Friday, 14 November 2014

Lets talk high five for friday!!

So if you are a blogaholic you may have stumbled upon these two sisters..
(I have been following them for the past few years so I feel as though we are actual friends... sometimes talking about them like "Oh Kate said the funniest thing the other day*... * Yes I'm Creepy..*)
Kate is a hair genius! you've probably seen her pictures floating around on pinterest for the past few years..
And Laurens more of a fashion/design blogger..

* And can we just take a minute to talk about how obsessed I am with Laurens bedroom..
Those are peel and stick stripes people! Peel and Stick! Fabulous!!
If only I could have so much white in a room...
3 cats, 1 dog, baby, husband.. I need everything black.
All black everywhere, all da time...
If you want to see more pics go hit up her site.
Anywho they do this thing called "high five for Friday" every Friday obviously.. where they basically recap the highs and lows of the week. That sounds like fun so I'm stealing it!!
Probably the highest high and the lowest low of the week was finally making it back to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia. That dang ferry! It was cancelled the night I was suppose to come home and then it was delayed the following day. I arrived at the terminal at 9:45am and they told me we weren't leaving until 4pm!  Now hanging around a ferry terminal allllllll day with a 4 month old and a golden retriever is not exactly my idea of a party however they told me if I didn't catch this boat there wasn't another one available for a week...
So lets get this party started ferry terminal!!
We made it back to Newfoundland late so we rented a motel room for the night. Baby's first motel stay woooooo hoo!
*Sweater weather for baby and mom
Check outs at 11 am, we leave at 10:59..
Just call me Ross.
If you don't get this reference we cant be friends.. ;)
If you still don't get it, there is no hope for you.

*Mar chowing down on her supper the night before,
they don't stock pedigree in the vending machine shocking!
*Breakfast of champions!!
*On the road again!
*Newfoundland trying to get on my good side
by looking all pretty.
*Got my toys mom, I'm good to go!

*Anyone elses car look like this when they travel??
We will be getting a van at some point..
So anywho I am back on the rock! Now I'll need about 2 weeks to unpack all our luggage and wash all the laundry.. ughhhhh
Next high five is for...
Lets be Cops!
Rented this little comedy the other night and it was surprisingly good! It had more of a storyline than I thought it would, I would recommend it for the $5 it cost on Xbox rentals. The only thing is if you're a New Girl fan the entire movie you think you're watching Nick and Coach. I kept waiting for Schmidt and Winston to make a appearance.
*Seriously why is no one giving Schmidt his own movie???
High five for the Happy tree!
(AKA the Angel tree in Nova scotia, when you bring a gift for a child so they will have presents on Christmas)
 Last night Nick and I took Elliott to the opening of the happy tree in town, its a little ceremony with Christmas carols, a story and prayer then anyone who brought a gift gets to drop it down a little chimney - so cute!
And finally high five for Ellen's Christmas album!
Seriously this lady gets me every time.
I already own about half the songs on this album but its like those piercing blue eyes just see into my soul and tell me you must own this, buy me buy me now..
*She is wearing a penguin sweater people..
how can you resist?!?

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