Thursday, 30 June 2016

A blogger breakfast..

Yesterday I was SUPER excited to attend the Kiehl's Halifax blogger breakfast
(bloggers and youtubers tho)

I was less excited because I worked until 3am and the breakfast was at 9am but I digress..
I was super excited because I knew a lot about Kiehl's yet I never owned any of their product..
If any Essie Button fan knows anything, they know that Essie and her BF love the Kiehl's midnight recovery. and I wanted to get my hands on it!

so lets peek at the blog breakfast photos!

^ the breakfast was delish looking! DELISH! I am gluten free so I couldn't eat but I stole a croissant for Elliott and stashed it in my swag bag. I did get caught by someone trying to give me a plate and I was like casually "oh no, no I'm cool.. I just need a napkin.." 

That globe! so cute!
my sister painted a globe, I'm pretty sure I posted about it.. or had intentions to.
but it turned out similar with pink inspirational quotes on it.

all of the jars and touches were so cool and so Kiehl's!

Ashley (blush) was our host and she was super knowledgeable and sweet

that big yellow tub is filled with a whipped body cream that is TO. DIE. FOR.
it smells like heaven, I couldn't stop sniffing it. its like a soy coco thing and omg.
also SO creamy
and its a massive tub. massive.

the baby selection is just so cute!

and even cuter the dog selection!
also to the right, that's a doggy dry shampoo hahaha
it says it on the back!
dry shampoo!

Mr. Bones is the mascot
Kiehl's is all about beauty from the inside out so he is a classic fit

I can't believe I didn't get any photos of the walls but they're a gorgeous floral, there is exposed brick and there is a gift wrap station that makes my inner scrapbooking/gift wrap nerd self squeal.

I ended the morning with a latte and a PR release recapping Kiehl's mottos and Halifax grand opening info.

They officially open Saturday July 2nd 10am and there will be many gifts prizes to be had! especially for the first attendees so get there early!

one of my favorite things that I heard throughout the morning was that Kiehl's is major for not pushing product onto you, they really sit down and customize what will work and what you as an individual need.

no "ooooh this is new product, you need, here buy it!"
its more "what are you looking for? what are your thoughts and concerns? what do you want from your skin?"

I did sit down for a skin care consult and I will honestly tell you I feel like everything she recommended was EXACTLY what I would've picked for myself.
I walked away with the:

Ultra Facial cleanser which sounds very similar to a different brand that I am currently using. I LOVE cleansers like this, they're kind of a gel like and don't overly foam but are just cleaning my skin enough without stripping or being too harsh.

Ultra facial toner I always drop the toner from my routine whenever I get lazy, its the first to go. so I really want to stick this one out and see the combo with the cleanser. keep you posted

Creamy eye treatment with avocado! one of my main concerns was my under eyes.
they're so puffy and swollen all. the. time. I've been using the glam glow mud eye treatment and have been finding it helpful. I'm super eager to see how this Kiehl's one compares. fingers crossed!

anddddd dun dun da daaaaaahh
I got both!
Day and Night serum

I got the Essie Button fav! ^
So very excited to see how that plays out, especially since my skin doesn't love oil type products. but so many people swear by it, it must have some special abilities!

so that was my morning!
we were there from about 9am - until I left at 11:45
it was honestly such a cool, laid back, friendly environment.
I cant wait to go back and get one of those tubs of body buttah!
saving dollars now... no more tims! hahahh


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  1. How fun! I haven't used their products in a while, but I loved them when I did!