Thursday 24 September 2015

Day 2: one dress, three styles..

I'm going to confess..
I have a security blanket
and its a pretty obvious one, if you scroll my Instagram you would most likely pick it out in 3 seconds flat.

Straight up, its the denim.

I don't love my arms.
They're always the same! no definition, un-toned, a little chubby. 
I mean they're alright, I'll live.
But give me the option and I will cover them up. 

In walks the jean jacket...

I remember when I got my first adult jean jacket
It was 2006
I remember it so vividly because Nick and I had just started dating.
Imagine I found the two great loves of my life in the same year! 
(loling, can you lol at yourself without it being too weird ??)

Anyway it was 2006..
I was at the gap and a light wash denim jacket caught my eye.
Its a classic, real denim (no stretch! which unfortunately can be a PAIN when you put on a few extra pounds and can't fit my your arms in the sleeves.. luckily I'm a yo yo weight gain/loser)

I still wear that jacket and I've added a few more to the collection:
Dark denim, Joe Fresh
Denim with studs, Material Girl 
White denim, Gap (white not available this time of year but they have black, I need it!)
Floral denim, Jessica Simpson 
Of course where it all began, Similar to this light denim via gap

SO for day 2 of my eShakti dress wearing I went with my basic everyday outfit.
Statement necklace (winners), denim and flip flops

This was my summer uniform! 
I wore maxi dresses with a denim ALL SUMMER LONG. 

no matching, no pairing, no thinking.
One and done!
Well two, the dress and the jacket but I consider my denim an extension of myself ;)

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Three looks one dress, my eShakti experience..

I am no Stacy London, (I wish! imagine her closet, I bet its the size of my house) 
but I do love fashion. 
I've had some major what not to wear moments here and there but recently I feel like I've found a more "me" way of dressing and its been working.. I think. 

When offered to send me a custom dress, I was like YES.

I had never had a custom dress before.. well maybe my wedding dress but even that didn't fit as well as my eshakti dress! The process was so simple, just go to their website pick out beautiful clothes and walk through the custom steps. 

Want a higher neckline? check
Angelina slit? check
Proper length because everything is 10 feet too long on you? double check 

Those are just examples, they really can do almost any alterations you want.
It is all very cool!

I ordered my dress so quickly I was worried I had done something wrong, it just seemed too easy.. but badda bing, badda boom it arrived and its perfect. 

The dress is beautifully made, right away I knew it was something I would wear to a wedding or more formal event but I also knew that my wedding season was pretty much over and done with so when ordering I picked a pattern that was a bit more casual, that way I could get a lot more wear out of it moving into the cooler months.

I had a bit too much fun playing around with accessories so I decided to split this post up into 3 parts. Today is day one: the more formal event eshakti look, see below!

Garden party? (I've never actually attended one of these but it sounds fun! hah)
Tea luncheon?
A wedding? 
I paired my dress with a bit more jewelry, a higher wedge sandal and a little clutch.

Yes the dress has pockets!! (praise hands emoji)

Carrying a clutch just formals up any outfit, no?

This look was honestly the easiest thing I've ever put together!
The dress has enough design that I just wanted the jewelry to add a bit of shine but not over power it.
So classic silver it is!

Necklace is Lia Sophia
and is super cool because its 3 strands but there's little clasps holding them together so you can dial down the chuckiness of it and just wear one strand or two if the mood strikes!

Bracelet is a Winners find
you know winners, fab stuff low price

Clutch is vintage, my grandmothers
it has a slight musty smell when you open it and she left a little compact mirror in it that's now gone foggy but those details just make me love it even more.

Tomorrow a more casual way to wear the dress, stay tuned!

Thursday 17 September 2015

Let's talk about spray on beauty, genius or gimmick??..

 I think I will call this blog segment "Genius or Gimmick!?"

A couple of weeks ago I was at the drug store and saw this St. Ives spray was on sale
(not available to buy at Walmart online but you can look at it!) 
I can't remember (or find!) the regular price, but I believe I paid $7, regular $10? $12?

I also needed deodorant and was all pumped up on the spray nozzle idea so picked up a Dove dry spray to test out.

The Dove 
First off pee-hew, pee-hew, pee-hew, pee-hew!
When I purchased it I noticed all the scents seemed to be strong or unappealing. I went with the "beauty finish" thinking it would be gentle, nope; its very strong scented like gives you a headache perfume scent. BUT most of that headache is not due to the scent lasting but the off spray that comes with spraying your pits. I had to turn my head completely sideways and hold my breath to spray this on my underarms, it goes everywhere!

- Do not apply around small children or pets and 
- Do not lay your black outfit nearby - white flakes everywhere!

Overall rating: GIMMICK! gimmick, gimmick, gimmick. 
I can see the draw, it was fairly dry to the touch after application but the scent cloud alone turns me way off.

                                          ^ I do talk about pits a lot, I'm kinda like an Armpit-ologist ;)

The St. Ives
I really wanted to love this, I tried making excuses like
"what if I'm at the beach?? I might need the spray nozzle"
but then I remembered that rule only applies to sun tan lotion!

There's really no reason you would NEED a spray on lotion, because frankly I had to rub it in anyway! It sprays on sort of liquid-y, I think they had to add more water to make it spray-able. Hence the lotion is not all that moisturizing, I wouldn't rely on this for hydration.

Final answer: GIMMICK.
Its one of those things you'll buy once because its intriguing but its not all that hydrating and it is just as easy to rub on lotion as it is to spray then rub.
The 'Sprub' if you will ;)
(I actually found it easier to spray into my palm then rub on my legs = just another regular lotion)

Whomp Whomp,
I'm sort of sad that neither was a home run but that's what gimmick-y products are for!
They swoop us up with their shiny promises and then sit in our bathroom closets half empty for a few years. Until next time spray nozzle XO.

Have you tired any spray on products??

Thursday 10 September 2015

Let's talk about going on "staycation"..

Life update time! 

I've been writing blog posts in my head but for some reason my life is moving at the speed of light so I've not been able to get them in print.. 

New Years resolution número uno.. 
1. Get life in check
( + Build possible time slow motion machine..)

Our house is still for sale.. It's only been 4 months but 4 months in realestate time feels like an eternity! Not to mention I just got word my work transfer is in, aka I have 5 weeks to report to a new position in another province. Sort of our worst case scenario, because if something doesn't happen with the house I may have to go ahead with Elliott to our "new home" (which is non existent, because we need to sell our current home) Nick will stay in Newfoundland and meet us whenever (if ever??) we sell. So that's the word. 

In other news a few weeks ago we went on a mini "staycation". Staycation = a vacation not far from home, now this may  prompt you to think it will be a cheaper vacation but don't let titles deceive you! 

It was still a costly adventure, we stayed in a cottage (this was our only vacation of the summer I wasn't about to tent it) it was a sweet little cabin fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchen etc. 

We toured around and basically acted like tourists! Well we technically are tourists, it was our 3rd trip to the area in 4 years and it's about 2 hours from home. Photos were taken at every stop which I will enthusiastically share with you now ;)

^ like a little log cabin! The kids were loving it. (Kids pictured above ;) 

^ Surprisingly the only moose we saw!

^ We visited an adorable aquarium! 

^ and touched a star fish! 

^ Newfoundland and nature. Honestly views that can't be beat, photos don't do it justice!

^ My Little blue anchor head wrap is the perfect staycation accessory!

^ I feel like these are the last photos of Elliott looking "babyish" he's such a grown boy now! 

^ No sunglass is safe 

^ bye cabin!

^ everywhere we go, post office photos are top priority! 

I can't believe I wrote this whole post and didn't say where we went! 

Gros Morne, Rocky Harbour and Norris Point. 

If you have a vacation bucket list, I dare you to add these to it! It's a must see and it great for all ages. 

Have you ever done the "staycation" vacation?? 

I honestly loved it! 
I would even enjoy doing a day trip, drive one town away and act like tourists all day. It's super fun driving down new streets and experiencing different places. 

On the bucket list for next summer, STAYCATION 2.0! 
(And probably 2.0 = tenting because you can basically go on an all exclusive to Mexico with what we spent on that cabin.. YOLO hehe 
Monday 7 September 2015

Let's talk about why I will never re subscribe to IPSY...

Never say never may be fine and dandy if you're Justin Bieber, but when you're annoyed and down money.. You go right ahead and say it girl.
Example: Why I'll never go back to IPSY!

Now there's the obvious reasons,

- like they constantly hype big brand name products then when your bag arrives you haven't got anything brand name or hyped about.

- and there's the shoddy quality items..

I really liked that blush and although IPSY said they would send me a replacement what they actually sent was a silver glitter nail polish and a ice pink lipstick, both of which have never been used.
Frosted pink is a hard lip color to pull off and glitter??
I don't have time to be removing glitter polish! no one has time for that.
I feel like IPSY has a bin full of lack luster product that they reach into and send out for replacements.

But beyond all that I've had to make some tough decisions lately..
We are in the process of moving back to Nova Scotia where the real estate market (although I don't know why.. where's the jobs??!) is booming. I had to tighten the purse strings and the first thing to get cut was the monthly beauty subs.

So I turn to the laptop.
Here is where I start to get annoyed..
IPSY does not make cancelling user friendly to put it mildly, when I finally find where I can cancel its in light grey (hidden) wording and keeps leading me up pop ups which are difficult to scroll through.
* I call my husband in to assist.

We get through a barricade of pop ups that are similar to..
"Are you sure you want to cancel?? Maybe adjust your profile colors or interests"
"If you cancel you will NOT be able to rejoin automatically, you'll have to wait it out on the waiting list! think again about cancelling!"

Finally we cancel and it says I will receive an email to confirm cancellation.
Ok my nightmare is over, free at last.

Welcome September 1st and IPSY charges my visa $223.44...
my head nearly exploded, I thought I was free!
Immediately I email IPSY, (email because you cannot call, there is only email)
again they offer "help" before sending my email..
"here's our FAQ's page, do you really need to send this email?"


The only positive thing I will say about them at this point is that they replied to my email promptly the same day when online it says give them 24-48 hours.
My email subject line was in all caps, I meant business.. hehe
See their reply below.

^ Highlighted pink:
I did, I did! Where's my money!!

 ^ Highlighted pink:
They try to be very clear upfront??? 
Well considering I can't remember what I had for lunch let alone when my subscription is up for renewal maybe a nice friendly, "Hey its been a year since you've subscribed, we're going to bill you for another year if you don't cancel by tomorrow" email would be even clearer.

^ Highlighed above: 
see photo below...

They refunded me but the dollar must've changed over 24 hours and I've been robbed $11.84!!
That's almost $12.00! I could use that $11.84 :(

^ Highlighted above:
NO. Just NO.

IPSY you have made cancelling so much effort its as if you're holding me hostage, you tried to threaten me by saying I will have to start all over again on the wait list, and then you stole $11.84 from me; ROBBED.

I understand when companies are just starting out they may try some of these tricks to keep customers around but IPSY is a massive business now. My inside knowledge at the post office says IPSY has trucks, upon trucks, upon trucks of glam bags being delivered every month. With the quality and promise of brand name product not meeting par, add in poor quality customer service and each monthly bag now costing close to $19 Canadian...
I just say good day to you IPSY.. I said GOOD DAY.

Sorry for the rambles
Let me know your IPSY thoughts below!

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Let's talk about sunless tanner, St. Tropez style..

How do you feel about the sun??
Love the tan hate the damage?
Yup me too!

I've never been a sun worshiper,
A) because its really bad for you! It is, it just is, don't do it!
B) I don't tan well anyway, I burn to a crisp every time, its really not worth it. 

I've tried some sunless tanners previous to this but they were never quite worth it.
- too orange
- too obvious
- too much work applying a sticky/stinky lotion after every shower for little payoff

Enter St. Tropez...
The Saint of all sunless tans! 
I picked this tanner haul up at Sephora..
*back story about me I kind of go crazy when I try something new.. Go big or go home!
As you can see I ordered the whole shebang but all you really need what I would advise you to start with, the basic mousse and a mitt -  DO NOT skip the mitt!

Self tanning mousse (Of course its sold out! Ugh)
The mitt (don't forget me!)

See below for a bunch of non blog worthy.. ain't nobody got time for that photos.. :)

My very first use ever! ^

Apply the tanner in the late evening/before bed, you need to sleep on it.
Exfoliate skin in shower sometime prior to application
(I showered in the morning, exfoliation, shaved legs)
then apply mousse to mitt and start circling, make sure you apply in circles not straight streaks!

I let the mousse dry for an acceptable amount of time before going to bed, however I sleep in a flamingo pose (due to ratio of bed space vs human vs pets)

So let this be a warning photo!
You will get weird tan line if you sleep smooshed up to something..
^ toes!

The morning after shower as usual, there will be a lot of tan washing off but don't stress you will still be plenty golden!

^ After shower photo
I was trying to gain some of my Dominican tan back, notice bathing suit tan lines.


These photos are from my first use but I've used it two additional times since!
A little goes a long way, I've done a full body tan 3 times and still have half a bottle remaining;
I will be repurchasing when I run out.


- Start with your legs and get a feel for the application, make sure you lotion up your hands, elbows, ankles, bottoms of feet (yes bottoms) REALLY well. Apply tanner sparingly around these areas, and even when you think you've buffed the tanner on those areas well enough - go back and buff again! but don't over mousse the mitt.

- get naked! or close to, bikini time! You need to get EVERYWHERE.

- Armpits! I forgot them the first time, it was very obvious I self tanned when I lifted my arms lol

- don't rush, I lay a big towel on my bed and apply while watching tv

- get help doing your back! you might miss the middle, and again you're an obvious self tanner

The tan lasts a long time ( a week or longer) so I would recommend a practice run if you plan on doing it for a special event. See my before and after tan transformation below..

^ Before


Do you think its natural looking??
Have you ever tried St. Tropez??
Any other self tanner recommendations??

I'm sort of sunless tan obsessed now!
I still love my pale self but its fun to change it up once and a while :)