Monday, 29 February 2016

Kate Hudson hair...

I love my new short hip haircut 
The only problem is I can't style it as much as I use to. 
It's great because I have an actual style that I can wear on the daily but some times I miss the challenge of an up do or dare I say the ease of a top knot. 
(I still do a mini top knot, it's like a baby knot, or a half up half down knot) 

So I'm always looking for something new that I can pull off with my itty bitty bit of hair.
Bam insta. 
I was scrolling and saw this pic of Kate Hudson and I said yes, I can do that!  

(Photo via Instagram

I grabbed a hand full of bobby pins and was done in 1.5 seconds.
Next time I will try to get that "I haven't washed my hair in 2 weeks but I still look hot" look that Kate has. Seriously how does she look like that?? She looks so effortlessly cool. I hate people who can look like that so easily dang it.

this is my second day hair ^
throw a couple of curls around your face to refresh

Do you up do, top knot, long and sleek, curly and fleek ???
I love variety!
I should probably get extensions so I can have a new do daily :)


Friday, 12 February 2016

Am I too selfish to be a mom of two..

Parenting is a hard thing to talk about.

There are just so many opinions.
I am about to spill mine but I worry I won't be able to explain it well,
or I worry I will explain it well but it will still tick people off.
A lot of my opinions piss people off so I am sorry in advance if that happens today but just click away and return for another tomorrow :)

Here goes...
I am too selfish to be a mom of two.

I guess to get the full story you would have to know that I had a horrible, horrible pregnancy.
At the risk of sounding like Kim Kardashian West, I hated every freaking second of being pregnant.
I hated it, I despised it, I loathed it.

Believe me I loved the idea that I would have a beautiful baby,
and I loved the positive reactions everyone gives to pregnant ladies.
It was thrilling exciting, intoxicating.
Then it was vomit.

Week 8 hit and it was straight vomit.
all the way through.
Everyone says
"Oh yes I had that too"
"Oh honey wait until the second trimester, you'll bounce back"

No. No, I never did.
I had HG (think Princess Kate disease), it started at week 8 and it never left.
Even during labour, I vomited and vomited and vomited into two rotating kidney shaped bowls.

me: pretty much blacked out in pain
Nick: handing me the dish, I filled it, he swapped it for the empty dish.
over and over and over again.

Do you know what its like to vomit so violently that it makes you pee??
every morning the gagging pressure was so much I would pee myself. PEE.

Any way..
this isn't about the pregnancy.
nor is it about the horrible labour and delivery.
I went two weeks over due, was finally induced, had a slow, slow, slow labour.
Should have been given a c section but instead was delayed and delayed until Elliott and I were both in danger.
Things went horribly wrong, we didn't know if the baby was ok and then I had to go into surgery. (even the doctor was crying after ward..)

No, not about that, lets talk current day.
Today I have a gorgeous 18 month old and I'm not sure I want to have another.
I mean I do..
I want like 12 kids, but I'm scared.
I am scared that I am too selfish.

When I was off on maternity leave things were easy. Elliott was tiny and could stay in one spot, he could snuggle with me in bed or lay on a blanket in the living room. I had time to shower and cook and blog. It seemed relatively manageable.
But today I am over whelmed.
Elliott is with me all throughout the day, he is pulling at me constantly.
Climbing and whining and crying, needs food and changing, and food and changing..
Oh then you need to teach him things, letters, numbers, animals, calculus..
THEN, just when the day is over..
I have to go to work. (till midnight, get home at 12:30, sleep and the next day is the same)

It is all SO much.

To be honest
I am a really, really self centered person.

I like me.
I like me a lot. A LOT, A LOT.
I love doing my things.
my hair, makeup, nail polish, reading, tv shows, scrapbooking, blogging, shopping, youtube, cleaning, organizing my closet, decorating for holidays, baking, cooking, yoga, walking,..

I like my humour and my personality and my stubbornness.
I have fun talking to people, getting to know people, being around people.
I want to go out with friends, do supper and movies.
Basically do whatever the heck I want to do when I want to do it.
I enjoy being an individual, a human, women, person.
I liked me before I was a mom and I like me now.

But its so much harder to hold onto "me".
I am "mom"
and I love that, but I worry if I become mom x2 does another little piece of me slip away?
I can barely manage to hold onto me now, there's just not enough time in the day to do ME and do ELLI.

 So I am scared.
I want more kids and I want them close in age
(my only request about having kids was that I would have them close in age)
but time is ticking.
once you have one child, its like the mob is constantly asking

To which I feel like saying

It is a constant battle between my head and my heart.
My heart wants more.
My head does not.

I would not trade my Elliott kisses
"Biiiiiiiiiiiieee" waves
what does the cat say "meee-ouuu"s
or the constant "nnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo"s
for anything in the world.
but can I do it x2??
I am not sure yet.
Straight up just not sure.
I need to be selfish a little while longer.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Snow snow go away I want to wear my new suede coat today..

Why can't life be easy.. ?
Like all I want is to be in the beauty and fashion industry.
(preferably a personal shopper, who is given an unlimited expense account and all the clothes I buy I get to keep for myself.. sigh.)
Never mind the fact that I have no training or back round.
I LOVE style! that should be enough haha
Life is so hard.

So anywhoo,
I ended up at Mic Mac Mall again yesterday
mainly because I forgot to pick up my Anastasia brow wiz
but mostly because I knew H&M was currently unpacking new stock and I needed another peek.

We had so much fun, strolling the halls and hiding our shopping bags from daddy.
after ward we also hit up Costco!
see the photo timeline below :)

^ Take a photo under the heart arch at Mic Mac, share to social media and you're entered to win a $500 shopping spree! Check out Mic Mac Mall or 101.3 the bounce for more info.

omg these make up bags from Sephora kill me
they honestly kill me
I want them so badly but I just can't do $33 right now
(tell me if they go on sale!)

whenever they write my name I feel so special
someday maybe someone will add "Housewife" after Holly hahaha

the biggie..

I sometimes walk into a clothing store, see something, and my heart races.
like races.
"IF they don't have my size I will die."
I saw this "suede" jacket (its polyester but its still so fine, don't judge)
and I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

I am so freaking into '70s fashion.
Why cant we all just go back and look like this..

                                                      ^ Minus the smoking of course

It was well beyond my intended budget but I had to. $69.99
I could already see me wearing it
It would've haunted me

Next stop..


^ These sheet sets come in and out of availability
and trust me
you need them.

They're such good quality for a tiny price tag.
and they come with 4 pillow cases
we are ALWAYS in need of pillow cases
blame my husbands oily skin

^ He is in shock over those prices!

^ Girl, buy all the sheets

^ this chair!
so cute $99
superstore also has adorable accent chairs lately, but they're $199

we made one fatal mistake.
we went to Costco at 7pm
there was not a sample cart in sight!
the line ups were a breeze but without samples did we even go to Costco??!

A granola bar from the bottom of Mommy's purse is not exactly ideal, but check out that pinky! :)

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to combat Rosacea..

I've always been fair skinned, no tanning for me! burn burn burn burnnnnn
I've also had trouble with redness,
I blush easily.
honestly over nothing, my face can light up like Rudolph's nose
super annoying when you're in middle school..

Its taken a long time but I've finally set myself up with a basic routine that I use every day to cover my Rosacea. My skin is not terribly out of control right now (is that due to the routine ?? or just coincidence...) but you can tell the difference when I'm makeup free vs even a bit of powder.

Certain things would cause flare ups for me, like when I worked outdoors.. I loved working outside but it wasn't ideal for my skin! I am a HUGE backer of sun screen but that can be irritating to Rosacea prone cheeks, and to counter that the sun itself can be irritating so it was pretty much a no win situation.

to get on with it..
I will show you how I look in the morning!
100% naked face and pjs.

you can see a bit of redness in the cheeks and chin
I have a lot of uneven patches and a few darker red spots

^ this is my daily skin fix line up

STEP 1: wake up, wash face with warm to mildly hot face cloth
(I like hot because it really clears my pores, like really, it feels so good)
(I wash my face with a hot cloth in the morning and night, don't mess with a good thing)

STEP 2: first thing I apply is this Bioderma Anti Redness cream
I picked this up at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada), just on a random whim
I'm always on the hunt for redness care and the price was pricey but not outrageous. Its now been in rotation for 3 months (the same little bottle, it does last a long time!) and I will be repurchasing.

I'm not sure its removed my redness as much as it promises but it has not irritated my skin at all and makes for a great moisturizer/ makeup base/primer.

*Cannot find the price online, check with your local carrier

STEP 3: put on the green!
It's green primer and it cancels out the red, need I say more?!
Add to cheeks, chin and nose area
again a little goes a long way, I've been using this for over a year and maybe had to repurchase once (I can't even remember)

Sephora Ca $43.00

Step 4: apply foundation
I love experimenting with foundations but honestly I keep going back to mac!
I just love it, its buildable, long lasting, great colour match
I don't know why I bother trying to find something new, mac is where its at

AND biggest tip of the day

Apply your foundation with a brush.

I just started this religiously a few months ago and its changed my life face
I was always a fan of finger application, quick, easy to blend
I tried beauty blenders for a while, but they just seem time consuming. the finish is lovely but all that wetting and washing and they always seemed to be far away from where I was doing my makeup.

Then I started with the brush
I use a Real Techniques Buffing brush
It is soooo quick to apply!
I use less product!
(honestly I always pour a dab of foundation on the back of my hand to dip the brush, half way through I'm like damn I poured to much hahah)
and its virtually mess free!

I have a bucket (with a handle, easy to move room to room) of brushes I keep near my makeup bag.
I use the same brushes daily (buffing, blush, eye shadow)
and I wash all the brushes every few days
easy peasy!

And no extra hand germs getting spread around your skin
Its really helped with break outs.

*I'd like to do a video of my redness skin care, I just have no storage on any devices because I take so many photos! someday I will be back YOUTUBE!

below, daily face photos


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Wardrobe: What I'm wearing then vs now..

If you wanted to take a peek back on my blog life
(which you totally could, its basically all laid out on Instagram)

You would notice a few things..

1) my following has increased a tad
    yay for likes! someone other than me liked it..

2) there's no end to my crazy
     I post what I want!

3) I pretty much live in sweaters..

So if I could share with you from where all these sweaters come from I would..

There are 3 stores in my life that I just can't quit,
they go by the names..

This post is all about H&M
because this is how my H&M life works..
I either go in and walk out with nothing.
I walk in, must have EVERY SINGLE ITEM on every hanger in the store
and walk out having spent a small fortune.
there is literally no in-between at that store.

First take a look back at some of my older H&M buys..

sweater $24.99

sweater $?

Cape Coat thing $29!!
Gloves $19?

Sweaters! $19-24

Blanket Scarf $29?

Pea coat (multiple colour options) $49! then they went to $30 (omg passes out*)

^ Now that's not from H&M
let me explain..
I really wanted a clothing streamer for years and years
I used one when working retail and they're so handy.
Finally got around to ordering this one from
But dang this was a pain to set up
It shouldn't have been
however they mislabelled, either the poles or the instructions..
so I spent hours trying to shove the wrong sized poles into the connectors until I figured out the error.

Yeah the 3 is upside down because its mislabelled

And that 1 was suppose to be in the base of the steamer...
I will let it go and let you know how well it works at a later date because after all those struggles while trying to keep a toddler entertained, I didn't bother steaming any of my clothing haul.
I just used it as a clothing rack and called it a day!

All the below photos were purchased on Thursday February 4th
and forewarning I am a serial outfit shopper.
All my clothes are similar but that's how I like it.
sweaters, oversized t's are my uniform.


and that green (thumbs up)

the softest, comfy T's

I debated on this one for so long
Its a bit on the heavy side for my 'spring on the brain' clothing haul but its just so soft and pretty

I will never get sick of stripes
why you ask ??!
because they camouflage bra backs and back fat due to bra backs!
solid colours show alllllll. 

doesn't this sweater make you think of Taylor Swift??
it does because its "red lip, classic" yes, I quoted TSwift

Valentines day? We've got a sweater for that!

I'm sometimes into pattern but its gotta be mild!
I love pattern on other people!
I just love accessories too much
I know I cannot go wrong with a plain outfit and accessory overload.

more Tswizz!

And the classic of the classic oversized sweater..
which I also bought in beige, see below.

And this is the type of post you pray your husband never reads because he will cut up your credit cards..

Here's to Sunday Shopping!