Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lets talk carry ons..

Keep Calm
Carry on..
Luggage that is!!
Sooooo travelling with a baby is never simple, especially when your means of travel is car, boat, car..
Yup we drive approx. 4 hours to the Ferry, around 8 hours on the ferry, then another 5 hour car drive after that...
And Elliott has made that trip 3 times in his short little life of 4 months. Twice I've taken him alone and one time we travelled as a family. The family travel was MUCH easier (thanks captain obvious).
One little hack I've learned is this..
You pack a diaper bag AND a second bag for the boat.
Now this may not be necessary for your method of travel and is definitely not necessary for short trips. I just find it much easier to use the diaper bag for the car portion of travel, then when we get on the boat I grab that second bag and I KNOW it has everything in it that we will need for that long long trip at sea.
(Once you leave your car on the boat you CAN NOT return to your car for any reason, so god forbid you forget his sookie (pacifier) in the car... OH HELL NO... you are in for a lonnng trip my friend.)
Second little tip..
Everything I pack in that second duffel I pack in large zip lock baggies for easy access/organisation.
- baggie of diapers, maybe throw the cream in there, wipes if they fit
- baggie of books
- toy baggie
- baggie of sookies (you can NEVER have too many sookies on hand, once we were far away from home at a going away dinner and my husband forgot the sookie... Yeah we're still married... barely...)
- baggie of babas/formula
You see where I'm going with this..
 It just makes things easier when trying to find something in the middle of a sudden crying baby panic attack, you can straight up grab what you want instead of grabbing the same wrong thing 10 times in a row (we've all been there).
I also throw some extra clothes for the both of us in there, a toothbrush/paste, small makeup bag with eyelash curler (I don't go ANYWHERE without my eyelash curler!), hair elastics, lip chap..
some bottled water...
Whatever you think you may need depending on the type of trip.
One time last year before baby, I was stuck on the ferry for oh about 27 hours so yep now I bring my toothbrush whenever I go. I think I ended up paying like $34 dollars for a mini tooth brush/paste, shampoo, razor in the gift shop. Oh we also had to buy all our meals.. So you may want to throw some granola bars in there too, I normally do!
*baggie prep

*Oh so fancy

*Mars going on a boat, for the billionth time!

*My secret to long trips, freshly washed hair, minimal make up

*I'm on a boat!

*yo ma, I'm on a boat!

*Ever wonder what a cabin on the Newfoundland Ferry looks like,
this is it and it will cost you as much as a fancy hotel fyi.

*OMG we're in Nova Scotia I'm soooo happy!!

*the boat didn't sink Hooray!!!
*After vacation is over with I toss the empty baggies back in the duffel for our next trip!
Do you have any travel tips??
Baby travel does it get easier or harder??? or just different??
Seriously I'm terrified.

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