Monday 29 June 2015

Let's talk about my favorite sunnies..

First off, let me say how excited I am to be cost hosting this link up with Jana and Maegen!
How excited am I??
Excited, Whoooooo!
I've always felt that sunglasses were that one accessory that never let you down,
you know what I mean?
Yes I love scarves and shoes.. but sunglasses are the spanx of the accessory world, am I right??
They cover things up and help out on those "I need a 26th cup of coffee" days.
So let me introduce you to my current fav sunnies, mind you one of many.. but I really, really like these ones.
It is my dream to have an amazing sunnies storage system like Essie Buttons, if you don't know what I'm talking about click here to see - fabulous.
Without further ado, welcome to my sunnies..
I know, so cute!
They're my favorite style of sunnie, LARGE.
They're black/brown tortoise pattern and have little teeny tiny studs along the top rim.
I picked these up at Joe Fresh and they were a whopping $19.99!
Unfortunately I can't seem to find a sunglasses section online, which is a crying shame because I order from Joe Fresh all the time and I wouldn't mind tossing an extra set of spectacles in my next order. 
None the less I will leave you with the website for browsing - Joe Fresh
because my shirt is also Joe - find it here
my pants are my very fav comfy casual Old Navy pant - Old Navy (similar)
And my necklace is - Winners!

Since we were modelling Elliott wanted to show off his Joe Fresh Sunnies, but it was extremely windy so that plan was a bust.
"Mom I love this necklace!"
So lets keep this sunnies party going and take photos with some other favorites..

Both sets of white rimmed glasses are from Ardene, I love that store for a quick accessory haul.
I picked up 3 pairs for my wedding and they were an amazing 3/$10!
*We didn't even end up using them on the big day because that day was mad hectic, but good to have them on hand ;)

The final two shades are from forever 21, they rival Joe Fresh for my favorite sunnie selection.
The price range is from $7-12 dollars and they're always so stylish and on trend.

I've owned this bottom pair (yellow & red) for 5 years and they're still one of my favorite accessories I have ever owned - $8 well spent!

Do you pay the higher price tag for brand name sunnies?
Do you stick to one set and never lose them?
Or do you hoard cheaper pairs everywhere in your house and car like me?
Then end up sitting on them and misplacing them constantly ;)
Comment below!

And link up with these lovely ladies!!
Mingle the sunnies marathon! xx

How cute are Jana and Maegen?!

The Creative Closet

Let's talk about changing times..

Hi there.
If you're reading this it means one thing, 
I'm already gone...
I cannot believe that one year could go by so quickly.

^ Me this time last year at 40 weeks, waiting for Mr. Elliott to arrive.
Spoiler he didn't come for 2 more weeks.

I can't even go there with the whole pregnancy/birth story because its just too much, maybe someday I will dedicate a multiple blog post special but right now nope.

Today is my first day back to work and leaving a babe behind, (I always hated to leave my pets but I knew they could hold down fort for a few hours) this time it is different.

I am not a schedule person I need a big commitment like, working for pay to hold me accountable. A work place that requires me to show up at a particular time so I can't procrastinate; I think it's going to be helpful keeping me on track in all areas of life.

& I've worked at the post office a long time so I'm not scared of the job, I'm actually really excited to go back!
I'm just scared to leave Elliott, what's he going to do without me for 4+ hours a day????
Seriously he's a really, really exhausting child..
I'm worried all the babysitters in town are going to go running for the hills after the first day, babysitters must prep themselves for this kind of thing right???

So that's that, I'm back at it.
& what's this going to mean for the blog you ask??

I've been mulling over that one for a long time myself.
I know a blogging schedule is the way to go, but I just admitted to being a terrible scheduler..
However this blog has become way more to me than just a disposable hobby so its on my high priority list to keep going.

At first I thought I could stick to posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday..
I tried to do that the past few weeks and well it was pretty disastrous.
Now I am committing to you Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Hopefully that will allow me to get one post ready on weekends and 1 throughout the weekdays.
(That being said don't hold me to it... looky here this post is posted on a Monday! ;))
(Tomorrow does have a scheduled post though, how organized of me ;))

Trust me I have TONS left to say, I've become majorly blog-vested and I can't wait to see how my posts/life changes in the coming months. Stay Tuned!

*Ooh also- don't think its lost on me how amazing it is to have had the opportunity to stay home with this little ham for an entire year!

It's been the shortest year ever but its also been the longest, was there ever a time Elliott wasn't in our lives????? Oh yeah there was, it was glorious times of freedom.. trips to the grocery store all alone whenever I wanted and sleeping in until noon, I remember ;)

Wish me luck!!
Comment tips and tricks for working/blogging/babying
Help a girl out! :) xx

Thursday 25 June 2015

Let's talk about five by fall..

Sometimes being a member of beauty blogger networks is bad, really bad.
Because they're complete enablers!
You won't hear many..
"No, don't get that stunning highlighter, lipstick combo pack... and definitely don't get that just released, ridiculously expensive, insanely beautiful new foundation"

However there are perks and they far outweigh the bad!
Lets be honest the only negative to enabling in this case is the money thing..
and money ain't nothing but a chicken wing.
Moving on.

When Angela from Raincouver Beauty asked if anyone would want to join her use 5 by fall mission I was like "YES"..

I need to use products up, its a crying shame.
So without further ado here is my 5, plus a couple extra just in case ;)
1. Victoria Secret fragrance - discontinued scent, similar
2. Lush Santa lip scrub - Christmas time release, similar
3. Fresh Rose face mask - Sephora
4. Fresh Sugar lip treatment - Sephora
5. Mac concealer - Mac
Luna is very excited for this endeavor ^

As for my extras I'm really going to try and use up these Glam Glow eye masks

And my favorite Maybelline colour whisper in pin up peach.
If you want to join in please do and leave your blog in the comments below so I can follow along.
Fall officially starts September 23rd so pick you items now, and use them till you lose em!
I also did a quick little video of my items, see below &
Be sure you check out the other ladies participating in the challenge :)
Alanna from Classy on the run
Chelsea from Olive & Ivy 
Sandra from Sandies Stash
Maria from Pink Petals

Monday 22 June 2015

Let's talk about Firmoo glasses...

I have wanted to wear glasses for as long as I can remember..
Honestly since I was a little girl, I was always envious of anyone with the 4 eyes.
Because you can pick a style and change it every few years, its an extra accessory like a necklace or earrings.
There is just something so cool and chic about them!
So when reached out and asked if I was interested in test driving a pair of their adorable frames I was all over it.
This was the first I had heard of the online optical store but as soon as I browsed the site, I knew I was in eye glass heaven! They have such a hefty selection and new arrivals coming in on the daily.
They not only offer prescription lens but also stylish fashion frames for the accessory lovers (like me!).

Immediately after speaking with Firmoo I was online browsing and had my glasses ordered that night. To my delight they arrived less than a week later, honestly under a week! (I work at the post office ladies and gents, that's speedy shipping!)
The frames themselves are sturdy and stylish; they came with a carrying case, bag, mini screwdriver and lens wipe.
My very favorite part of the process was the virtual try on feature!
And perhaps my only teeny tiny gripe... (if you can even call it that ^ see above)
The first photo I uploaded was sideways and I wasn't sure how to straighten it, but I then turned to my webcam which worked like a charm! (Minus that in bed, not as cute web cam photo quality ;))
I spent all night comparing frames and deciding which was the most flattering. I even had my family involved and my sister made me forward her the site so she could use the virtual tool and order a pair of fashion frames. 
Since I wanted to write a completely honest review I decided to let the website do the dirty work and I went with what looked best via the online try on, which ended up being the blue turquoise cat eye
(Or so I felt.. What do you think?? 
bottom row third from left).
I absolutely love them!
I've been wearing them constantly and plotting my outfits around them.
Since Firmoo is so awesome they're offering my readers/new customers
15% off site wide, click here to browse!
I will definitely be heading back over for another virtual try on because I'm eyeing up these babies, and did I mention how affordable they are??!!

Now Elli says...
"mom wrap it up and get going on our walk! Also I think you're a fool for not wearing sunglasses today but at least your frames are on fleek!"

* I was sent these frames for review but as always every word is honest and true via my opinion! :)

Friday 19 June 2015

Let's talk about shopping favorites and a haul...

I've said it before and I will say it again...
If I had to pick my top three clothing stores and was only able to shop at those 3 for the rest of my life - done, done and done.
In no particular order.. because I truly could not pick.
- H&M
- Joe Fresh
- Gap (and its sister store Old Navy on occasion only because they provide ankle pant lengths)
I subscribe to a lot of email lists but those are the stores I really pay attention to when I hear that email ping!
My style is very relaxed, simple and easy, peasy, breezy you know what I'm saying.
Ex - 
Day at home: a plain oversized T, with leggings and my hair in a bun = perfection!
The next day, oops I've got some errands to run, lunch with girlfriends and then a movie with Nick...
That same plain T, tucked in loosely at the waist to these adorable Pixie pants ( I own like, 5 pairs of these!) statement necklace and a bit of lipstick.
Super chic yet super comfy, and almost no effort was made.
(but it looks like effort was made!)
(I may have lied about the same t shirt part, if you own kids or maybe animals you know to pick up multiples of clothing items because ain't no way you can wear something two days in a row without.. crusties stuck to it...)
Its been rather chilly here in Newfoundland so I've been getting away with wearing a lot of sweaters... Yeah its been that chilly.
Then we finally had a toasty day!! Whoooo hoooo and I roasted my butt off!
I have a few maxi dresses but I really needed some easy pieces for everyday.
Yes, PING! Joe Fresh email 25% off.
See the results of my haul..
These photos are nothing special just me testing out my new gear :)
(Ok the blue is a bit hospital gownish but with a major statement necklace... picture it)



Also shorts...
Ughhh when your leg to waist ratio is as mine, shorts are the worst!
I found the above shorts at Target last summer and I really loved how they were a bit loose but not too bulky and they didn't do that uncomfortable one leg riding up thing..

I found a similar pair at Joe and picked them up too!
Here's the link who likes short, shorts??

Happy Shopping!! XO

Sunday 14 June 2015

Let's talk about planting roots, moving and freedom..

This time of year I always feel maxed out.
Girl guides is wrapping up and as much as I love those little critters.. - they SERIOUSLY wear a leader out. 

Not to mention it's fundraisers, camp planning, badge ceremony mayhem for these next couple of weeks. 

Also did I mention.. 
Our house is for sale???! 
That's all I can say for now, basically because that's all I know! Hahah it's for sale.. We will see where that leads! 

So that's a whole other dilemma, keep the house in showing condition with 3 cats, a dog and a baby, greattttt. 

And let's just throw into the mix me returning to work in two weeks. 

I can't, I just can't even. 
So the beauty posts have been light lately but bear with me :)) 

Today I'm going to share a tiny little DIY, (I know I've been the DIY queen as of late) seriously though this is beyond easy. 

First, save all these ugly baby milk cans (or any old can!) for a rainy day. 

Second, oh hey these are cute spray paints. (I have a spray paint collection growing, but spray paint! You can use it for everything!)

Third, spray cans. Light dustings so you won't have globs, allow drying time in between until satisfied with colour. 

*tip spray paint really travels! Watch out for clothing and shoes. Do not spray red while wearing crocs... Unless you enjoy being called chicken pox feet. Uh huh!

Where are we at.. Fourth?? 
Bring inside and say to self "Awww these turned out pretty"

Fifth, collect plenty of rocks and stagger them at the bottom of the tins for drainage. 

Six, buy pretty, pretty succulents and transfer into tin pots! 

Seven, sit back and enjoy your beautiful new garden which will surely entice people to buy your house! 

Whooo hoooo someone buy our house so I can have some new blog material!! ;) 

Happy Monday bloggy friends!! XOXO

Friday 12 June 2015

Let's talk about the marvelous Mia..

So a few months ago I compared the facial brushes
Olay Pro
See original here: Mia VS Pro
I still stand by that outcome.
I love, love, love my Mia!!
She's an investment for sure, but worth it for me.
So have I mentioned I'm a procrastinator??
No?? Oh I must've put it off...
Ha. Ha.
I am, MAJOR.
You are suppose to change the brush head every 3 months...
Well its been close to 5 here yikes, and I am just getting around to doing it.
This is the exact Clarisonic I own, there are now numerous upgrades which of course look amazing but are terribly pricey so I will be happy if I don't have to upgrade for quite some time.
I purchased my Clarisonic at Sephora, and returned there to purchase my replacement heads.

However while browsing I noticed an online only offer 2x the replacement for $49.00 (still available as of tonight, June 11th 2015!)
So I picked up this little duo because...

If you purchase the replacement brushes on their own they're a hefty $31.00 a piece, I'm considering picking up a second duo before that deal is gone!

Now onto the point of this post!
I was interested to see how easily the replacement brushes removed/reattached, so I went ahead and filmed my very first attempt!

Enjoy XOXO
Happy weekend, happy weekend!

I beg you to not judge my *beauty* blogger knowledge based off my appearance in this video.
Beauty is on the inside and outside after all....
Let's just pretend I was having an extraordinary inner beauty day! ;) ;)

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Let's talk about the secret to facing a clean house..

If you live in a house like mine Spring season is a joyful time of year. 

The sun starts shining, the windows can finally be opened, a waft of clean fresh air blows through the house..

Oh and the pet hair is shedding so rapidly it can be vacuumed straight out of the sky, literally.. 

^ Honestly that's my hubby vacuuming air. 

So when Edna wrote me asking if I would be interested in posting a piece of her blog work titled "The Secret to facing a clean house" it didn't take much arm twisting. 

Edna is a co owner of Call Cleaners, 
so I trust these tips because they have been tried and tested. 

Check out below for Edna's article and leave us some spring cleaning tips in the comments! 

*seriously any furry pet owners you know the struggle! 

Holly XOXO


The secret to facing a clean house



Keeping your house constantly clean can be a big challenge. Decluttering and organising every room can be not only exhausting, but also very tedious in certain moments. The worst things of all is that you have to lose hours in scrubbing, washing and polishing of different objects and areas of you home, just so that you have to do it again a couple of days later. Even though it seems impossible to maintain your property always in top condition, there are some tricks which could make the cleaning easier for you as well as prolong the effect of your work.


Maintaining the good order in your home will certainly require a lot of time and efforts, so it is important to try and make things as easier for you as possible. Now is the time to start planning carefully your time, so that you can get everything done after all without sacrificing your personal time. The secret to the maintaining of a clean and clutter-free home is certainly the good organisation, so don't waste any more time and get to work. The following tips from N5 CallCleaners will help you with the planning of your cleaning chores, so that you can work faster and more effectively:


• Make a schedule with your cleaning tasks – One of the best ways you can get organised is by preparing a schedule with all cleaning chores you have for the week. You can either write everything down on a piece of paper or you can also try using a special app, which you can install on your phone. Based on the free time you have, you can designate one specific cleaning task for each day of the week or you can think of some other way to distribute your chores.
• Use your time effectively – You can help yourself by simply learning to use your time more effectively. Whenever you decide to run the dishwasher in the kitchen, for instance, you can also wipe the worktops and disinfect some other areas of the room. This way you will have less things to do later and you will know that your time in the kitchen was well spent. 
• Store all of your cleaning supplies in one place – While you are looking for all of your cleaning products and other supplies you lose valuable time. You can solve this problem by simply storing all necessary materials in one place. Inspecting them regularly is another good idea. After all, you don't want to start cleaning the windows and realise that the bottle of your favourite cleaning spray is empty.
• Don't keep things you don't really need – One of the biggest mistakes we all make is to store various objects in our homes that we never use. From old clothes and shoes in the wardrobe to broken appliances and damages furniture, it is enough simply to look around and you will certainly find a lot of useless things. Except that they take valuable free space, they also make the cleaning of your home harder for you. That's why you can challenge yourself by organising a 20 minute declutter procedure for every room of your property. You will be surprised how effective this trick will be. 


Having a clean and organised house all the time won't be a dream any more. With a couple of simple but effective tips you will be able to free the different premises of your home from the grime and all unnecessary things. You will see that with a little planning you won't even feel exhausted as usual after the disinfection of the place. So, don't wait any more and start with the plans.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Let's talk about being too faced...

That title works..
because today I'm being of two faces,
aka I am wearing 2 different mascaras and also I am going to be talking about too faced the brand.
If you mingled about the beauty back roads you may have heard of the mascara Better Than Sex.
Its kind of a cult classic, a favorite amongst the YouTube world. Its the first thing to pop up if you search for the Too Faced brand on the Sephora website.
I have always been a dedicated drug store mascara girl, now I don't mind if I get a mini high end mascara with gift of purchase or something like that but I've never purchased a high end mascara on my own.
Well I decided enough was enough and I took the plunge with the Better Than Sex....

For this battle of the brands I decided to face off my trusty CoverGirl Lashblast $8.97 at Walmart

Too Faced Better Than Sex $30.00 at Sephora

I started with bare lashes, curled then out with the wands!
I made a Youtube video of the application you can check out here..
^ Disclaimer: These will probably be my most embarrassing videos to date...
I was really tired while filming... things got kind of awkward... not gonna lie..
These photos are directly after the said awkwardness....
What do you think???
I know this is a very personal debate and ladies are either very for or against high end mascaras.
Overall I am very pleased with the Too Faced,
It did add bulk to my lashes in thickness form
It did lengthen
A little flakage (not major)
Harder to remove (see below video)
Price point
Final thoughts, I would 100% recommend the Too Faced Better Than Sex!
I think it delivered on its hype and would be a holy grail for someone with thinner, shorter lashes.
For me personally I'm not sure I see enough difference to completely make the switch.
I love how easily my Covergirl removes and I can see me wearing that on the daily while throwing in the BTS for more glam nights.
Covergirl I still got your back girlfriend but TooFaced I'm on board for recommending you to my lash wondering ladies!
So its a WIN WIN! 
Now I will proceed to insert the most embarrassing video of life..
but this is a real blog, not a cool blog so I've got nothing to hide!
Have you taken the BTS test yet??? Do you love it?
Can you tell from the photo below which eye has which on it??? without scrolling to the answer.
Go ahead give it a guess...
DING DING DING! Did you guess correct????
Tell me in the comments below!
Happy week everyone! XOXO