Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lets talk about throwing a fit..

Crafts are my thang.
That's why I love Pinterest so dang much.
(I haven't figured out how to link Pinterest to my blog yet, the struggle..)
Anywho earlier this year I got in contact with some Girl Guide troops around Canada and we decided to do a Trader Swap.
What are Swaps you ask??
"Swaps are small crafts that girls (and leaders) wear on their camp hats. Most SWAPS will have the person’s name, unit name and/or date when and where the SWAP was made. Some swaps have a theme, Christmas, Valentines, camping, rallies…or are just general items that can be attached by a pin toyour hat. Sometimes, Swaps can be badges or crests."
So we have been very busy at Girl Guides recently and hadn't got around to making any Swaps for these other troops but we had already received a parcel in the mail from a Brownie troop in Nova Scotia. Wanting them to receive a parcel back ASAP and not having much crafting materials available here in town (Ughhh the stuggle of small town living, you better be on the ball weeks in advance if you need something) I put my Pinterest boards to work and pulled a super easy craft the girls could make with very little materials needed.
^^^^ Meet our Little Fit
It was such a simple project (although you'd think I had asked the girls to solve the quadratic formula the way they whined when I told them to cut 25 pieces of yarn)
All you need to do is print these poems out prior to
(We "laminated" them with packing tape)
Cut 25 pieces of yarn, all relatively similar sizes
Line yarn up all together, then fold in half to create
Little Fits 'head'
Tie off at the neck
Hot glue eyes
Pin the poem
and Voila!
You have a Little Fit!
(Instructions probably were not needed for this craft,
 the pictures are pretty self explanatory but just in case!)
A whole lotta Fits to be thrown!
The girls loved the finished product, they wanted to keep them for themselves!
Do you have any Girl guide ideas for me?
Are you interested in Swapping with our troop
Send me a message! :)


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  1. Haha I'm actually doing this for my Girl Guide Troop! We're working on Emotional Maturity and Regulation (we have a few Special Needs Girls, and this seemed like a wonderful opportunity) and I'm putting together an "Emmotion Management" kit, and I've been looking for a printable to go with the little guys.