Monday 31 August 2015

Let's talk about homemade Play Doh!!

My friend April over at The Joyful Tribe blog posted this - Homemade Play Doh! recipe a few weeks ago and we finally had a free minute this weekend to whip it up; it did not disappoint!

I'd been wanting to make it for forever but I knew Elliott's first and only instinct would probably be to shove the entire thing in his mouth.. So I pushed it to a later date!
When we made it this weekend he still took a few bites but there was much fun and smooshing before he realized he could eat it.  hehe

Since this is April's masterpiece and she's my blog buddy I'm going to make you click her link for the measurements but I will post photos of our ingredients and tweaks below :)

First step get naked and hyped up!
(Nakedness optional)

Boil water and oil.

Combine in bowl dry ingredients.

Bring oil/water to rapid boil and pour into dry bowl.

Mix up wet and dry while your Sous-chef is "helping" by removing bowls from the cupboard...

This is where my recipe was tweaked
April used kool aid packets but I didn't have any on hand,
I did have neon food colour and it worked perfect!

Make sure you put 3-4 drops in the center of the doh ball and wrap it or you will have perma dyed hands! Knead the dough with your palm until smooth.

Cute little easter eggs! ^

We put down a dollar store table cloth so I wouldn't be picking Doh out of the floor cracks from here until eternity... Serious life saver!

Then play time!!


YAyyyyy! Fun for all!

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Let's talk about life lately, hair probs and anniversary gifts..

Alright I'm going to write this blog post in under 15 minutes..
My life lately.
What a hot mess.
My life lately looks a lot like this photo:
Wow look at this photo, looks perfect.
Cute kid.
Chic black and white filter.
What more could you ask for, amma right?
Look again:
This is my real life.
Diaper cream on the face.
Playing with my old iPhone.
Pant less.
Yup, Pant less.
I've had no time for nothing lately.
is it just that time of year?
Tell me everyone's feelin' it??
I had a hair appointment last week and I was SO excited.
I love getting my hair dyed and cut, the atmosphere of the salons, the fresh feeling of no split ends/ grey hairs when you leave. LOVE.
I was thinking about going for something like this:
Asymmetrical lob cut, AND I was hoping to get a lot of blonde.
Maybe not quite this blonde but a lot of highlights.
Before pic:
(don't judge any photos from this post, they will not be blog worthy. too bad)
At the salon so hyped up,
Let's do this!
And the after pic:
Womp womp.
So I'm not blonde.
Before you say "go back and tell them to blonde you!"
Its like 75% my fault because this is me when I go to the hair salon,
me: well I was thinking something like this, *shows above photos
hairstylist: ok well what colour do you want your base?
me: whatever you think!
hairstylist: is this enough foils?
me: whatever you think!
hairstylist: how's the cut?
me: whatever you think!
So I take a lot of the responsibility, I know I'm like a freak of nature who likes being surprised by their hair cut/colour. I love when my stylist takes the reigns and tells me what would look good, as long as were on the same page! I don't want to end up with a shaved head and lime green mo hawk but I'm adventurous within the realm of the photo I just showed!
anywhoo I will have to make another appointment and get some blonde added. I should also mention this was the poor girls first day at this salon, my regular hair girl has moved on so I'm on the hunt for a newbie. When (if) we finally get back to Halifax I have my all time favorite stylist Esther and I'm coming for ya Esther!! ;)

Husbands, sometimes they just get it right.
My hubby surprised me with this anniversary tree for our 2 year wedding anniversary.
I'm not going to get mushy because I already did - here
But seriously so cute!
You add a leaf on every anniversary.

Now if I can only remember where these leaves are next year..
that will be the true test on our relationship!
No one wants to see me when I can't find what I'm looking for..
It gets ugly.

BAM 34 mins and counting, nighty night! XO

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Let's talk tuesday beauty favorites...

Tuesday favorites!!
So I went to Walmart on the weekend, Walmart shopping is a very rare occurrence around these parts.
A. because I don't like Walmart.
I said it and it's true.
I would much, much, much prefer Winners (homesense) or Target or Superstore aka Dominion aka Loblaw's?? However there's no Winners in sight, Target up an left and Dominion in central Newfoundland is a far cry from the Halifax version. So Walmart, bleck.
B. it's like an hour and 15 away.
However I had an appointment so I stopped by, I didn't get much because there is never any carts or baskets.
What I did get:
OMG OMG, these Waterbridge MASSIVE chocolate bars are addictive.
I break off a few blocks and nibble on them with a handle of almonds, addictive.
Its been way too long since I white stripped, they weren't on sale (boo) but I had to pick up a box.
There was ONE tube of my Cover girl brow/clear mascara and I snatched it up.
And I almost had one of these, Kate Moss for Rimmel new nude lipsticks but I could not extend my arms to grab one without dropping my whole purchase on the floor. Which in hindsight is probably a good thing since nudes don't flatter me but I swear by the Rimmel lipstick formula. Shade 10 for the win! 

These, these, these Marcelle cleansing cloths.
I picked them up on a whim because I ADORE their gentle foaming wash, the cleansing cloths did not disappoint. BOMBdotCOM.
I was just about to purchase more online but said "HOLDUP"..
On the Marcelle website they're $12.95!
I honestly am not sure how much I paid at Walmart, I didn't think they would be that pricey because Marcelle is very affordable but Yikes.
That's the kind of price where you ask Santa to bring you a stock pile for Christmas.

Oops forgot to tell you, Cover girl clearly watched my YouTube video where I suggested they switch up the style of their brow gel tube. Unfortunately you're still falling flat CG, get some colour appeal or something on that bottle! Thanks for watching tho ;)

I cleaned my brushes this weekend!!
I use the beauty blender solid to clean all my brushes and blenders. It is seriously the easiest most efficient cleaner (IMO) out there. Love it, and I must not be alone since its sold out on

We ended the weekend with TWO trips to the fair Circus!!! (See IG for explanation)
It was so fun and mildly disgusting.
I was immediately sucked into buying a $4 tiny cup of popcorn because of the delicious waft of butter blowing through the air.
Then I immediately regretted the decision when the lady serving it up handed me the cup with the same hand she was just using to wash the dirty old counter tops, with a dirty old rag, and her super dirty ol' fingernails...

Seriously there were dirty suds on my popcorn cup..
Oh the things you don't notice when you're a kid...
All the glitz, glam and shiny lights seem so appealing and clean when you're 18 and under.
Next time we will skip the popcorn.

What'd ya do all weekend??
What's ya favs??
Where ya too??

Thursday 6 August 2015

Let's talk about buns of steel...

I went for a walk tonight, it was the first walk I've gone on in a while.
I don't know if it's me or the endorphins talking but I am convinced this needs to be a blog post..
Love it or hate it??
I hate it.
I've always hated it.
So, exercise is on the list of things I don't like.
On the list of what I do like.. Money.
A few years ago when I had the opportunity to get more hours at work I took it.
The down side to that promotion, it meant I had to exercise.
Flash forward, 6 years later & many, many, many, MANY blisters, screams, cries, wishing I could quit, wanting to break my own leg so I would have an excuse to quit, interesting stories later...
I've come to miss my walking routines (been on Mat leave the last year), I can feel the lack of energy, weight creeping up, etc.
Tonight I decided to change things, I went for a walk.
1. The Beginner/Sea legs strut
WTF, what am I doing??, Why did I do this???
I'm so shaky, Everyone can tell!, OMG I'm so embarrassed.
No one look at me, I SAID DON'T LOOK AT ME!
2. The Megan Fox /Hips don't lie swag
Ok I'm not shaking anymore but I look like a complete loser!
Maybe if I swing my hips a bit I'll look professional, fake it till you make it.
 I'm swinging too much I look like a complete embarrassment!!
OMG I pray no one saw me!
Don't make eye contact with any passing vehicles, UGH.

 3. The Mull River Shuffle
An amazing song comes on the ipod..
Quite possibly a song from 2001,
Just examples...
You start to get your mojo, I don't care who sees me lip-syncing!!
 this song is the bomb diggity!
Bring back the Y2K!!!
Then the final stage.

4. Beast Mode Cowboy
And there you have it.
A few stages of exercise.
Of course you can then expect the following morning/mourning stage..
5. Death please take me now
Every thing hurts.
I'm hoping someday soon I can get back to being this BAB --------->
^ This girl walked so much she wore a satchel to her wedding! ;)
Please tell me someone can relate to this post???

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Let's talk about currently, August 1st 2015..

What we've been eating currently..
I saw this copy cat muffin recipe on the lovely Hungry Homemaker blog and I knew I had to make it, I too love Costco samples! I take anything they give just for the pure thrill of getting something free; then I make Nick eat it because normally it contains bread or is just unappealing to my stupid intolerant palette.. but the thrill!!!!

The muffins turned out AWESOME, I will definitely be adding these to my rotating muffin making list, which currently only has one muffin.. a banana muffin.
So easy peasy, my only tweak would be to take mine out a minute or two earlier because my oven runs a bit on the hot side but Fran did warn of that I just got distracted.
See her Costco copies recipe - here
Oooh wait one more thing, Fran if you're reading this you know how it says spray muffin tin, then scoop into muffin liners.. ? Am I suppose to do both, all my life I've either been muffin lining or spraying.. I need muffin clarification for beginners hehehe
What we've been doing currently:
Life has been crazy recently & I haven't wanted to blog at. all. It started to feel a bit like a chore and a chore I'm not even making an allowance off of - the worst kind! #impoor
So I had to take a step back for a second and remind myself why I blog; I do it for me because I like it and I want to ramble about useless info.
So that's what I'm going to do, back to my roots! It's easy to get caught up in the blog world of,
"You need to stick to a blog niche"
"You need to be active constantly on all social media"
"You need to follow these rules to make your blog grow fast!"
Well I'm over it. You don't instantly make big bucks from blogging so why am I working my butt off people pleasing for like $2 a week..
Yes I want my blog to grow but I'm doing it on my own terms bishes! - A
We got a sandbox!!

Elliott loves it, it keeps him occupied for a solid 3.25 minutes! Record breaking!
Do you guys know how much sandboxes cost these days?!?!??
Too much.
This price may be slightly inflated because Newfoundland but still...

$54.99!!!!!!!!!!! BLARNEY.
And this was on the low price end, not THE lowest because we needed a lid - Ew cat poo.
Swimming lessons, that's a wrap!
Daily for 2 weeks.
We're going to miss it! It kept me accountable for being somewhere, I am the queen of "let's skip it"...  it is amazing how a $24.99 swimming fee can change a person ;)

I was all about the report card, baby book material!
What I've been wearing currently:
My favorite, favorite regular gal hair guru Kate (in videos I keep calling her Kate Smallthings for some reason... Her name is Kate Bryan, her blog is The small things blog.. I know this but yet I continue the Smallthings last name trend..)
She did a great tutorial for really loose braids and I've been rocking them constantly.
I love that she says "you have to use a dutch braid!"
All these years months of trying to get loose regular braids- dumb dumb dumb!
Here is that tutorial - stretched out braid DIY  

Do you ever wear something every day for one whole season then you put it in your closet and forget about it for the rest of eternity??
I forgot I had this Joe fresh green button up tank from a few years ago, I spotted it squished between hangers the other day and I honestly heard Peaches and Herb the moment I slipped it on..
I am not the only one losing my mind currently:
My husband went to work and hours later I stumbled upon chicken leftovers in our sons room..
Obviously snapped a pic because we only communicate through text.
We laughed and laughed aka typed LOL back and fourth for a while..
(parenting lowers your comedic threshold.. times are tough ok..) 

What's the craziest thing you've misplaced while distracted and come to find later???
Happy August everyone!!! XO