choice, the last 2 years I have been working part time. When I'm working part time, the house is cleaner, the food is healthier, and we are a less stressed couple because of it. We have been extremely lucky to choose that path. We would have considered the husband being the part time house spouse but his work doesn't give the option of part time (plus he makes more money, so theres that $cha ching).   I said it before I had kids and I'm only more convinced of it now, being a house spouse is the toughest job in the world.

So now the secrets out, I am a impostor.
I am trying to manage everything but not really managing anything, the days all blur together, some days I can pull myself together and sometimes I don't change out of my pyjamas for 48 hours.

All I can say is god bless Canada and their 1 year Maternity leave because we are three months into being housewife/mom and things are barely under control add postal worker back into that sentence and life is going to get even more cray cray.

Obligatory Elliott photos

Lets just take a minute to look at that face

Are you a house spouse?
Are you a outside career worker and a house spouse?
How do you do it???
Tell me your tricks of the trade!

Lets talk about blogs...

Specifically lets talk about how hard it is to start a blog..
or lets not!
Because it just took me 3 hours to figure out how to post something in the "about me" section. WHAT.
Yeah its almost midnight, I've had a very very cranky 3 month old baby boy for the past 48 hours and I'm freaking exhausted so maybe this whole blog thing wasn't the best idea to start at 9pm however its created now, so lets take a breath and move on.

Lets keep things short and sweet, I'm Holly I love to google & I love reading blogs. I write exactly how I speak, its a lot of rambling and won't always make sense. My brain thinks faster than I can type and my spelling is atrocious.

Now that that's all out of the way, welcome, thank you for visiting! Come back again and maybe there will be something interesting going on.
For now I will leave you with a adorable picture of my son he's currently three months old & passed out in dream land ATM. And I am about to go join him! :)

Elliott 6 weeks old
* If this photo doesn't make you want to come back and read my blog, you must be the Grinch himself!