Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lets talk about Audiologists..

If ears or ear related posts freak you out,
do not read beyond this sentence..

When Elliott was born they marked his right ear for a referral to see the audiologist, we know he can at least hear a bit from that ear because we've done the head swinging test. You know standing on either side of him and making faint noises, yeah his fat little head swings around like no ones business. So we were not that concerned, the doctor said the same thing typically newborns just have some fluid in their ears when they're born so they get a referral to see her.

So last week the audiologist did some ear tests on him but we could tell she was struggling to get a reading, she then said his ears were too full of debris to get a reading.. umm ew.
I joked saying to him in my baby voice:
"you have dirty ears Elli! ew"
At this point the audiologist shocked face looked up and said:
"Oh no no no no don't say that! its just some wax its perfectly normal!"
Ok...... It was just a figure of speech you know like potatoes in your ears, I didn't think my little baby who can barely hold his head up had actual dirt in his ears. So I guess no ear jokes around audiologists, its all serious business up in EAR... (hahaha so punny)
Moral of the story she couldn't get a good reading but shes not too concerned, she just wants to see him again in January. She said babies temperature runs so warm the ear wax should fall out on its own (again ew) And when we got home, maybe from her sticking the ear scope in there all day & loosening things up this little nugget of ear wax fell right out! (double ew/YAY Elli!!).
*Checking those ears

*Hand kisses

*Ummm who does this lady think she is??!
After all that ear testing & a visit to the pumpkin patch I wanted to push things even further and stop at the community centre to get Elliott's Halloween photo taken.. Lets just say he was seriously finished by this point, here's the proof..

*"Are you kidding me"

*Its written all over his face.
Done like dinner.
*To finish up the day we saw some moose
frolicking through the Community Centre parking lot.
Just an average day in Newfoundland Canada
Anyone else' baby have similar ear issues?
(Elliott does have his dads um larger ears so we were not surprised by
the excess wax when you've got ears that big!)

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