Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spray tan, yay or nay??!

I've been mulling over how to write this post for days (sssssss) now..

No matter how I put it I feel like this is going to come across as a negative review, and that could not be further from my feelings! Its just one of those things where you pick out all the downfalls instead of blabbing about all the positives because they just seem repetitive.. ya know what I mean ??

So, professional spray tans..

I'm no stranger to the spray tan, I've done the walk in machine thing that sprays you.
no one else in the room, just you and a stand up tanning bed that sprays orange water.

and I liked that one! I mean, it was quick and easy. I'm sure if you went often enough you would get really good at it and it could be flawless. but for me it was a little messy, streaky on the ankles, knees, elbows, even the neck area is tough. I wouldn't recommend you test that out before a major event, but all in all I liked it.

Then I was on the self tanner kick for a while and honestly I love self tanner!
The only downfall is having the time to do it, it is surprisingly time consuming if you do it well
(like every inch of your body and lots of buffing so you'll be streak free!).
 I love that I can do it by myself, you may want to have someone on standby for the mid/lower back, it is easier with help but I did it solo 99% of the time.

just recently I was all like "I wanna spray tan like a Kardashian.."

and so I did.
I called up Organic Tan Halifax and booked an appointment for her to come to me, SO convenient!
The bad news.. she said she doesn't do very many house calls anymore (booo)
I guess the salon in Halifax keeps her and staff very busy, so if you do want a house call you will have to book way in advance fyi! (the salon is on Agricola Street)
Suzanne was honestly the nicest women and will make you feel so comfortable!
She came in with her kit, popped up the spray tent (think a pop up tent lol, it is that exactly)
plugged in the spray gun and she was ready to go.
then comes the major question on everyones mind..
do you go naked???
you want as much spray tan as you can get!
but naked in my living room with a women I just met??!
I was conflicted.
I decided to go with just underwear on and quite honestly I don't think that was necessary.
She is super professional and has legitimately SEEN. IT. ALL.
She will tell you ways to move that would be so creepy if said by anyone else. ever.

(I took a photo of my tanned skin vs pale underwear line and I swear I can't upload it! I figured we are close friends now so I could show that kind of skin on the blog but the powers that be intervened.. maybe for the best lolol)
the whole process was fast and smooth.
you have little footies on so you won't tan the bottom of your feet and lotion on your palms etc.
she will tell you how to lift your arms, legs, everything.. so you get the smoothest application.
alright lets just look at the photos before I drop my final spray tan thought..

 you will be more brown immediately after
because of all the bronzer in the spray
don't be shocked when it all washes off
in the shower the next morning.
your tan will still be there but will lighten up.
24 hours + a shower later ^
I choose the lightest spray tan and I'm relieved I did.
she almost wanted to go with the medium shade but I think
it would've been way too much for me and this time of year.
If I continue to spray I will go with the medium for the summer months.
Selfies from the last week^
SO, I am 110% happy I did it Kardashian style.
It's been a week and I've faded but its still there!
Suzanne told me they normally last 10-14 days, I am cheap so will be trying to extend it as long as possible however I wash my face a lot so I do notice the biggest difference between my face and neck.. I just try to blend everything with foundation and that's been working fine.

Now the bombshell..
I paid $60 for her to come to me and spray.
would I do it again? YES
will I go to her salon? YES
do I think you can get the same-ish look with St. Tropez? YES
You can pick up the St. Tropez tanning mousse at Sephora for $52 and it will do you for quite a few full body tans.
but does it last as long? No.
My St. Tropez tan only lasts a couple/few days max and then I am completely pale again.
See St. Tropez tan photos:
^ very similar, no ?
Have you spray tanned?
at home?
in salon?
are there others I should try?
I've been so happy with all my fake bake experiences!
I love to embrace my pale skin but once and a while
(mainly summer when everyone else is a bronze goddness...)
 its nice to have a little colour!
I will be on the tanned train now until September I think!
I've caught the bug!
update: I feel like the photos are a bit hard to see on the blog
I will share them on my blog facebook page as well so you can zoom right in ;)


Thursday, 24 March 2016

It's gonna be a Good Friday..

I've been on vacay for 6 days!
What! How?! 
I had such high hopes of ticking items off my to do list, but in reality accomplished nothing of what I wanted. 
What I did manage to do is have a LOT of fun, so I guess you could still call it a success. 

Semi successful at the very least. 
(that could be my life slogan 
"yeah! Semi successful!"

I did take advantage of the down time to be all about me. Seriously, I pampered myself big time and it felt good. 

I had a Sephora gift card, I could have been practical and get my favorite brow pencil.. But I saw this Marc Jacobs NP and I truly could not resist. 
Mint is a tough polish to come by, it's either too green or too turquoise. 
This one is the perfect mint! 
Plus it's named "Good Friday", Easter nails. 

I had my hair done! 
My hair has been growing SO fast. 
I think it's due to taking better care of it, hair mask every other day, regular trims. 
So that's good to know because I will probably grow my hair out again in the fall and you know I have no patience for that. *please grow fast

Elli had his hair cut too! 

^ I ALWAYS forget about this updo! 
You know the one with a headband and you literally wrap your hair into it. 
It is THE. SIMPLIEST. HAIR UPDO. of life. 
I am not on my laptop to post a link to a tutorial, but honestly Google: 
Headband updo 

There must be hundreds of blogs/video. 
I must post one of my own ASAP because it's just so simple and chic. 

I got a pedi! 
Living the dream. 
Although, I snuck this appointment in before having dinner with my girlfriends and it took WAY longer than expected. I kept asking if I was good to go and they said "No" 
I am not one for challenging people (in public ;)) so I sat and sat and sat, completely stressed as the minutes turned into me being super late to supper. The whole thing ended up stressing me to the max, thank god I said no to the mani!! Hahaha
My bad. Next time allot extra, extra time so I can actually relax. 

And finally I got a spray tan!!
I'm no stranger to the spray tan but this time I had the lady come to me and it was so convenient! 
There's a sneak peek above but I will be posting a separate blog about the entire experience so stay tuned! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xo 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What is a media kit??

I will not lie to you, this is a last ditch effort to post something today.
I have been working extra hours at the post office and I fell completely behind in life.
Like when you feed your family toast for 3 meals a day behind..
*toast with jam.
toast with a cheese slice.
toast folded in half so it looks like a sandwich but there's secretly nothing inside.
that far behind.
anywhoo I am on vacation coming up so I will cook veggies and whatnot then.
I have been wanting to share my media kit on the blog for a while.
mainly because I love creeping other media kits and I never know what to put in mine.
What is a media kit you ask ??
Its basically a little resume for your blog.
a little descriptive blurb that shows some numbers and tells the story of you.
I had this one made last summer and you would not believe how handy it has been!
Its pretty outdated at this point, its near impossible to keep up since my blog has grown but I still attach it to any business/sponsorship/collaboration emails.
Just yesterday I had a well known company email asking if I would be interested in working together and if could send a few notes about myself
- how long I've been blogging
- why I started
- what I like to feature
- fun details about my life
So I did all that and then I said " I will attach my media kit for some additional information"
and I felt pretty badass professional..  
long story short, it can't hurt to have a media kit on hand!
even if you're a small blog or you think your numbers aren't up to snuff
just do up a simple paragraph of who you are and focus on anything that sets you apart or your biggest accomplishment to date.
'fake it 'til you make it' basically runs my life.
take a peek and let me know if you have a MK of your own :)
also, I added some Easter décor pics to the end of this post in case you got this far but could not care less about what a media kit is hahah
winners kills every holiday.
I just want to buy all the holiday décor.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Have you met your goals lately???

goals. ugh.
I make 'em, I break 'em.
I was determined to make 2015 my year.
I was also determined in 2014, 13, 12, 11, 09, 05, 1986..

Thought I would share my basic list of goals that I wrote in January and then I will tell you what I actually accomplished by this point.

^ not a whole lot of excitement on that list, I'm sure everyone has a similar version.
Procrastination is seriously my #1, I am THE WORST procrastinator.  
I will literally do ANYTHING else to avoid ANYTHING that is mandatory or on a time line.
It can be freaking brushing my teeth and I will come up with a reason to put off doing it.
Why am I like this??!
Most of my items were health related!
I really want to wake up almost daily feeling awesome! 
I think I can say for me, every single item on that list is actually mental health related.
 - When I work out.. gym, yoga I feel good, same for eating well = cooking, and drinking water.
-Which means I will have more energy for blogging and play.
- Plus play makes me feel happy!
- And when I'm happy I don't really need to shop as much which equals saved money!
I am an emotional shopper. Just like emotional eating. Its a serious disorder (watch Confessions of a shopaholic!) It makes me feel good in the moment..
 online, in stores, give me, give me,
it all gives me that high but then I have ALL. THIS. STUFF. I don't even know where to put it or have time to wear it. It just becomes clutter and a big visa bill. Its really quite stressful to have a shopping addiction.
Therapy Tuesday over here.

So I crossed off the items I failed at.
Black = I barely touched it.
Grey = I improved a tiny bit.

The money.
Ugh the money has been killing me.
I have been kind of emotional lately and that leads to the spending.
But in happy news I purchased this ^ rain jacket from Lululemon  and I have legitimately not taken it off. That's the thing about investment pieces, they may cost you a fortune up front but in the long run. I've already worn at least $78 dollars worth in two weeks.
Plus I have a lulu jacket I purchased 5 years ago, it looks brand new and its still in rotation!
I don't think you can go wrong with lulu outerwear or leggings.

We've been playin, we've been playin..
I've really be trying to be more present when playing or when doing anything with Elli.
He is changing SO fast.
I can't keep up with all the things he learns daily, it really is super cool.
His new word is "WoooOOOOOOw"
everything is WOW.

One thing I've stuck with is the fitness!
If you take a selfie almost every time you gym it, how many selfies will you have on the camera roll..? at least 17 on my phone lol
I've been at the gym A LOT.
its been paying off but not nearly as fast as I would like!
Why does self betterment take so freaking long!
So that's my update!
Do tell yours :)))

Friday, 4 March 2016

Hair elastics, lets do this..

hold onto your ponytails...
I am about to share my hair tie secret.
This may be 100% common knowledge
but it seems it took me 29 years to figure out, so there may be others out there who need my help.

Hair elastics
they are NOT all made equal
even when you think they will be because they're from the same brand.
see exhibit A:

I have a bad habit of running into the drug store and grabbing the first pack of goody elastics I find.
it wasn't until a few broken elastics later I realized they're not all the same, there are two types (maybe more) of goody elastics.
there's the type I like and the type I don't.

Meet Classic and Ouchless:

They look the same, they almost feel the same but they could not be more different.
I used the above elastics in the same action:
wrapped around my finger and pulled off

The Classic is thinner, feels like its going to break and curls up into a tiny little knot that you will never get untangled.

The Ouchless is thicker, stronger and pretty much every. dang. time. uncoils itself and is ready for its next project.

don't be fooled by the quantity of the Classic, I end up tossing them after each use.

the Ouchless I can have forever.

So that's that.
Go Ouchless and let me know if you feel the same.
It is pure love over here.

In other news I picked up Lauren Conrad's Beauty book and I like it!
I was never Lo's #1 fan or anything, I don't really know her much beyond the cat eye.
but I love books and easy reads especially, which this definitely is.
It's actually a lot like a magazine or dare I say very blog like!
Some of the chapters are a bit draggy but the photos are fun and her real confessions are pretty real.
(except when she says she looked soooo horrible with a Josie and the pussy cats haircut.. she totally doesn't. and really Lo if I showed you some of my middle school photos, you would actually be scared. REALLY SCARED.)

So all in all, I would recommend it if you're a beauty lover.
It makes for a very pretty coffee table book and you can pick it up and set it down at your leisure.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!! XO