Saturday 30 December 2017

Happy New Year!!! Help a Bloggy out..

I am writing this from my brand new MacBook Pro!!!!

So exciting and also going to take me so freaking long to learn all the ins/outs!
oh well. trade offs. lol

Nick got me this sweet little surprise Christmas gift and he really pulled out all the stops to surprise me. First off I thought for sure we were too broke to afford such a lux gift (spoiler we are still too poor lol) and secondly, he put hand weights and kettle bells into this huge box to throw me off the scent.

I thought it was a desk from IKEA maybe...
It was so heavy I really wasn't thinking laptop.
At most I thought maybe he would splurge on the camera that I wanted.. that would've been much less expensive.. but I am NOT complaining! yayayyayayay.

Did any one try any of my breakfast recipes?!
Dang I forgot to add that to the questionnaire at the bottom.
If you did try any, let me know in one of the responses!

Mine turned out AMAZING.
So happy with them, I was tempted to make them again for the New Year.

Our power went out on Christmas Day DURING SUPPER.
For like, 2 hours...

It was pretty funny really, I had just finished cooking so that was good timing and I was charging my Beats Pill (music speaker, Nick bought me for my birthday) so it ended up being an ok night with the Christmas carols in the background while we were opening our 'Jingle ball' in the dark, it was sort of fun really.

The kids are getting SO big!
They aged about 12 months in the last 2 weeks.. 

They LOVED every minute of Christmas and it was honestly the best Christmas yet.
Elliott was so excited.

Nicks still got the 'stash!
because I like it and I've convinced him to keep it until March.. maybe.

Face Mask Friday will be back in January so stay tuned. (GOT SOME GOODIES.)

I just realized I have Amazon Prime and can watch TV there, DUH.
I LOVED Grace under fire when I was a kid! LOVED it!
Let me know also in the questionnaire if you watched it, I am so excited to watch it again.
And Roseanne because obviously need a refresh before the reboot, but did you hear how they're going to include both the Beckys???

I heard one Becky will be the surrogate baby carrier for the other Becky.
And then I hear a commenter say they "Should have made them both Marks Ex wives and they've remained friends since Mark has passed"

And I thought that would've been brilliant because the actor who played Mark sadly passed away years ago and he was such a big part of Roseanne I really hope they give him credit somewhere.

The actor was also Doyle on Angel which I also watched and loved and now I am wondering if I should have made a question  in the questionnaire about pop culture... and adding more of it to my blog/social medias... BRB

Really I've no time for grammar or ending run on sentences at this stage of the year life so don't you dare add that as a critique below! Although if you do, its anonymous sooo feel free. hehe

Sunday 24 December 2017

Big Christmas Breakfast, done easy...

Fingers crossed!
because the last thing you need Christmas morning is to be stuck in the kitchen right?!?

This year I will be upping my toast game and going ALL in!
I'm so sorry this is a last minute second post but...
that's who I am! lol

Here goes:

Elliott's wonderful babysitter wrote these out so perfectly for me I don't even feel like I need to retype. The first two recipes are from her and I am so excited to try them!

Monkey bread is something I've always wanted to make but never trusted my cooking skills enough to do but with her encouragement/being a text away, I feel like I can do it.



The third recipe I have tried myself and its EASY PEASE, so that was a no brainer.
Since we're feeding potentially up to 10 people having an extra overnight dish is perfect.

This cinnamon roll breakfast dish is from The Hungry Homemaker Fran, and she has TONS of easy recipes. I normally make some of her Christmas cookies and dang it, I forgot this year.. so I may whip these (click) up today because I bought an ugly Christmas sweater shaped cookie cutter at Michael's craft store last week, its super cute and has great real-estate space for decorating.

(OOOOOHhhh these ones, I normally make these ones, CLICK)

And here is the overnight cinnamon roll french toast -Clicky

Okie doke, that's it!
Follow my stories for behind the scenes holiday cheer and I will see you in 2018!

Thank you all for 2017, this last quarter has been my fastest growing blog quarter to date and I am so thankful for the support.

Enjoy your holidays and message me if these recipes need clarifying, I will text Carrie for help. LOL

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani, vote for me to win!

I love nail polish but I wouldn't consider this a nail blog in any way, shape or form!
However when Nail Polish Canada comes a knockin'.. you answer!

They challenged me to create a holiday mani to be put up against other holiday mani's and I was ALL in, even though I was scared. (LOL)

At last count I think I own 86 nail polish.. I do love my polish but a solid colour with an accent nail is normally my most elaborate.

I do own a nail art kit like this one (click) which comes in handy for the odd easy nail design.

*this post contains affiliate links

The dotting tools are super easy to use so I knew right away - Holly berries would be my best bet.

During my first draft I thought it would be adorable to utilize Noelle's name (Noel) however, I grossly overestimated my talent. (LOLOL)

See my first attempt:

That just wouldn't do, so see my second attempt:

Ok, this one is better!
The pointer finger was suppose to be a candy cane but did not go as planned so I erased and tried one more time.

The final look!! ^

CND Vinylux Cream Puff $12
Ciate Nail Polish - Beach Hut $12  (similar. mine is 'all aglow' from Winners) Butter London Nail Lacquer Come to bed red $19 (similar. mine is Mac holiday collection 2013)
Julep Phoebe $14 (out of stock)
Seche Vite top coat $9.25 (one of my favs!!)

I'm no artist but I think this is pretty good for an amateur and its something you can recreate too! You know I love anything tacky & this mani is the perfect addition to your ugly Christmas sweater.

If you like it and like me.. could you please, please, please go vote for my mani over on the competition page/

I don't ask for much on the blog but I would really love to place for this one!
Something about my messy mani being recognized would feel lovely, plus there's $800 worth of prizes to be won! YAY (think of the IG unboxing!)

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Christmas Eve traditions: The Jingle Ball..

I received so many great name suggestions for this one! 

I asked Instagram for ideas that incorporated ‘Holly’, some examples: 

- Holly Ball
- Holly Bow 
- Holly Jolly Bally 
- Hollyday Ball 
- The Holly Berry 

Honestly this could go on but I still can’t decide so
my original ‘Jingle Ball’ name will stick until I decide! 

I just discovered this game and was shocked at the volume of messages I received from followers saying they play it every year! Where have I been?! 

I love a good family game night, bonus points for holiday traditions! Welcome, the jingle ball. 

You’ll need a bunch of small-ish sized prizes. 
You can customize them to your family or group.

Toys = kids
Makeup = beauty bloggers 
Mini liquor bottles = me (jk, but this just came to me and that could be super funny for an adult party) 

You dedicate a ‘grand prize’ for the centre. 
In this case I used a $5 Tim Hortons card and the remainder of the gifts I picked up on sale at Michaels craft store. 

It’s not an easy feat to find a mix of gifts that mom thru dad would like, but I feel like I grabbed a good mix. 

This is where costco sized plastic wrap will come in handy!

You start by scrunching a good sized piece of plastic wrap into a ball, place the tims card (or grand prize) next to the ball and wrap both with another piece of plastic wrap. 

Continue adding small gifts in between layers of plastic wrap until the ball starts getting huge and the gifts start dwindling. 

I did add some ‘fake out’ layers where no prizes were included and I varied the length of the plastic wrap so some layers will take a lot longer to remove. 

Once done your jingle ball should look something like this ^ 

As far as the game goes, I’ve heard lots of variations. 

You will need a set of dice at minimum. 

The basic outline said: 

One person starts unwrapping layers while the next person in line rolls the dice as fast as they can. 

Once the dice roller gets doubles (any doubles) they get to start unwrapping layers and the next in line starts rolling for their doubles. 

Any prizes you completely unravel during your turn you get to keep. 

Oven mitts though... 
yep we will be unwrapping layers while wearing oven mitts!! 

This is where it’s up to you to make the rules.. 
but oven mitts sound like the best most hysterical addition to me. 

Oven mitts with rubber dots to slow you down even more, were also a suggestion. 

Oven mitts and a Santa hat, during your turn you have to spend time getting on the hat and mitts = pressure rising! 

Starting youngest to oldest in order of turns could be an easy way to start. 

This could also be played with a gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper or you could add in some scotch tape, packing tape of sorts on some layers to make things extra fun. 

I can’t wait to play this on Christmas Eve, stay tuned to my Insta stories for behind the scenes and let me know if there’s any other ways to play! 
Tuesday 12 December 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff I bought for myself..

While this is the season of giving isn't it the hardest thing to go to the mall this time of year?
because I want EVERYTHING.

And like I said a few posts ago I see everything as a prop so I double convince myself that I need things.

"Oh makeup bags?! I own a lot of makeup I could use those, plus they would look cute on Instagram!"

So here are a few thoughts on what to get for 'her'..
or me, because these are all things that I really like and own.

*This post is in collaboration with Chamilia, and may contain affiliate links.
Affliate links don't change anything for you but they may give me a commission if you buy. 

My first thought this year was that I wouldn't waste money on the junky stuff for my sisters but instead I would invest in quality.

I was thinking either bracelets or anklets because that's a one size fits all!
I am a huge bracelet wearer, you probably don't see me with them much on Instagram stories because I am always doing my makeup so I wait until that's done or I'd have sliding/jingly bracelets monopolizing my mic sound. lol

I typically keep a few bracelets next to my lipstick at the front door and I layer them on my way out.
I like the style of this C'est la vie $59 cad (click me) because it is so layer-able, looks good with a watch too!

Who was I kidding with the 'one nice thing and that's it'..
I could not avoid the 'junkies'.

Clearly you need some junkies to fill up the gift bag and you know what, there has been Christmas' when the junk gift was my favorite of the whole bunch.

I started with Chokers.
Chokers are the hottest accessory right now and they look good from tween to middle age, I wear them to dress up a sweater shirt as much as a fancy outfit.
(I blame Kylie Jenner for the oversized plain black T style coming back, I love it and hate it. lol)

You can get a 12 pack of black chokers on amazon for $9.99
$9.99!!! what!
- Click here for $9.99 chokers

I should mention I am a amazon prime member so free shipping for me is pretty much a given, if that link doesn't offer cheap shipping look around! there were tons of choker options and all different quantity/styles options.

Amazon Prime memberships cost $79 cad (Click me) and you get free 2 day shipping, yadda, yadda.
This could also make a great gift LOL ^ I hate paying membership fees myself, would love it to be gifted.

Makeup bags, I can never have enough!
It's hard to find these exact ones as I ordered them a while ago but..
- How cute are these ones?! click me $12

and there are TONS of fruit (pineapple, strawberries, donuts lol) or cat options..
- watermelons! $6 Click me

- Stop being so cute! 3 for $20.. I want these.

I LOVE a Christmas sweater, you know I do.
I especially love a cheeky one like this ^

Mind you, these are terrible quality! LOLing
They're not going to last the long haul nor be a comfortable cotton but for what they are: hilarious!/ profile pic worthy/imagine the family photo these sweaters could wield.
They're perfect.
- Merry Christmas Bitches! Click me

I will say SIZE UP, these are not made for curves.
Not if you like oversized anyway, I want everything extremely oversized.

These ones are KILLING me, I need this one:
- Feliz Navidad Bichachos (click me, loling)

These eyelash pillow cases are adorable and so cheap! $6 click!

I went crazy with these.. so unnecessary, yet totally necessary.
because I ordered the covers for cheap all I had to do was head down to the basement for pillow inserts and I spent under $20 for a great gift!

Ok I would only give used pillow inserts to someone like my sisters but they're not 'used' as much as 'I have too many pillows so why not swap the cases as much as possible?!?'
New life to a sad pillow just asking to be used.

For gift giving, you can buy new inserts at stores like Wicker emporium or my go to, Amazon see pillow inserts.  

These makeup bags are ALL the rage, I'm not sure why... I mean they are cute and I love the drag string close.. but for some reason they've hit every gift guide on the internet this year.

I picked one up way before I knew they were cool so I feel super ahead of the trend.
- Drawstring makeup bag click me! $9.99

Same deal with those makeup brushes, all the rage, I haven't tried them yet but stay tuned to Instagram stories because TODAY I will be testing them for #tryitTuesday
- 10 piece Toothbrush style makeup brushes $19.99 click me!

Lets talk about face masks because who doesn't love a face mask?!
I've tried a lot but these few I feel would suit anyone and aren't too harsh on the skin.

(my goodness Sephora has a TON of mini gift sized/special gift packs for Christmas!)

GlamGlow Click $30 (this is just one option that includes that purple mask, I like the purple one because the mask colour is actually bright silver! super metallic, very in right now)

Peter Roth Cumcumber mask Click $15 (again this is just one option! they also have a nice $31 pack. I love this cucumber mask because its just cool and soothing, helps with my redness/rosacea)

Origins Drink up Click $13 (just one option! I think Origins brand is so underrated! The price is amazing and quality is great. This Drink up is SO moisturizing, sometimes I leave it on overnight.)

Face Mask, Foot Mask, Hair Mask.
Classic stocking stuffer!

Face Mask $8
Hair $6
Foot $6 (click ^)

Okie doke that's it, I really have another 25 gift guides I could publish!
back in September when everyone started posting their guides I was like "HA HA HA. ridiculous!"
but clearly that should have been me, because I love gifting and I have infinite suggestions.

Sephora also has a notice to order by December 15th to get it by the 24th so heads up if you're using their site, and check Amazons availability based on individual product.

What kind of gifts do you do??!
junky or maybe one large, I'm torn as to what to do every year!